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JMarch 2000

Days last lost over 50% in its key demo in the last two years...
Although many things have contributed to this drop, is there any doubt that the continued pairing of JOPE is the main culprit??? Fans have let Days know since the bungle in the jungle that they didn't want John and Hope paired. Days didn't listen.

In any other business, the people responsible for such a drop would have been axed. Susan Lee has been at NBC Daytime for the majority of the decade, and has seen at least four soaps be cancelled under her watch. TL has seen almost two million viewers go away under his headwriting watch. We can't blame SSM too much since KC has admitted that TL was the head writer for much of SSM's tenure. Will Days recover? I have my serious doubts. You can only break faith so many times, and after being punched in the face the last few years, many fans have said, "ENOUGH."

That immortal line tomorrow...

Bo has the honor of delivering it. "Gina is trying tell us something." Her dead hand points to where Hope is. I am ROTF!!!

I guess Gina is actually Hope's true soulmate. LOL

This show will be the death of me.

Stefano is discovering his inner child...and Rolf's Genius...

Don't you just love the way he cares about Hope? I haven't been so touched since I saw Timmy cry over Lassie. Stefano was denied ice cream as a child, and this is the reason he has been so evil. Now that Hope promised him ice cream and full approval for his eating habits, he can be a happy, productive person.

I always knew Rolf was behind Stefano's empire anyway. I loved those scenes with Rolf back in 83 when everyone thought that Stefano was going to blow up the concert hall, and smart Rolf was behind it all the time. I also loved when Rolf manipulated Stefano into trying to get Marlena to go to Caracas with him in 1985. Rolf is one smart cookie.

Days has broken faith with viewers too many times...

That is why I find it surprising that some think it is a shock that Days didn't do better at the SOD Awards.

First, Days is, for the most part, just boring. The stories rarely move. How many times did we see Gina plot to snare John? How many times do we see the characters talk about what is happening, instead of showing us what is happening?

Second, the women, for the most part, have been made spineless victims. Wouldn't it have been great to see Hope figure out a way to escape on her own?

Third, history is rewritten every day. For a long time viewer, that is very disquieting. Where is Stefano's feelings for Marlena? If Stefano is so damn powerful, why didn't he just take those paintings? We have known Stefano for almost twenty years, but we never heard about PG. He never remarked how much Hope resembled her. John didn't notice the resemblance between the two women when he came to town. Wouldn't there have been some recognition?

Fourth, characters change with the wind. Nicole started out as the good girl, then she became the manipulative shrew for no reason. Greta's motivation changes day to day. Stefano was kind to her; Stefano is evil in her opinion.

There are many more reasons that faith has been broken.

Beauty and Women...

Since I have been mentioned in others' posts and this topic has been on the board due to Sarah Brown's comments about KA and Melody Thomas Scott, I thought I would bring my thoughts to the top of the board.

First, let me say that I don't apologize that I basically watch Days at this point because I still like looking at the women on this show. The main woman I enjoy looking at is Deidre Hall. The show has been so bad for the most part the last few years that without the female pulchritude on the show, I would be a complete ex-viewer.

Does this mean that I, or other guys, only appreciate women because of their beauty and their youth? I can't speak for all men, but I know that I have always found many older women attractive. DH is a quarter century older than I am, but I still think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I also consider other older women, like Jaclyn Smith, Catherine Deneuve, Jessica Lange, etc. very beautiful too.

Physical Appearance is not the only quality I find beautiful in a woman. One of my favorite women in history is Eleanor Roosevelt. She is beautiful too, if not by the conventional standards of beauty. She is beautiful because she tried to make a difference in the world. She is beautiful because she touched so many lives. I recorded the recent PBS documentary about her life, and it is on one of my recent Days tapes. (I keep very few episodes anymore.)

Passive, whiny women are not interesting or for that matter "beautiful." You will never find me hoping to see weak women on Days. DH and KA are both beautiful women, but they are far sexier when their characters show their backbones. This doesn't negate the heroic aspects of John and Bo either. I have always loved the rescue scenes of Days. After all, the show is (or at least should be ) romantic fantasies. But these rescue scenes don't always have to be the males rescuing the females. The women can rescue the males. One of my favorite stories ever was when Marlena rescued John in Aremid. I can still see the scene where determined, resolute Marlena knows she will do whatever it takes to save John. "I will do anything to save you John. matter what the cost." That is one of her finest moments because you see the strength and toughness along with the grace and elegance.

Finally, I also think it is wrong to judge a woman by her looks. Women are so much more than their looks. Without other attractive qualities, even the most beautiful woman would get boring. Days has essentially robbed its principal female AND male characters of what made viewers fall in love with them in the first place: heart, strength, intelligence, and humanity. Without these qualities, "beauty" only goes far. Will Days ever get these qualities back? I have my doubts with the current management team in place. So, until this happens (if it happens) I will enjoy my pleasures of looking at the women, esp. DH, on the show. I even reserve my "right" of making an occasional lewd comment.

"You won every award???"

I am making a tape for someone (something I very rarely do). I am including an early DDH.DH interview. The interviewer asks her about the SOD Awards, and says amazed that your show won every single award last year??? DH says that Days won all 13 possible awards from the previous year. Times do change, don't they?

Most things change...

Except that DH is still the Ageless Goddess. She looked hot last night. She was probably the oldest woman on stage, but she looked at least ten to fifteen years younger than she is.

I started watching Days again in 91...

I had stopped watching full time in 87, and I watched sporadically until 89. I didn't watch again, until my grandmother told me Marlena must be coming back because they had been talking about her a lot. So, I turned the TV on during the late spring, and the first thing I see is Kayla.Shane having sex. Then, I see RoJohn kissing Isabella. I thought, where have my Days gone? Where is the chemistry?

The 90's have included many of my favorite scenes of all time, but it has been a roller coaster ride. The last few years have great scenes, few and far between.

There was an article in SOW around that time, saying how passion was the thing missing off Days. They said J.J and RoJohn.Isabella were "cute," but they lacked the passion that makes great couples. The Kayla.Kim.Shane triangle, in their opinion, had damaged all three characters. Bo.Carly were the only couple then on the canvas who had the passion quotient. They praised PR for having chemistry with all his leading ladies.

Saw a few old DDH personal appearances on tapes...

There are several revealing moments, but one in particular makes me laugh. He did one during the early days of the Isabella.Roman pairing. DDH did his usual leading lady poll. When he asked his fans how they liked Roman.Isabella, there was some polite applause. He says, "I get the impression that you are not really thrilled with the pairing. Why?" One woman yells in the back, "She has no spunk." LOL The next question is, "When is Marlena coming back?"

Who can name the most recasts????

My list:


Auburngirl -If you count the soras'd, then Sami, Eric, Shawn D., Sarah.
Also, David and Scotty Banning. - Auburngirl
Nicholas, Phillip, and Lexie.

Agent99 - Alice? Please explain.
jl in reply - Frances Reid didn't play Alice in the pilot. I don't recall the name of the actress who did. John Clarke did play Mickey however. Ted Corday didn't think there was enough chemistry between MacDonald Carey and the other actress. FR was an old friend of the Cordays, and she got the job.

A few spoilers faux you...

In the coming weeks:

Roman begins to get mysterious calls. The caller tells him that he must reveal the sub sex between John and Hope.

John continues to have memories, but his memories begin to confuse him even more. He starts remembering falling off a cliff. What does it mean? Marlena puts him under hypnosis in the coming weeks.

Hope miscarries, but she continues to hear cries of her baby in her dreams. She and Bo have a glorious reunion in London. Days is going on location. Will they run into the cries from her dreams?

Just as Austin and Sami are about to have sex, he gets a call from Carrie in Israel. It turns out that Mike has reunited with Robin. What will Austin do? Will he continue to pursue Sami, or is he really over Carrie?

Stefano finds his chess board, as he starts planning to get his Queen again. Why does he keep making the phone calls? WE can be safe to say that he is not calling Rolf or Bart since they are both now dead.

After grieving for Greta (who will die after being eaten by a crocodile in the lagoon), Eric comes back to Salem to get his life back on track. He enters the police academy. At the same time, Mickey and Maggie get a visit from their youngest daughter Sarah Horton.

As Belle and Shawn realize they aren't meant to be, Days will somewhat tone down their teen stories. They will be heavily involved in their parents' stories however.

Viv returns to Salem, ready to get revenge on Kate when Nicholas accidentally dies during a rendezvous with Kate. Viv is on the warpath. Kate should be scared.

A nurse at the hospital is killed by a strangler. This will begin to develop into a big story in the coming months that will involve all the characters. Will anyone be safe?


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