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The Secret Plot
posted by Dragontooth 4/25/98

If you look deep down, beneath all the dirt and blackmail and sex and pregnancies, Days has an intriguing subplot.

Far away from anyone's watchful eyes, the children of Salem are preparing for a revolt. After the escape from Grandma Horton's attic (that was a close call), Shawn-D has successfully managed to lead the Children of Salem, as they like to be referred as, to a secret hideout far beneath the Dimera mansion.

Let's listen in:

Shawn-D: "Belle, here's what you're gonna do. First, you're gonna steal some of your mom's chocolates that Kristen gave her before she left. Thanks to your brother, Brady, we knew all along that Susan was Kristen. Now, the chocolates have penicillin in them and you are allergic to penicillin, so you will have to be rushed to the hospital. Your near death experience should bring your mom and dad closer together and you all will be a family again soon."

Belle: "Well, I don't know about this Shawn-D, it sounds kinda dangerous."

Shawn-D: "It is, but that's the chance we'll have to take to ensure that all goes right in Salem. It seems that nothing goes right in this town and we MUST do something to change that. Okay, you now have your assignment and you know what to do. Philip will be on the look out, and give you the signal of when to eat the chocolate. He'll be hiding in the plant by the elevator and when he sees Roman come up, he'll signal you. Roman should be able to help you and rush you to the hospital."

Belle: "Um, okay. I want ice-cream!"

Philip: "You'll get your stinkin' ice-cream later."

Brady: "So Shawn-D, what am I going to do?"

Shawn-D: "You and Abby will try and patch things up with Laura and find her IMMEDIATELTY!! We must keep tabs on everyone in Salem if we are going to succeed."

Abby: "Shawn-D, Laura is hiding out at the monastery. Will called me on his cell phone and told me that she went there to seek refuge. At first he thought she was going to commit suicide when she was in her room alone, well, actually she wasn't alone because Will was hiding under the bed, but anyway, she left out the window and found Celeste and went to see Sister Mary Moira. Right now Will is working on an ingenious plan to get Laura off the hook for Kristen's murder."

Brady: "Didn't you get the memo? Kristen's not dead, it was Penelope!"

Abby: "It must have come during my nap time. Who sent in this information?"

Shawn-D: "Lil' Elvis faxed it in from England. I have to say, I was a bit shocked at first, I didn't think that Penelope had gotten my e-mail about her long lost sister Susan. For a while, I didn't think my plan would work."

Suddenly, loud footsteps are heard and the children scatter around the room covering there tracks by hiding the fax machines, copiers, cell phones, computers, and satellite dishes. In a matter of seconds the room is just as it was before, dank, dark, and damp. Brady and Belle are sitting in one corner playing, while Shawn-D entertains Abby, Philip, and Will. In walks Austin, whistling some stupid tune.

Austin: "Sorry I took so long. I came to relieve Lucas's shift, but I got lost again."

Shawn-D:(muttering so that only the children could hear him)"As usual."


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