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Mike & Carrie~Together Forever
Part 1
by Daisy


Carrie and Austin started having very big marital problems. Austin was getting very involved in boxing, which made Carrie worry, and Austin never really discussed his boxing with Carrie. Plus Carrie was Mike’s new PR person, so she was spending a lot of time at the hospital. Not to mention how Austin and Carrie seemed to disagree on just about everything, especially where Sami and Will were concerned. All this lead to Carrie realizing she really loved Mike.

Carrie didn’t think that Mike loved her, so right after she sent Austin divorce papers, she left for London to get away from everything and everybody. When she got to London, she wrote Mike a letter telling him everything, and asking him if they could still be friends.

Billie found out about Carrie sending divorce papers to Austin, and herself had a suspicion Mike had something to do with it. So, she went through his mail and stole the letter from Carrie. She hid it in Kate’s mansion, wanting to dispose of it later. Sami, however found the letter, and put it in plain view for Henderson to find, as she had heard about Austin receiving divorce papers, and figured out what the letter told. Henderson did find the letter, minutes before Billie walked into the room. He assumed there was an address mix-up, so he took the letter, wanting to mail it later. He got around to it – but only three days later.

Mike, of course was overjoyed, when he actually got the letter, and since the hotel automatically puts the return address on their envelopes, Mike knew where Carrie was. He immediately set out for London and unbeknownst to Carrie, he got a room right next to hers.

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