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Season Changes
By Beverly
Part 1

It was a beautiful day in Salem. The trees in the park swayed with the slight cool breeze. The leaves caste out an iridescent glow as they flowed in the sunlight. Carrie Brady was siting by her window drinking tea. Her usual cheery face was quite distraught. She was deep in thought. As she poured her tea, her hands seemed to clumsily fumble the china. She suddenly dropped her cup and watched it shatter upon the floor.

"I donít know what my problem is today. Why do I feel so incomplete?"

She began to pick up the fragments of broken glass as she recapped the last week in her head. After only a few months of marriage, Austin already wanted to start a family. Carrie had always wanted to have a large family, but lately she was not so sure. She was not even sure if she wanted to have Austinís child at all. So much had happened to their relationship in the past year. She just now had gotten the chance to sort out all of her feelings.

"Did I make the right choice in marrying Austin, or did I do it to defeat Sami? Why did I wait around for Austin all that time? I wasted so much time running after him. Do I still love him?" Her mind suddenly jumped to Mike Horton and the time they danced outside his car. She could hear the music playing and the smell of his cologne. Her thoughts became disrupted as Austin walked into the apartment.

" Hello, Carrie. How is my beautiful wife doing today?" he asked.

She replied hesitantly, " UmmmÖGoodÖ You?"

He noticed the glass on the floor. "What happened? Did you hurt yourself?"

" No, I guess I just got carried away in thought and lost grip on the tea cup."

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him and whispered in her ear, "You must have been dreaming of our future family. We should go get started right now."

He lifted her up with his muscular arms. She seemed to float up like a weightless feather.

"Austin," she moaned, " I really donít feel well. I think I am just going to go to sleep."

Austin gave her his puppy dog face and said, " I guess Iíll just go to the gym unless you want me to stay with you."

"No, Austin go. Iíll be fine. Good night."

He looked at her curiously. " I love you, Carrie." She closed the bedroom door with no reply.


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