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Rylo's Ridiculous ReCap
for April 7,1998

Missed Friday and Monday's shows so had to read Dustins page :)

Today was flashback city, Laura's disease is spreading!!

Kristen tries to leave, John catches her, Stef shows up, John is going to have him arrested, Stefano throws one of Salemís beloved cell phones!!
I was just sending Susan to England to see Elvis he claims.

The wedding, the wedding, the wedding, Stef shows up at Mar's penthouse Violet tells Edmund, Edmund freaks out at the wedding and wants to call the police.

Carrie ditches Austin for Mike again, ol duh is getting worried.
Sami smiles like the Cheshire cat... and btw she looks very nice today. Franco sneaks in some boxing talk.

Mike and Craig,
nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Mike is actually not nice, not nice, not nice!
Carrie and Mike,
there there, your mom, there there, it's ok.
Puppy looks, thanks.

Carrie and Dr. Craig:
blah blah blah, you talk bunch of garbage Dr. Obnoxious.

Laura leaves wedding to go home and change (OOOOOOOO she represses the memories of how to drive!!! CRASH)
Hospital, paramedics:
we have a woman.

Abe and Super Cop show up at hospital with warrant for arrest.
Why do you want her? asks Mike
We want to arrest the nut.

Vivian spars a bit with Sami:
blackmailer, blackmailer!!! Is that why Hunko is hanging around you. Sami gets miffed.
Viv gives Sister MM a $25000 check for the nunnery (I think I just made that word up??!!) I bet this is one check that ends up bouncing.

Celeste has flashbacks through whole show (oh pardon me, she has visions) but the last one she visualizes that Susan is Kristen!!! She runs off to stop the wedding.

John shows up with Krusan.
Edmund huggy, huggy, huggy,
oh Susan!
Looks like a party?
It's a wedding!
Krusan: (gulp)
For who?
Ed: (guess what, dove, ha ha)
For us!!


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