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The Salem Collective Brain
posted by Bradygirl 2/25/98

Ok, who gave the Salem Collective Brain to Roman?..... I don't remember saying he could have it. I thought for a few minutes that maybe Austin had it. But I think that look was just indegistion or something. And now Roman has it. Marlena must have been the one to give it to him because when she went to the DiMera mansion, it was to tell John about Jennifer being alive. Right? Did she remember to do that? NO! She definitely does not have the Salem Collective Brain.

My question: Who's gonna get it next? Oh, the mystery!

The Salem Collective Brain can be a tricky thing.... Just when you figure out who needs it, they give it to someone else. Someone who doesn't need it!

It never seems the entire population has a brain but... once in awhile people surprise you. Austin has the brain more than I'd like. Well, he doesn't use the brain for anything involving his life. Celeste could take pointers from this guy who is about as accurate with some of his predictions as she is. Makes you wonder why no one ever listens to Celeste or Austin especially when they're 100% accurate. I think Austin's missed his calling as a psychic sidekick. Laura, Maggie and Celeste for a while were deemed The Brain Trust.They had the Collective brain for quite awhile. Even Laura in her mild psychosis has the brain more often than John. And he's suppose to be the stable one. Somehow Franco snagged the brain for a limited time. This was when he started thinking for himself. When Kate ceased the hold she had on his mind. That collective brain is a powerful thing. You just can't have it for too long or you get hooked. Wonder who'll get it next?


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