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Lucas and Sami-True Love At Last
by Flavess
Part 1

Note: This is the sequel to Stefano and Sami Saga

Scene: Kiriakis Mansion

Kate couldn't believe that Lucas married her. Sami was his wife and there was nothing she could do. Kate would never ever see Will to be a man. She had cancer and it was killing her slowly.
Sami comes in.

Sami: Here, Kate eat some soup
Kate: You witch, I hope you die a slow...
Sami: Kate we have had our differences in the past, let's put them aside. Lucas needs you.
Kate: Oh no, Sami. You are the woman who will not only ruin...

Lucas comes in

Lucas: Mom, I'll eat with you. Sami my mother is upset, but remember this, I love you very much.
Sami: I love you too. Iím going to check on the kids.

Sami leaves.

Kate: How could you marry that little witch.
Lucas: She makes me happy. We share a child. I was there for her when she had nobody.
Kate: You are being stupid Lucas. Sami will break your heart.
Lucas: Maybe, but she makes me happier than I've ever known.
Kate: Is she pregnant again Lucas with your child?
Lucas: Yes she is, but we married for love.
Kate: Leave me alone then Lucas. You will only get hurt. I love you and only want the best for you. Sami is not that at all, but the worst possible match for you.
Lucas: Get some rest mother.

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