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Forbidden Fruit
by Bradygirl

"My free time is none of your business, Mike!" Carrie marched out of Mikes office door and slammed it shut.

Mikes face flushed red. He paused a moment staring at the door, then bursting forward, he threw it open. She was not going to have the last word on this subject. "I know what it is," he yelled down the hall. Nurses and orderlies stopped and turned to look at him. "Its a control thing. You feel you've lost control so you're flexing your muscles." Carrie turned on her heel and stomped back toward him.

"Flexing my muscles?" she repeated. "That's ludicrous. You're the one ambushing me with these ridiculous accusations about control." She put her face close to Mikes and through her teeth said, "Get a grip, Horton. YOU'RE losing it!"

Mike grabbed Carrie by the arm and pulled her back into his office. "I'm not losing it! I love you, damn it!" Silence filled the space between them.

Before she knew what was happening, he had taken her by the shoulders and his mouth ravaged hers with brutal force, frightening but exciting her at the same time. She started to fight him, but suddenly she realized she didn't want it to end, didn't want to walk out of that office door and stop touching him. Daring for more, she slid her hands up his chest and threw herself into the kiss.

Her compliance heightened his desire and suddenly they were pulling at each others clothes, touching in places they'd never touched before. It was hard to know who was pulling whom toward the desk for the whirlwind of passion that was sweeping them up was too fast, and too hot for clear distinctions. Mike awkwardly brushed his hand across the hard wood surface of his desk. Manila envelopes, pens and papers flew in all directions. He pressed her against the dark mahogany and climbed atop her.

With one tug he had her skirt off and tossed it on the floor next to her blouse and his shirt. She was wearing thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose and the effect threw him over the edge. Savagely, he took her mouth again claiming what he knew was rightfully his. He drew his hands over her hot, damp skin deftly determining what made her moan with yearning and what made her press even closer and reach for him. He knew she never had this with Austin because he had never had THIS with any woman he ever knew, any woman he'd ever loved. This was what they told you happened in trashy romance novels. This was the feeling that was never supposed to happen but did. She was his best friend and now his lover. Could things ever be the same again?

A delicate unrestrainable trembling began in Carrie's body as Mike proved that her pleasure was utmost in his mind. His was an urgent but thorough journey. The uncomfortable hard wood of the desk vanished into insignificance as her world went out of focus. After that she knew who would calm her roughest storms and who would be the stronghold that would save her from the darkness. It was him, her best friend. The man who had been beside her all along. She was aware of the incredible heat emanating from him, keenly aware of the rippling muscles of his torso. His scent filled her nostrils with the soapy scent of the man himself. As his fingers threaded though her hair she pressed closer and closer until she could feel the length of him. Then suddenly, as swiftly as his touch had come it was gone. His fingers were still tangled in her hair but his face was high above hers, and he seemed confused, very confused.

"I can't do this Carrie. You're married. I have no right." Mike climbed off her and grabbed his shirt from the floor. He turned away as he re-buttoned it. He couldn't believe he had let it go that far, couldn't believe he had let himself get out of control like that. What was wrong with him? She was his best friend. Mike ran his hand though his hair and felt his beeper vibrate. He crossed the room and picked up the phone allowing Carrie to dress.

Once his call was complete Carrie came up behind him. "But you said you loved me, was that a lie?"

Mike could barely utter a quiet, "No. I love you." Tears filled his eyes. He tried to hold them back but he . "I love you, yet you are married to Austin." Mike said his name through clenched teeth. "This was wrong. We have to forget this ever happened." With that, Mike walked out of the room and down the hall, Carrie just hoped it wasn't forever.

The end


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