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The Sami & Lucas Saga
by Angel456
Part 2

Kate went home after talking to Stefano. She opened the door, and walked into the living room. As usual, Lucas was there, but as a surprise, his hand held no glass. Instead, he was talk to Henderson.

"Oh and Henderson, make sure the cook has everything perfect. This night may be the . . ." Lucas would have continued but then he noticed Kate.

"Hello Lucas." Kate said.

"Hi Mom." Lucas replied.

"So what is this about dinner?"

"Well, for Will's sake we are going to try and be civil with each other." Lucas said trying to convince his mother that it was nothing more than that. But to him a night with Sami meant the world.

"Why are you even wasting your time with that girl?" Kate asked.

"I'm only trying to do what is right for Will."

"Good luck to you, I hope you have a pleasant evening." Kate said, and turned to leave.

"You sound like you are going out."

"Well actually, I am, but it is a business dinner."

"And you weren't going to tell me about it."

"You had no need to know."

"But mom . . ."

"Hush now, I'll tell you more later, right now I have to get ready." She turned, left, and walked up the stairs. "I wonder what he is up to now," Kate thought.


"It's time for your nap now Will." Sami said in a hushed, que-ish voice. "You're mommy and daddy are having dinner tonight, and you know what. He's being nice to me. I bet you'd really like it if your parents were together." Sami always wanted her son to have the stable family she didn't have while growing up. "I'm going to go freshen up some, be a good boy." She said as she swirled her finger around in his hair. "Sweet dreams."


Kate was alone in her room now. She took her earrings out. And picked up a hairbrush and slowly started whisking her hair. "If tonight goes how I hope it does, then Stefano will no longer be a part of the Titan family."

She started searching through her closet for the appropriate dress to wear.

She pulled each out hold them in front of herself, with the hanger over her head.


In the next room Sami was in her bedroom staring in her own mirror. She applied her lipstick and blotted it.

"Why am I even reapplying my makeup? Why am I trying to look pretty for tonight? I'm only having dinner with Lucas. We aren't even going out." Sami thought out loud. And starred brushing her own hair.

"Lucas. I'm making my self look good for Lucas. What is wrong with me?" She flipped her hair and started brushing the other side.

"No, I'm doing this for myself, I always try and look sophisticated." Then she bent over flipped her hair in front of her face, and continued to brush.

"Why am I trying to look good for Lucas?" The question still lingered in her mind. She stopped brushing her hair and stuck her head out the window, starring up at the setting sun trying to get some fresh air and avoid the question in her head.


Lucas walked into the den, to try and get his mind off of Sami, even if it was just for 5 minutes. "Tonight is going to be the night." Lucas started aloud. But the decided not to talk, seeing there is never privacy in Salem.

"Tonight I will start becoming closer with Sami. I just know I can convince her to be with me for Will. Eventually we'll start spending to together with Will. And she won't need the greased hair Italian womanizer anymore. I'm glad he's using her and all, she deserves it. But I don't want her sleeping with him. Once he's out of our lives, Will can have a family. And I can have a wife. And Sami won't ever manipulate me again." Lucas paused and re-entered into the living room. He picked up an empty bandy glass. But then put it down. "Sami will become my lover, Will will have his parents, and I won't need alcohol anymore. Sami will be so pleased. The most romantic thing I can do for her, give up drinking, at least that is the first romantic thing I can do for her." He set the glass back down.

Kate strolled into the living. "I hope you know what you am doing."

"I know completely, well be careful, you know what Sami is capable of."

"Oh yes I do." Lucas said as an evil grin arose on his face. To himself he continued, "after all she made me a father."

"You seem distracted Lucas, I hope you weren't drinking again."

"No mom, just thinking." Lucas said, and quickly changed the subject, to avoid his mom finding out how he really feels for Sami, "So where are you off to tonight?"

"I'm not sure, but a car shall be here shortly for me."

"Who sent it?"

"You have so many questions Lucas. I told you I'll tell you later."

"But I want to know now." He said in a whiny voice.

"Stop that, act you age." Kate replied. "I'll be home late, don't wait up for me."

"Yes mom. Oh and before you leave, I might add, you look fabulous."

"Thank you Lucas."

Henderson walked into the living "Miss Roberts, your car is here."

"Thank you Henderson." Kate said, "Good bye Lucas."

"You're food is almost ready sir, shall I serve it in here?"

"Please." Lucas answered.


Sami brought her head back in from the window. "Why can't I get Lucas off of my mind?"

"It must be because I'm worried he will harm our son." She said in disbelief of her own words. "But what is it really?"

She picked back up her hairbrush and started running it through her hair quickly. "Tonight will hold the answers I need." She continued to fix her hair.

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