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Rylo's Ridiculous ReCap
for March 27,1998

Eric looking at his portfolio, pic of his dog.
Nicole: oh Eric these are sooooo good, you are so sweet just like the puppy (barf, what a line).

Sami and Franco, smoochy smoochy, slobber.
Sami: Oh Franco you are such a good kisser.
Franco: Sammmeee lets show Kate your talents we'll do test shots for fresh faces.

Sami to Eric ; work for me Eric: welllllll, ok
Franco to Nicole : work for Sammeee Nicole: welllll, ok
Nicole: oh Eric I'll be working with You? Eric: yes, Problem?
Nicole: no look forward to it (puppy dog stares)

Craig to Carrie, I'm better than Mike
Carrie to Craig: Mike's better than you.
Craig: We'll see , nah, nah, nah, nah nah, nah
Craig spies ring: oh mike does something right, Carrie is flustered she tries to speak TOO LATE MIKE SHOWS UP, Congrats to mike from Craig.
Mike: WHAT?
Carrie says he thinks we're married . Honorable Mike tells the truth, we are just great friends and she is doing my PR.

Previously Mike has come from a talk with Laura:
Laura: My son the next chief of staff, a long line of Horton docs to back up your bid for the job
Mike: yes and you too Mom
Laura freaks out ( well now isn't that unusual? ha) DON'T USE ME IN YOUR CAMPAIGN!
Mike: Mom are you ok?
Laura leaves (flashback) (another flashback) bumps into Maggie and Mickey Are you ok Laura?

Edmund had just left Maggie and Mickey: blah blah blah, wedding, Eric will take pics, Susan is acting weird, blah, blah, blah

Carrie overhears Craig playing dirty and she has Kristen syndrome
(thinking to herself) You want to play dirty , We'll show you Dr. Craig. Mike returns she says I'm more determined than ever now.

Abe at Marlena’s: I'm gonna go nail Laura.
Marlena: Oh no , suppressed memories, they’ll go deeper, uh maybe Kristen committed suicide and framed Laura? Laura says she didn't see Kristen.
Abe says: Liar Liar pants on fire, too bad so sad the loony is a suspect.

Krusan eavesdropping is please as punch, cause she didn't kill Susan NO GUILT, YEA! and Marlena just implicated her best friend , ahh darn.
Krusan plays out what must have happened in her mind (enter the commercial with the black gloves pushing the head under the pool, the writers shafted us again) Edmund shows up, Krusan says sorry to interrupt the police meeting Abe say ok, everyone can know, THE CASE IS OPEN AND I HAVE ONE SUSPECT, THE NUTCASE LAURA.

Surstan (eating a banana quite grossly) I'm dead, I gotta git back to my sweetpea. Maya help me. That mean mean mean Kristen sent me to this weird weird weird place. Help me and I have friends in the states who will help you.
Maya, not wanting to be devoured be alligators ok. Enter big ugly dude named Rick,
Sursan: where's turban man
Big ugly dude(moves hand across neck)criiittcht
Gulp says Surstan Maya is just showing me to dance so the sultan guy don't kill me (flops around a bit)
Big ugly dude says he won't as long as you don't do anything stupid like try to escape. Who us???? By the way he says tonight's theme is Hedonism.


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