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The Sami & Lucas Saga
by Angel456
Part 1

Sami was inside Kate's office at Titan. Kate and her were having a rather loud "chat," as Sami would call it. Lucas was listening at the door (glass in hand).

"I'm not going to approve another budget for you Sami." Kate declared.

Sami thought the only way to handle Kate was through blackmail. But the she remembered meeting Franco, and trying to not have to use blackmail to get ahead in the world. She replied, "Yes you will. I just need another model, a male model."

"We agreed that Nicole would be your model, we would give it a test and see how things went. If the New Faces campaign was popular, then I'll consider another budget. But NOT NOW!" Kate finished with a raised voice.

Lucas stepped away from the door for a minute, fearing Sami would come running out of the office and catch him eavesdropping. He strode to his office, and poured himself a drink. "Knowing Sami like I know Sami." Lucas said, then took a drink of brandy and continued, "She's not giving up, she'll fight my mother a little longer. Her and her games." Lucas nursed the drink, and slowly walked back down the hallway to Kate's office.

This time there was another voice in the office, sort of muffled, especially since Lucas left his empty glass in his office. "Bother. I'll just hope it is a heated conversation, and they'll be loud enough to hear." Lucas thought to himself.

"What is wrong with you Samantha?" Stefano wailed. "I warned you about having that tone of voice with Miss Roberts. She is your boss. She deserves respect."

"Yes Mr. Dimera," Sami replied in a rather quiet and feared tone of voice. Though Lucas couldn't see it, Sami was trembling.

"You're going to be fired." Stefano said.

Sami, standing next to Stefano, starred scornfully at Kate.

"You can't fire her," Kate stated.

"Why not?!" Stefano expressed, "with all the trouble she's been to us, I want her out of this company!"

"I only more of this company than you, and it is in our best interests to keep her part of it."

"For heaven's sake, why?"

"Because she has the newest idea on the market. Sami has her New Faces campaign.' Kate paused, "and with Nicole and Eric on the LA Shoot, things should be going swiftly."

"FINE!" Stefano said through gritted teeth, then turn to Sami. "Samantha, you shall be spared for now. But one more time, if I find you and Kate bickering just one more time, you will be thrown OUT of Titan." Stefano stated.

"Yes, Mr. Dimera." Sami said trembling again.

"And for goodness sake child, take care of that shaking problem. I'm not that frightening."

"Yes Mr. Dimera," Sami was at a loss of words, for the first time in her life. But at least this time, she had tried with all her might not to show Stefano that he intimidated her.

"Now OUT!" Stefano shouted, and pointed his finger at the door, commanding her to leave. Lucas scurried away from the door, like a little rat. He knew Sami would be out shortly, and in her frightened stage, her could have the upper hand with her, for once.

Sami walked quickly to the door, opened it, and walked out, being very careful to gently close it. She didn't want to bother Stefano again.

"I see you are drinking again." Sami scorned at Lucas. "Hasn't you mother ever taught you not to drink on the job."

"Hasn't you're mother taught you manners." Lucas returned, nursing his brandy. "I need a little drink while the performance was--" he stopped himself, trying not to get caught eavesdropping.

"You little . . ."

"Watch your mouth, or I'll sick Mr. Dimera on you." Lucas said threateningly, and mocking her. Sami stormed off down the hall.


Meanwhile in Kate's Office

"Why do you continue to defend that little bothersome child?" Stefano questioned.

"Because I am the . . ."

"Grandmother of her child," Stefano finished for her. "Excuses, excuses, do you have any new ones?"

"How much money would it take to buy your 49% of the stocks?" Kate said quickly changing the subject. And retrieved her checkbook from her top desk drawer.

"We've discussed this before." Stefano said.

"But I'd like to discuss it again."

"Perhaps over dinner than tonight?" Stefano questioned.

Kate thought about his offer for a second, wondering if he had any ulterior motives, like he always does. But then she answered him, knowing it would take too long to decide. "Dinner would be lovely."

"Then I'll send a car for you tonight at 7."

"Sounds wonderful." Kate knew the only chance of owning his 49% was to pour on the charm.


Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sami was in Will's room. They were playing with his Teddy Bear, Sami had picked it up on her way home in Salem Place.

Lucas opened the door quietly, thinking Will was asleep. He was almost certain no one would be in the room. "Oh," he said, "I didn't think anyone was in here."

"Am I not aloud to spend time with my son?"

"He's our son, and don't you forget that."

"I couldn't, I've tried." Sami would have said something meaner, but she remember Will was in the room. "This is not the time or the place."

"Time or place for what?" Lucas asked.

"To trade insults, we have to worry about our son. I want him to grow up in a loving environment."

"Then why don't you give him to Carrie and Austin." Lucas mocked. "You know there is no love around here." Lucas knew he had to hide his feelings for Sami, and the only way he could was to insult her.

"There is Franco and my love." Sami replied.

"I'm not letting him raise our child."

"You'll have no say in the matter." Sami was going to add that he was nothing but a drunk, but decided against it being Will was in the room.

"I know you have more to say to me. Perhaps we can try and be civil to each other, for Will's sake."

"For Will's sake." Sami humbly agreed.

"Will you join me for dinner tonight? Seeing I hate to eat alone." Lucas said.

Sami sighed, but seeing she had nothing better to do, she replied, "Fine."

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