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JJanuary 2000

Name that scene...
"He is married. You have to accept it, darling."

Julie is talking to Alice about Doug -

Name that scene 2...

"Do you think we haven't tried to stay away from each other?"

"I don't know."

"Well, I do know. I have tried and I know it hasn't worked."

(jl answers)
It is Marlena and John talking during the affair. She is saying that no matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, it never works.

Name that scene 3...

"I want you to cut him loose. He will hang you around forever waiting for the crumbs if you don't. And I want him."

(jl answers)
Maggie to Laura about Mickey. I saw this scene at the museum.

Name that scene 4...
"It isn't that I told what you told me. No! What has made you angry is that I dared, DARED, to criticize your saintly, precious Doc."

Isabella to John? Ssometime in '91? Don't remember the exact context of the scene.

Name that scene 5...
One of my favorite ad-libs of all time...

OMG J&M wedding 1986
hot damn

Name that scene 6...
My God, Woman, you committed adultery.
Rocking scene!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHHHHH!! You did this on purpose, didnít you?!?! Roman and Marlena, post Belle's baptism.

Name that scene 7...
"Your honor, she is not crazy. She is just pretending. She has committed a heinous act, and I will not rest until she is punished."

Kim about Emma kidnapping Andrew

Name that scene...
"There is never a good reason to lie. And when you need help, you turn to your family."

"I love you."

"I love you too, baby."

Probably Marlena and Carrie but I really have no idea.

(jl responds)
Carrie had lied to RoJohn and Marlena had to show some tough love. Great scene...

Name that scene...
"No you are responsible. You have all these people who love you...Marlena, John, the whole family, and still you act like no one is there is for you. I am so sick of it."

(jl answers)
Carrie to Sami during the time Marlena was possessed.

Name that scene 2...
"Meeting Sweetness turned my life around."

Steve to Kayla They were the best EVER.

(jl responds)
It was Steve to Bo about Kayla. I never really liked them, but to each his own. I do like your name however.

Name that scene 3...
"How could you lie to me? My God, I have a wife and son."

This is a guess. Is it Mickey and Maggie? I think it is when Mickey found out he wasn't Marty Hansen. I may be wrong.

Name that scene...
"Please don't make me do this."

Uh, Marlena to Stefano at Maison Blanche when he was forcing her to call Roman and tell him she was with John?

Name that scene (Posted by Mackenzee)
"Was your champagne as good as ours?"

"Oh yeah"

"Ours was so good, oh gosh it was good"

I love this scene )

Answered by jl
One of my favorites...

In Reply to Name that scene posted by Mackenzee 1.24.2000
It is R.M's first date. Roman has gone home, and Don comes over. Marlena is drunk. I love her drunk.


Name that scene...
"No one is that gorgeous all the time."

This is a tricky one. LOL

Haha it is a little tricky~

Jeannie from "ER" says it about Marlena ) Jeannie and the little boy who had cancer I think? were watching Days and Marlena came on the screen, and that is what Jeannie said to him.
They used to show Days on ER alot. Not anymore.

Name that scene 2...
"And what about ________"

"_____ has moved on with _____. He wants a life with her now."

"Are you sure about that?"

"I am sure. And I want what he wants."

The _________ indicates where characters' names go.

This is a great scene because it shows one of the best friendships on the show and it shows the female's character real personality (loving and selfless)

Posted by Mackenzee
I love this scene too.
Bo & Marlena in Aremid talking about John and Kristen.
I have always loved Bo & Marlena's friendship. Am I dumb to hope for a reconciliation scene between them??

Name that scene 3....
"She is very nice. You interested?"
"I just met her. Why? Are you jealous?"
"I have moved on. Maybe you should to."

(jl answers...)
I saw this one at the museum. It is Julie and Don talking about Marlena.

Name that scene 4...
"I am sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"Because I have this good news and _______ is still missing. You know I will do anything to help you."

"I know. The family has been very supportive, and ______and I haven't given up hope yet."

This scene shows how family once was paramount on Days.

(jl answers...)
Kim and Hope talking about H's pregnancy and Andrew.

Name that scene 5...
"That's my line."

"I don't think you use lines."

Great sexual chemistry tension and a first happens in this scene

I know... I know...
J.M's first dance at Blondie's during Carrie's birthday. John was so shy in that scene and oh so sexy. DH was magnifique as always. Ah, the good ole Days. Oh and that's a Good Guy with two capital G's. - )

Name that scene 6...
"I never loved you. Would you get that through your head?"

This just shows the current idiocy of the last few months for these two characters.

Austin to Sami???

(jl responds)
Yep....Soon after she was exposed in 96.

Name that scene 7...
"If I so much as touch you..."

Sexual chemistry this couple

One of my favorites. The last J&M scene before the plane. It is at the loft after Marlena found out John is leaving town. Marlena holds out her hand for John to take and he says that line. Big sigh!!!!

Name that scene 8...
"Daddy will protect you. And honey, don't worry, you can go to any college you want."

This scene is from a great medical story on Days, and also shows the quirkiness of the male character in the scene.

I want to say Jack when Abby was sick. Also, that sounds like something he would say.

Name that scene 9...
"The kids don't even know me."

"They will. And they will come to love you as much as I..."

So much sexual tension in this scene.

Marlena to RoJohn upon her return from the island.

(jl responds)
Yep. It is his birthday. It is right she meets the kids for the first time. That is one tear-jerking scene, and so much of DDH. DH's chemistry is truly unspoken.

Name that scene 10

"If you are asking me to get him out of my heart, you are asking the impossible."

Just a guess...Marlena and Roman, talking about John.

(jl responds)
Yep. You are good at this. Roman has stolen Marlena away in Mexico. He has the strawberries and cream. Marlena has a flashback of John. When Roman realizes what she is thinking about, he explodes. He says he wants John out of her life and out of her heart. That is when she says the above line.

Name that scene 1....
"I want to move on. My kids deserve that, but there will be always be a piece of me that is dead inside. She was the only one who filled it."

John talking to Abe. He was already involved with Diana.

Name that scene 2...
"You don't have to go if you don't want to. But a lot of people you know will be there. Tom and Alice, Hope, Chris Kostichek (I am adding "your future father..." LOL)

RoJohn to Carrie about Marlena's memorial service

Name that scene 3...

"Yeah, we are married. But that doesn't entitle you to anything. And I mean anything."

Julie and Bob Anderson.

Name that scene4...
"I'm the only one who can stop him. I know how he thinks."

It is about Stefano, Marlena talking to Alice.

Name that scene 5...
"I am here for you, kid. Think of me like your big brother. I will have a little talk with my little brother, and don't worry, I
will kick his butt into line."

John to Hope about Bo.

Name that scene6...

"Well, you are not my father. You are the man who destroyed my family and made my father leave town. You are probably having an affair right now. You could never keep your hands off each other."

(There is a name there.)

"I won't have you talking to your mother that way. You will show her the respect she deserves. Have you forgotten that I am engaged to Kristen?"

"I know how you really feel."

When Sami pressed assault charges against Carrie. J/M were telling Carrie how they still consider themselves her parents when Sami let off that stuff. Marlena said, "Samantha Gene." That went in the blank.

Name that scene 7...

"I just have two brothers now."

Bo to John after the truth comes out about John not being Roman.

Name that scene 8...

"Don't leave me...I always looked up to you, you know that?"

Bo to Roman after he fell off the cliff

Name that scene9...
"Do you think what happened between us happened because we didn't try? I must be missing something because I thought we were trying."...

"Staying away from you has to be hardest think I have ever had to do."

John and Marlena during the affair Yep.. in her office. He told her he had to move on because he was destroying her life. He knew he would never find anyone that he could love like he loved her.

Name that scene 10...
"Do you really think you know what is best for me? I just want to wipe out that smirk off your face."


Name this scene...
"She is always between us. I feel like she is watching us, and even though she is dead, she knows that she will always be the center of your heart."

Name this scene 2...
"He is my family. He will remember that."
"No, he IS my family. That is what YOU should remember."

Name the scene 3...
"Why couldn't you keep it to yourself?"
"It is not that I told. What is bothering you is that I dared, DARED to criticize your saintly, precious Doc."

Name the scene 4...
"I can't believe she would stay from her family. Why would she do that?"
"You don't know her. If she were alive, the first thing she would do is come back to me and our kids."

Name that scene 5...
"You are my mother?"
"Yes. This is your home, and I am your mother. You can't know how happy I am to see you."

Name that scene 6...
"Marlena, thank you so much for being the best friend. You know what I have realized the last few years?
"I just need Mickey Horton in my life to be happy. That's all."

Name that scene 7...
"Why do you solve all your problems with sex? First, there was Victor, then Cal, and now Lawrence."
"Why is it that after all these years, that you can hurt me in a way that no one else can?

Name that scene 8...
"I am the only one who can make you happy. You will come with me, because you have no other choice."
"I have other choices, and one is getting the hell away from you."

Name that scene 9...
"I love him. Haven't you ever loved anyone so much that you would do anything to be with them?"
"I have loved someone that much." (As he looks over at the former speaker's stepmother.)


December '99

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