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Rylo's Ridiculous ReCap
for March 31,1998

John found Laura’s button, John found Laura's button!

Hope and Bo play in the bushes, oooo fun, oh wait, just waiting for Stef’s henchman to leave his house, (Rats)

Belle and Brady LIVE, for about five minutes anyway.

Kristen to ED: I just looooove Doctor Marlena Evans (Edmund you're an idiot) I'm leaving for England tonight.
Ed says : No you aren't Mum isn't home anyway she went visiting relatives.

Stefano to Laura: You are a suspect, you are a suspect, case is reopened.
Laura: Liar Liar pants on fire, I didn't do it anyway.
chink chink, claws back in.

Bo/Hope in Stef’s: Searching......... Hello... what's this? a pic of M.Blanche

Kristen: rar rar rar England... rar rar rar BABY!
Edmund: uhhhhhhhh, NOT TONIGHT (what’s wrong with my Susan?)

Laura: Time to talk to myself, rant rant rant -Lied to Marlena- rant rant rant- stay calm (yeah right Laura)
OH crap, what happened to my button? Lets just whip out the sewing kit.

Lexie: ooooo Daddy is upset, (but after being a butt to both Bo and Hope couple shows ago defends Laura the nut???!!!)

Stefano (with Kristen syndrome): I will take care of the nut, I will find Ms Jungle Madness and I will stop Hope.

Hope ( oh gawd, she's been around Laura she's now having flashbacks) I don't think I was at M.Blanche the entire 4 years.

Ed to Maggie and Shawn: wahhhh Susan hurt my feelings, Maggie: She's just rattled by all that's happened.
Ed calls Mum: Mummy, Susan is being mean mean mean, oh I mean Susan is so distracted. Violet rehashes what everyone else says about Susan. Oh Ed , exciting.

Marlena to Krusan: Kids like you Susan but Brady senses something different with you (smart kid keep him out in the open and he'll figure it out)
Kristen (head talk)Oh Doc, you're in Hussy Heaven with all the men chasing you. Krusan goes for walk.
Doc: puzzled look (suspicious yet Doc?)
Krusan: Gotta leave, gotta leave, need help need help

John, Abe and Super Cop: the great button mystery discussion, Abe gets warrant to search the nuthouse, oops I mean the NUT's house.

Hope: need clue, need clue.
Bo: I love you. I shouldn't have stopped looking for you, wahhh wahhhh

Krusan looks for Stef: Lexie did Mr.Stef D, die????
Lexie: No just released, why?
Krusan: Just wanted to talk to the vampire about Elvis.
Lexie: rar rar, my daddy is nice now.

Stef at grave: Kristen boo hoo, bye bye, Kristen gonna pretend to be Susan and ask help to get away from Edmund the nut, when WAIT, Daddy is baring his soul, he did love me. He says he will take Elvis from those two morons.
Kristen in Susan voice: Do you mean that Mr. Stef D?

John at Docs: If the button is Laura's she's lying.
Marlena: She wouldn't hurt anyone, she's just not well (Duh Doc, you just figure that one out? or did Brady tell you?)

Laura: la da la da, walk to the pier oops splash, what gloves? what evidence?

Hope looking in book: I've seen this painting for real, in person.
Bo: where museum? or somewhere else? (duh Bo like she really knows)
uh oh: car car, Stef’s man is back.

John: Think Laura may be guilty
Marlena: Oh my gosh, (annoying gasp)

Laura: Abe Roman, can I help you?
ABE: we have search warrant
Laura (smug smile)

Kristen: teeth out, glasses and hat off: Hey dad: uh BOO!
Just call me Phoenix, Jr.
Stef: (borrows a gasp from Doc)


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