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Mike & Carrie~Together Forever
Part 2
by Daisy

Together at Last

Mike wrote Carrie a letter telling her that he also loved her with a PS to open the door. The bellboy delivered the letter, and Carrie read it with astonishment and sheer happiness. Unfortunately she skipped over the PS, and instead of opening the door, started packing to go back to Salem into Mike’s arms. Then she thought maybe she should wait because she was kind of afraid of Austin, but she just couldn’t wait to see Mike, so she kept packing. When she was done she was about to leave to check out, and when she opened the door . . . . . and there stood a tired but happy Mike. He had two wine glasses in his hand, a tray with a candlelit dinner, and the hall covered in flowers . . .

Needless to say, after they had a romantic dinner and discussed everything, Mike & Carrie became a ‘couple’ (a ‘Days’ supercouple). They did, however, decide to stay in London until people in Salem got used to the idea of them together, and until Carrie’s divorce was finalized.

One day, surprisingly, Sami called. Carrie thought that Sami was calling to say she was right about Carrie’s feelings for Mike, but she didn’t hang up. A good thing too, because during that conversation, Carrie and Sami straightened everything out, and became close again (just like regular sisters). Sami also told Carrie that Austin had become frustrated and angry and wrote an article for the Intruder. He told of Sami and Carrie’s deception and lies, and of course, over-exaggerated on everything, so now the Brady name was in mud. Sami told them not to worry, stay in London, and that she would take care of everything. She wrote her own story, telling of Billie’s deception of Bo, Austin’s exaggeration and own faults, Lucas’ drinking & abuse and of Kate’s past. Mad at the world (especially at the town of Salem), the Reeds and Roberts left town.

So although they wanted to spend more time together in London, Mike and Carrie returned to Salem just in time for Christmas. Their families happily welcomed them as a couple.

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