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Rylo's Ridiculous ReCap
for March 26,1998

Sami to Kate: *itch
Kate to Sami *itch I'll take Will
Austin and Lucas : what's going on?
Sami leaves: to Kate : GLARE
Austin to Kate: BAD MOM! Bad MOM! unless.... you have a reason????
Austin: punch the bag punch the bag, poor me no one tells me anything and Carrie is gone (Although I was glad to see he had some character today)

Franco talking to himself, enter Sami: boohoo Kate threatened me, don't worry Sammeee, TEAMWORK TEAMWORK, KISSY KISSY, SLOBBER SLOBBER, SMOOCHY SMOOCHY, I'll help you

Marlena to Laura: Liar Liar pants on fire
Laura to Marlena: The case is closed nah, nah ,nah, nah, nah , nah
Laura by self: GASP, Gasp
enter Jen Jack, we're back from doing the nasty! Laura: ooooo, wedding plans, Jen to Jack, Mom's a loony again.

Grandma Horton to Mike: you’re the best man for the job Tom would be proud.
Mike to Grandma, Aaaaah Grandma
Carrie lurking to hear what Craig says, trying to find Mike to tell him, then caught by Craig, Hey you in the blue coat? Remember me? LA, Medical Convention, MIKES GIRLFRIEND.
Carrie: OH ****

Roman talks to Abe: I let Marlena run the police investigation and take the evidence
Abe to Roman: You overstepped your bounds buddy,
What the hell are you thinking???? (GO ABE!)

Edmund feeds Krusan, Krusan screaming in her head, I hate this guy!!! Marlena returns, Edmund exits, kissy blows, Edmund calls Mum, I'm thinking plane tickets for two to Salem.

Marlena talks to John in private, Krusan eavesdrops, she had no idea Laura was there or that she wanted her dead! Marlena : do I have to turn my best friend in??? Morally yes I do.
Abe Roman show, Abe to Marlena : was she there Marlena to Abe:
boohoo YES.

Well that's it in a Laura(oops, I meant nutshell, ha )


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