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Season Changes
By Beverly
Part 2

Mike Horton sat on his couch. He was catching up with the new medical journals that he had not gotten a chance to read. All those extra hours at the hospital were beginning to catch up with him. He couldnít remember when he had gotten a good nightís rest. Carrie was always in his mind. Work was the only thing that could stray his thoughts. He began to read, but he couldnít concentrate. Carrie was absorbing his attention.

" Why didnít I tell her? How could I stand there silent and let her marry Austin? What am I saying, she would never have loved me. Sheís happy, now. I need to move on."

He looked back down at his book, but closed it and placed his head in his hands.


Sami walked out of her bathroom wearing a red teddy. Her blond hair glistened in the candlelight and fell seductively over her breasts.

"I am so glad you could get away, Austin. Iíve missed you so much."

Austin caressed her arms up to her neck. He pulled her face to his and kissed her passionately. He craved every inch of her body. Austin picked Sami up and carried her to the bed.

"Remember Austin, Iíll always want you. Carrie just doesnít appreciate the man you are."

With those words, Austin grabbed her and ripped open her teddy. He began to slowly kiss down her body just as Kate stormed into the room.


Mike paced the floor back and forth. He began to leave a marks where he had worn out the carpet pacing. The look in his face was fierce. He was starting to get that old Laura Horton psycho look. ( I guess it runs in the family) The veins in his neck were bulging. He was muttering to himself softly when he abruptly stopped and yelled, "I canít live like this anymore! I have to tell her!" He grabbed his keys and headed out the door to Carrieís apartment. "I just hope Austin isnít home."



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