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Rylo's Ridiculous ReCap
for April 1,1998

Austin: Punch punch punch, (ewww yuck, he's sweaty)
Old Trainer: You should get back into it (head talk, gawd, even the new characters do this crap)Sami and Franco will be so happy.

Mike and Carrie: blah, job, blah blah, job
Carrie: Craig is a dirty sob and I'm gonna nail him.
Mike: Well I don't play that way lets take the high road.
Carrie: Ok, you're right

Bo & Hope: car car! Let's play hide n seek

John & Marlena: Lets rehash about Laura’s lying

Laura: (after flashback, of course) You guys didn't need a search warrant I'm not hiding anything.

Stefano: SHE'S ALIVE SHE'S ALIVE, Weird Science (oops singing out loud again, ha ha) Oh Kristen, Huggy hugs

Bart gets lead on Jungle Celeste

Marlena to John: Boohoo I'm a tattletale, Laura won't play with me anymore. Oh, John, Huggy hugs.
Edmund enters: Susan here?
Nope went for a walk.

Stef and Kristen: Kristen tells her whole sordid story. Stef angry that she still was going to take baby.
Kristen: Bad daddy bad daddy, you rejected me!
Stef: All that matters is you are alive. No one can know you'll go to jail, prison, the big house, get the ol' ball and chain, the pokey....

Craig (the dirtbag): HI Lovebirds, oops You lost the girl again Mike I forgot.
Mike: Craigy Craigy just worry about your professional life.

Austin and Trainer: start boxing again, start boxing again

Kristen tells Stef her whole plan to get Elvis.

Abe to Laura: What gloves were you wearing that night?
Laura: The ones that I threw in the river, uhhhh I mean the dark brown ones.
And uh-ooh Super Cop matches the button on her coat.

Mike: Carrie you didn't think we could still act like a couple? Carrie: Uhhhh.... no, I just hate Craig, I want dirt on him. You are so much better than him...
Huggy hugs OOPs: Austin walks in and by that look he may actually have a clue for once.

Stef tells Bart on phone to handle Celeste lead. He leaves. Bo and Hope can quit playing charades and talk again (they like games, huh?)
Search, search, search
Bo: I destroyed our relationship, boohoo, but I'm gonna help you. Hope fond lovelorn glance.

Edmund: Susan is being weird, weird, weird.
John: Yes she is.
Marlena: Oh no its just the whole ordeal (geesh yesterday I thought Doc was getting a clue)
Edmund: Surprise Wedding, Surprise Wedding!

Kristen to Stef: I didn't kill Susan... You may have... Laura did it... rar rar rar, I found her pills and contemplated suicide but I'm too mean mean mean to die!

Abe: Analyze coat and gloves people.

Laura: What are you doing? Are you accusing ME of murder?

Austin to Carrie: Hi, Hi, Huggy hug (is there enough #$@! hugging today or what?) I missed you Carrie,... Me too... Kissy kissy

Hope (flashback) I want to remember I want to remember.

Stef to Kristen: Fighting over Elvis rar rar rar Peter rar rar rar Celeste rar rar rar you dead, but... I love you.
Kristen: Boohoo thanks, glad you didn't kick the bucket either. Help me help me, gotta get out of here.

Laura: more lies, more lies (flashback queen) They can't find anything if there's nothing to find.

Hope : looks at pic of Celeste, Wonder what Bart was talking about Celeste
Bo: Lexie worried probably asked Daddy to help.
Hope: Maybe Celeste can help me.

John/Marlena/Edmund: Congrats, toast, be Susan's matron of honor, John walk her down the aisle, and be my best man.
John: Thought you'd never ask (yeah bet you really wanted to do all that John)

Kristen to Stef: Help I can't keep acting like a moron. I'm gonna get caught.

Mike-Laura: Hi Psycho Mom. ABE what are you doing here,
ABE: Search warrant, reopen case
Mike: I'm calling Mickey the only lawyer in Salem

Laura tells Mike her whole made-up story.
Mike: MOM MOM MOM I'm definitely calling Mickey.

Kristen: rant rant rant, BABY.
Stef: Something just isn't right.I hate the name John Jr. its repulsive, stick with Elvis and its bad enough. Let me think.Your plan bites, Kristen.

Austin Carrie Craig: Craig tells Austin about girlfriend thing in LA
Austin: What's up with that?

Hope/Bo: What's this file? car car, out the window , dropped file on floor.Old picture of Hope or look a like with Russian writing on it.

Laura tells Mike her lies and about Placidan bottle.
MOM MOM MOM I am calling Mickey (she stopped him the first time)

John Mar Ed: help me get her to wedding, ok... ok

Stef/Kristen: Hide me from idiot Edmund,
No you'll have to remain Susan for now.


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