A Glance into the Future
by bam bam
Part 2

" Carrie, Please calm down and tell me what is wrong"

Austin was getting very worried now but did not have the slightest clue what was wrong. If it was not Austin Jr. , he had no clue what would make Carrie cry like that.

" Austin, I canít tell you on the phone, it is too painful. Can you come home right away?" She sobbed.

" Definitely. I'll be right there." He hung up the phone and without thinking, grabbed all his stuff and jetted out the door.

Austin was in such a hurry to get home, he did not realize that he was 15 mph over the speed limit.

" Damn it." He said as the police sirens sounded in his ears. HE pulled over.

"Where you going in such a hurry, sonny?"

Austin was about to give the police officer an evil look, till he looked up and saw if was Bo, laughing at him"

" Bo, funny running into you!"

" You know I am going to have to give you a ticket!" he chuckled.

" Yea, man. Have you herd anything about Carrie?" Austin asked as Bo wrote out his ticket.

" Like, what? Last thing I heard about Carrie was that she is the best mom in the world to that little boy of yours."

"Well, she just called me on my cell phone, and was crying her eyes out. If it wasn't Austin Jr. , then what could make her cry like that? I am real worried"

"Must be real serious, you better get going." BO handed him the ticket and Austin drove off.


Carrie was pacing around the house that Austin had bought when Austin Jr. was born. It was so big and roomy that it was lonely without Austin. She had already used up one box of Kleenex, and had started on another. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Why did this have to happen?

Austin Jr. started crying from upstairs. He knew something was wrong, Carrie thought to herself. She went upstairs, two steps at a time, eager to hold her baby boy in her arms. She turned the corned into his room and he was standing up in his crib reaching for his mommy.

" Oh, Austin. Honey." She broke out into tears as she lifted him out of his crib and rocked him in the rocking chair.

" Where is your Daddy? I need him so much right now."

Just as she was saying this, she heard Austinís car pull up and breathed a sigh of relief. She leaned her head back against the padding of the rocking chair, and waited for her husband. She would have went downstairs to meet him but Austin Jr. was falling asleep in her arms.

"Carrie? Carrie are you here?" He said strongly but sensitively, as if not to wake Austin Jr. Carrie could her the worry in his voice.

"I am up here." Carrie was not crying as much, but her face was red and her eyes watery. In a flash, Austin was standing in the doorway of his son's bedroom.

"Oh, Carrie," he said as he ran to her and knelt before her.

"Please, tell me what's wrong" He put a hand on here cheek and wiped a tear from here eye.

"Austin" she choked on her words. " My Grandpa is dead.


to be continued...

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