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JDecember 1999

My grandmother's favorites...

I am at my mother's this week, as is my grandmother. My grandmother has watched since the first episode, so I asked her to pick 34 moments that stick out in her mind. Yes, I am giving my grandmother homework. I asked her yesterday and this is her list.

34. Carrie slapping Sami when Kate exposed her for the first time
33. Doug and Julie making love for the first time when he was married to Lee
32. Hope dying in the cage
31. Roman/Marlena and the sleeping bag
30. Steve/Kayla's wedding when Kayla spoke
29. DJ dying
28. Maggie walking
27. Alice's reaction to Tom's death
26. John's goodbye dream of Marlena
25. Bo and Hope's wedding
24. Mickey finding out that Mike is not his son
23. Susan Martin's baby dying
22. Bo finding out that Victor is his father
21. Samantha dying from the Salem Strangler
20. Kim regaining her sight
19. Addie having Hope
18. John and Marlena on the conference table
17. Marlena shooting Stefano
16. Bo telling Billie goodbye
15. Roman falling over the cliff
14. Bill delivering Jennifer
13. Marie realizing that Markis really Tommy
12. Marlena dying after the possession
11. John in the gas chamber
10. Bo and Hope floating away in their boat
9. Sami and the lethal injection
8. Kitty dying
7. Bo and Hope in New Orleans
6. John and Marlena's second wedding
5. Bo and Hope with the letter
4. John and Marlena and the plane
3. Amnesiac Mickey seeing Alice for the first time
2. Bo interrupting Hope's wedding to Larry Welch
1. John and Marlena on the pier

My grandmother's thoughts...

1. Days is good for one thing. putting her to sleep for her afternoon nap.
2. Marlena never changes. She is as beautiful as ever.
3. She hates Gina, Stefano, Greta, Nicole, and Roman. She wants them all dead.
4. She thinks Austin is getting exactly what he deserves. a lifetime of misery with Sami.

My mother's thoughts...

1. She thinks KA is doing a better job than ED with the multiple roles.
2. She wants Eric with someone new (although she did like Eric and Greta for awhile).
3. She doesn't understand Marlena's motivation for stopping the wedding, although she is glad to see her more.
4. She hopes the John and Hope pregnancy scare is just a hoax.
5. She thinks Austin and Sami are stupid, and even worse, boring.

John standing outside the window...

Because of a wonderful girl, I was watching some Christmas scenes last night while I did some of my work and while I packed. One that really struck me was a scene from 1991 soon after everyone had found out WN's Roman was the real Roman, and John was not Roman. After a brief, yet intense J/M moment, John excused himself because he felt like he didn't belong. As Roman put his arms around Marlena, John stood outside the window with tears in his eyes. This is some of the best acting that I have ever seen on Days. He had just lost his soulmate, his name, his job, and his children. A wonderful Christmas scene would be the one where he becomes Roman again.

3 Favorite Love Scenes of all time...

3. J/M back from the wilderness. I loved the way he undressed her. She is so sexy when she is modest.
2. J/M in Stockholm..."No that was four and a half minutes ago"...and that great giggle
1. The greatest love scene I have ever seen on any soap...Da Plane, Da Plane!!!!!!!!!

Couple allegiances...

I have watched since the womb, and the only time I have switched allegiances regarding couples is Roman/Marlena to John/Marlena. When Marlena was torn between the two (esp. during the all-time favorite story) I loved it. DH had great chemistry with both men...teasing, funny with WN...sexual, passionate with DDH...and the story was wonderfully rooted in history, and all three were written quite well. I had loved R/M in the early 80's, loved J/M then RoJohn/Mar in the mid 80's. When all three were on in 91, I was surprised how much I wanted John with Marlena. IT was obvious they wanted you to want Roman with Marlena, but I, like many others, didn't care. The chemistry between DDH and DH was too strong. In recent years, they have tried to make DDH a real couple with SG (no heat or fire), with ED (no tenderness) and maybe KA (depends to whom you talk to). The story with Isabella had its moments, but the lack of heat between them did them in. The story between John and Kristen had its moments but the lack of tenderness did them in. J/H has only had chemistry free and ewwwwwwwwww moments. My point??? Days is sorely hurting in the couple dept. Still, the two most popular couples on the show are well over ten years old. C/A and B/B (RKK and LR) are the last two couples who had the chance to be real supercouples. Since then, all the couples have been laughable either chemistry wise, either story wise, or usually both. Having real stories true to the characters and histories for J/m and B/H will raise the ratings. Having a new break out couple will also help raise the ratings. Unfortunately all the new couples in recent years have been objectionable for a multitude of reasons.



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