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"The Fire"
A Spontaneous Collaboration
by Complex, Summertime, Valerie 1 and Horse

Verse One by Complex

From the window came a woman's scream
Roman ran in as the fire did gleam
What kept it burning, gas or coal lump
Hey! Wouldn't it be great if it toasted the Stump

Verse Two by Summertime

Stump rises from the ashes with a smile on his face
and his fickle Marlena lauds him with praise
Her heart flutters and eyes tear
at the thought of living with the Stump ore the years

Verse Three by Valerie 1

From behind the bushes whose voice do we hear?
Marlena, return home with me, Doc, my dear!"
It's John, with one eyebrow raised in the air.
"Think about our children, to their lives be fair!"
Your heart I will win, I believe I can--
even if I have duel to the death Chroman!"

Verse Four by Horse

As they walked home holding each other tight
Roman looked at Doc and decided to enlight!!
Marlena my darling I am the one for you!!!
I saved a burning baby and a women too!!
Marlena looked at Roman with deep despair!!
I can't love you Roman because that wouldn't be fair!!
I love John and always will!!
You make me sick!! I need a pill!


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