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JFebruary 2000

A few observations...

I am at my mother's, so we watched the show live yesterday. Sympathy for me...LOL My grandm, who is staying with us a few days, opted not to watch. The smart lady took a nap.

Loved Julie's snarkiness about Lili yesterday. That is real Julie. The bitch is never too far underneath the redeemed surface.

Loved John telling Bo to shut up. That is real John, being decisive and forceful.

Where is Marlena? She had exactly five lines. She asked John the same question twice. Was she drunk like Lili, or were the writers drunk when they wrote it?

Let the cockpit open accidentally, and let Mimi and Greta both fall out. The only problem with that, however, is Marlena will feel guilty for inviting Mimi along. I don't want to see that.

I have to prove I am a good man...

Watching my tapes this week (my tapes are at my mother's, so I tend to binge in the wee hours watching tapes), I am reminded of how Marlena has ALWAYS been the one who has convinced John he is good, he is whole, he is complete. There are so many wonderful scenes in their early history where he feels he is unworthy, he is having memories of violence, and her love and steadfastness pulls him through the whirlpool of violence in his personality and memories. John being the mercenary could conceivably be a good story if Hope was totally out of it, and they used some real flashbacks. They did the mercenary story in 92, but almost no one liked it because Marlena wasn't central to it. Danielle and Ick were.

As a good Days fan...

I will root for John and Hope now. I will root for their "incredible bond" even though chemistry and history tell me that John and Marlena, and Bo and Hope are soulmates. I will root for them even though John should have shown some recognition of PG lookalike Hope all those years ago when he first came to Salem. I will root for them even though the show's most popular couple's honeymoon was ruined so their chemistry free sub sex could air ad nauseum for the next few years.

As a good Days fan,

I will root for Sami and Austin, even though she is a rapist who did everything she could to ruin her sister's happiness. I will root for Sami and Austin, even though Austin could forgive his rapist but not his wife.

As a good Days fan,

I will root for Kate and Nicholas, even though Nicholas's mother, Carly, used to Bo's age, and Nicholas used to be Shawn Douglas's age. I will root for Kate and Nicholas, even though Nicholas acts more like Stump's son and Kate is now a one-dimensional bitch.

As a good Days fan,

I will root for the triangle of Eric/Nicole/Greta to go on forever, even though I don't know who Eric is after two years, and donít' care to know who Nicole and Greta are. I will root for this triangle, even though Greta is a walking plot device (What is my motivation? Let's see how the wind is blowing.), and Nicole is just another in a long line of women whose whole life is a stupid man. I will root for this, even it is soooooooo boring.

As a good Days fan,

I will root for Shawn Douglas (excuse me, Shawn) and Belle, even though they are essentially related in every way except blood. I will root for Shawn and Belle, even though I find them both obnoxious.

Aren't I a good Days fan??? LOL

Remember when R/M caught the shoe in Mexico while fishing...
That was the one of the first signs that Roman had been married before. He was remembering that Anna was pregnant when she "died." Days was so good then at slowing developing their stories. R/M got the big payoff of Mexico where Mar told Roman she loved him for the first time. Then, when they returned to Salem, the Anna/Carrie stuff was soon around the corner.

Inescapable sexual chemistry...
Remember the scene in 92 when John surprises Marlena at her office after an her encounter with the psycho from a few episodes who had killed someone. She dropped the papers and he helped pick them up. I am sitting there and I say, "Woah, what was that?" The sexual chemistry was just palpable. Don't forget, this was the era of Ick and Danielle where they were doing all they could to get John away from Marlena. Of course, as the ratings went down, that writer was fired and we got the pit and the affair. Good Days.

Stefano hates the Bradys BECAUSE...
This is the real reason at least. In the early 80's, Stefano brought his crime syndicate to Salem. Roman became a thorn in his side and tried to stop him. Stefano didn't like this and tried to destroy Roman's life. Then, he got interested in Marlena. Then, Megan, his daughter, died trying to kill Hope. This made his hatred even more intense. After Roman "died," he wanted Marlena to come live with him. That is when she shot him. There was also the RoJohn story where Stefano blamed him for making Benji, Stefano's son, deaf. Of course, that was RoJohn, and Stefano supposedly knew that John wasn't Roman. The only way any of this makes sense is if John is the real Roman. That is the real reason, nevertheless, for his hatred. It fueled wonderful story for years, and my motto is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Loyalty to certain characters...
From reading some of the posts, I find it funny to see the same poster excuse J/M (if they are a J/M fan) or B/H (if they are a B/H fan) and in the same post bash the opposite couple for being (pick the adjective) when in both cases, it is the writing, folks. I don't see how anyone who has watched any length of time can think that any of these four characters (and let's throw Stefano, Julie, Doug, etc. in the mix as well) are the same people they were originally. Of course, we still see glimmers of the real characters (mainly because the same actors play these roles.) I am a huge fan of the DH's chemistry. I would like to be a fan of J/M's and B/H's again. All four (as well as Stefano, Julie, Doug, etc.) are all pods at this juncture.

January '00
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