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JApril 2000

Rising from the Dead...

Can Days rise from the dead? At this point, I think only word of mouth will save this show. Promoting characters the audience used to love in stories that make them pods has clearly been a failure. On the other hand, there are many characters on Days, because of horrible writing and.or horrible acting by the newbies, who will never help the falling numbers. The big ratings getters on Days are J.M, B.H, Sami, and Stefano. Unfortunately, all are trapped in horrible stories.

J.M and B.H need to be separated into separate love stories as soon as possible. They should only interact in a family way. All four need to reclaim the personalities that made all four soap icons. Give the men back their brains and b##ls and the women back their strength, feistiness, and smarts.

Stefano needs to be a real villain again. This current stuff makes him look like an idiot from the later, horrible Bond films.

Sami needs a new man (I think someone older) and some more dimension to her character. Reverting Sami back to her old ways is boring and trite. She should maintain her edge but we should get some sense that the last few years have taught her something.

As for many of the newer characters they need to all be in a tidal pool and swept away.

If Days continues on its current course, no one should be surprised when it is cancelled in 2003.


I was skimming Cybill Shepherd's new autobiography yesterday (Moonlighting rules!!!), and she was talking about the chemistry between her and Bruce Willis. I am paraphrasing, but she said that chemistry can't be manufactured, no matter how talented the actors are. Chemistry is either there or it isn't.

I tend to think she is right. That is the only thing that explains the immense popularity of J.M, B.H, and all the other couples on other soaps that have been written so horribly in the last few years.

3 moments...

1. Name your favorite moment ever for your favorite couple.

2. Name a moment of your favorite couple's that you have heard about but have never seen.

3. Name a moment for your favorite couple that hasn't happened but you wish it would.

My picks

1. J.M's pier scene

2. I have seen all of their scenes, so there isn't one.

3. I want John to be Roman again, so I can see Marlena being the one to tell him. She would feel so guilty for not knowing, but he would comfort her by saying that her heart did know because she never stopped loving him.

Has a recast ever made you stop caring about a story?

One that comes readily to mind is the Stump, of course. At that point, there was no point for Roman, unless DDH was going to resume that role. They had already done the triangle twice and nothing was going to top 93. Also, JT had played Chris too long for audiences to accept him as Roman. It interfered with the "reality" too much.

Another recast that comes to mind is S Cameron. She was horrible. One only had to see MR the previous day when J.J were posing as lounge lizards. She had spirit and spunk. She was very funny as she kept hitting him every time he kissed or touched her. The next day, SC was just a void. She often seemed to disappear in crowd scenes.

I apologize to Days regarding John and Hope...

Tom does know his history. I am sorry to be so stupid that I didn't remember this scene.

During J.M's first dance in the mid 80's, they are at Carrie's birthday party. She is turning nine. Mike Horton is pulling her hair, and you can already see they are soulmates. As J.M are dancing, Hope walks in to briefly wish Carrie a happy birthday. She is already late in picking up Shawn Douglas at day care.

This is the rarely seen scene, but Tom has such a good memory. When Hope walks by, John says to Marlena that Hope reminds him of his greatest love, the only woman he has ever really loved, his soulmate, the woman he loves with his whole heart...none other than Princess Gina.

As I said, Tom really knows his history. I should have never criticized because Tom is a brilliant man.

Nice detail tomorrow...

I believe in being positive when it is called I do like the detail tomorrow when Marlena tells Sami that she and Eric always found each other when they separated them as children. They have mentioned that before. ON a show where the continuity is sooooooooo horrible, I have to give a mild kudos.

10 favorite family/friend moments (non-romantic moments)...

Carrie accepting John as Roman during Marlena's coma...

John introducing Marlena to the twins after her four missing years...

Bo holding Roman on the beach...

Bo rescuing John from falling off the cliff when they found out he was Roman...

Steve comforting Hope after her first miscarriage

Marlena comforting Eugene after Trista's death

Abe comforting Marlena in Mexico when she realized she had to let John go

John telling the children goodbye in Aremind before the gas chamber (with Marlena in the background)

Bo and Marlena's silent moment after B.H's wedding

Marlena's anger at Bo for leaving Roman on the beach

Just off the top of my head...I am procrastinating..

Pre-Roman Marlena...

I was just thinking of all the things that happened to Marlena during the years before Roman (late 81) and comparing that to the mockery of her character in recent years.

She was introduced as a smart, resourceful doctor, brought into Mickey's case to help him deal with his anger over the Bill/Laura deal.

He tries to kill her, thinking she is Laura.

She meets Don. They have a stormy relationship. They deal with his lingering feelings for Julie, and her psycho sister who puts her in a sanitarium and then takes over her life.

After this is over, she and Don try to get married several times before they are pronounced husband and wife. Marlena has to deal with the stepdaughter from hell for awhile before Donna warms to her.

Marlena gets pregnant, has a difficult pregnancy, and a few months after DJ's birth, he dies.

This leads to huge problems in D/M's marriage, and recriminations on both sides.

Don has a one night stand with Liz, and Liz's father, Kellam, becomes obsessed with Marlena and rapes her.

This comes out in court after Kellam is dead.

She and Don finally break up for good, although there are still powerful feelings between them.

Marlena starts working at the radio station, and this is the beginning of the Strangler story. This, of course, introduced Roman.

Notice, the stories, while a little far-fetched that so many horrible things would happen to one woman, are real in terms of human emotions. Days needs to get back to that.

"So, that is Dr. Evans?"Ö
"She is really beautiful. What do you know about her?"

So said Stefano to Alex when he first saw Marlena...

Poll cynicism and covering your a##.....
First, Days has tried JOPE the last few years. Now, in the interest of fan democracy, Days is allowing fans to pick who the father of Hope's baby is. Of course, it doesnít take a completely cynical person to see that Days is betting/hoping that most will find Stefano so repulsive a choice that they will take the "lesser" of two evils and pick John to be the father. Then, when they continue down the road of JOPE (and show destruction, they can say we are just giving you what you wanted.

NBC isn't happy with the Passions demos, and with Days being their flagship show, they canít be happy with theirs too. Will Tommy's head roll? Will NBC demand changes? Well, the behind the scenes soap opera is far more interesting than what we are seeing on the screen.

Until Tommy publicly recants that he is no longer pursuing JOPE, I will continue to believe that Days final destination of ratings oblivion in the form of this couple.

He is obsessed with me, Bo...
This was Mar's line to Bo in Jan 85. From the moment Stefano came to Salem, he was interested in Marlena. From their first scene, where he tells Alex how beautiful Marlena is, to Ridgecrest where he sees how smart and resourceful she is, to all the stories in the following years, that is one thread the writers kept pretty consistent. Now, this Gina/Hope story has undone one of the best (not to mention one of the best ratings getters through the years) to pursue this story. Is there any piece of history that the Gina story hasn't undone?

Stefano taunting John tomorrow...

They are discussing Hope of course. That doesn't have anywhere near the power as the Stefano/John/Marlena story. Stefano has been wanting Marlena since the 80's and this Gina/Hope story has made that thing of the past too. Is there any part of the past this story didn't undo?

To be positive or negative...That is the question...
Lately, the demand for positive posting seems to be rearing its head. I never get this. If you are happy with the show, why must you want everyone else to be happy? Isn't it enough that you are enjoying it?

Second, I see that this makes fans look bad. I have to wonder to whom? If you are referring to the show, why would anyone want to look good to the show? Will the show get better?

Let's not forget this is a show that

tried to squelch the first amendment with the SOW mess

regularly redeems rapists

raped two of its most popular characters ever in the last year and then uses the euphemism "making love" to describe it

has a female character that not only raped a guy, but now has him telling her he loves her

This is the same show who has been aiming for a teen demographic

Why anyone would want to look good for this show is beyond me.

As for being positive, give me something I want to watch and I will be positive. When/If Days gets cancelled, many people may wonder why they didn't listen to the fans who told them repeatedly what did and didn't (JOPE) work. When a boat is sinking, it is not the time to say how wonderful the sail looks, but to find out why there is a hole where water is seeping in.

Since most of the posters on the board are American (I presume, and with apologies to the non Americans), I think it is your patriotic duty to say why something is wrong...regardless how important it is. As Thomas Jefferson said (and I am paraphrasing), "Americans every generation should definitely raise a little hell."

Two armed camps...
I sometimes feel of late that I am watching two armed camps in the form of J.M and B.H fans. The thing that fascinates me is there are people on both sides that act like their side never criticizes the actors. characters on the other side. Days ultimately is the one to blame for this imbroligo. Eventually, this story will be noted as the main reason Days is cancelled in 2003.

Damned if she does and damned if she doesn't...
Forever, the Marlena bashers have accused her of not minding her own business. Now, some of these same fans are bashing her for not telling Hope the truth. They are bashing John too. This is Bo's place to tell Hope. John and Marlena shouldn't be the ones to tell Hope what happened to her.

Victor and Caroline...A positive post...
Caroline has always been the love of Victor's life in my mind, and anything that brings together in scenes is good to me. Victor has been a big bore most of the 90's. From 92-96, he was made increasingly stupid, and he lost all his menace. In the last year, he is equally as boring, only his one-noteness is all malice. Characters should have dimension. His love for Caroline always explained his vulnerability. When he slept with Kim, it was mostly about not being able to have the woman, and I think, the only woman he has ever really loved: Caroline.


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