Lucas and Sami-True Love At Last
by Flavess
Part 2

Scene: Penthouse

Marlena: Sami, I'm so thrilled you are having another child.
Sami : I am too. Thank God, this child will not be as confused as well.
Marlena: Well I'm glad that Stefano is dead.
Sami : Yeah, I'm glad he died. No one deserved to be shot more than him.
Marlena: For a while I thought you actually shot him.
Sami : By no means did I shoot him. For a while Lucas was the prime suspect. I knew he didn't shoot Stefano. He was so wonderful towards me after my divorce from Stefano.
Marlena: I can't believe Franco did what he did to you when you announced you were pregnant.
Sami : Well I was not all that right in the head when I did those pretty mean things to him.
Marlena: I'm so glad you found love Sami.
Sami : I feel happier than I have been in a long time Mom. I do not know what I would do without Lucas and Will.

Scene: Street

Lucas: Sami will love this. I've got her favorite flavors of ice cream, those crackers, plus a nice surprise for her. Sami is absolutely going to love this sapphire necklace I bought for her.

All of a sudden, Lucas realizes that Alan Parker is holding a gun:

Alan: Oh surprise to see me.
Lucas: Go ahead and shoot me. It will not do you any good. I'm not afraid of you.
Alan: Oh, I'll shoot you, then Sami is going to be mine, all mine and you will not be able to protect her. Plus I'll play with her for a little while.
Lucas: You bastard, I will never let that happen.

Alan shoots Lucas unaware that Vivian has seen this from across the street.

Alan says to Lucas: Ah you will not die, but your lovely wife will...

Vivian waits for Alan to walk away and calls an ambulance. She runs outside after calling the ambulance and is trying to keep Lucas conscious till the Paramedics arrive...

To be continued

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