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The Secret Plot-The Sequel
posted by Dragontooth 5/2/98

Some time has passed since the last meeting of the Children of Salem, and much has happened. Since their very first meeting, the Children of Salem has had many problems to deal with outside and inside the collective.

Let's listen in:

(suddenly there is a loud tapping on the old wooden doorframe supporting the entrance to the underground hideout beneath the Dimera mansion)

Jenn: "I'm here to relieve you Austdumb, I mean, Austin."

Austin: "Well it's about time!"

Jenn: "Sorry, you don't have to get all in a huff, I'm only 5 minutes late!"

Austin: "Five minutes? Try two hours!"

Jenn: "Austin. Try looking at your watch again. When Mickey's little hand is at the 11, and his big hand at 12, it's eleven o'clock."

Austin: "Oh, I wish Carrie wouldn't have insisted to get me this thing for Christmas. I want one with the numbers."

Belle: "You can borrow mine, Ausdumb, em Austin."

Austin: "Ohhh, pretty."


Jenn immediately sits down when Austin leaves and begins to watch TV.
Soon, she falls asleep.

Shawn-D: "Okay, now let's get down to business. What's happened in the last week?"

Belle silently whispers something into Brady's ear and they giggle.

Shawn-D: "What! If you've got something to say, then say it to everyone."

Abby: "They were just laughing because their parents finally hooked up."

Shawn-D: "What! What an outrage! Why wasn't I informed about this? Who's responsible? Will, didn't I assign you this mission?"

Will: "Um, well, yes, but..."

Shawn-D: "NO BUTS!!"

Belle: "We only wanted our parents to get back together. Isn't that what you want your parents to do too?"

Shawn-D: "Okay, I see your point. It's just that Roman's my Uncle and I wanted him to be happy."

Philip: "Actually, it was his decision, Shawn-D."

Shawn-D: "I'm sorry Belle and Brady for blowing up on you, it's just this deal with my parents has gotten me stressed. Dad's been a total jerk to Billie, but I want him to be with mom, but to also take care of the baby. It's just so confusing, and now mom's going to New Orleans..."

Will: "Yeah, well. In other news, Aunt Kim almost drank some of the tap water today! It was a close call. Luckily Philip was there and switched the glasses when she wasn't looking."

Philip: "It's always a good idea to carry around a spare bottle of Spring Water. You never know when you'll need it."

Abby: "That would have been horrible if she would have drank the water. I still remember the first day my mom drank the water. She was never the same again. She started acting all weird and dumb. She even left the water on in the bath tub once and flooded the top floor of our house."


Suddenly, the door creaks and all gets silent. Jenn wakes up and sees a lone figure dressed in a black cloak.

Jenn: "Oh good, now I can go home. See you later Abby."

Jenn leaves and the mysterious figure approaches the children. At first the children are scared, but soon they relax and go about their business, playing and taking naps while eating doughnuts and drinking tea in between. The mysterious figure sits in the rocking chair, seemingly thinking. Then suddenly, it speaks.

Mysterious Figure: "I know what ya'll are doing here!"

"What," says
Shawn-D with a dumbfounded look he learned from his Uncle Roman.

MF: "I know, and I'm here to change EVERYTHING!"


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