For the First Time: A Lucas & Sami Fan Fic
by Janel
Part 1

This story will disregard some current and past storylines, as well as twisting some of them to my own purposes.

Setting: Late afternoon on a Friday, Kiriakis Mansion

Sami hung up the phone, smiling. Franco had just arranged to have dinner at Chez Vous with her . All she had to do was make sure Lucas could stay with Will while she was out...

At the thought of Lucas , Sami frowned. Lucas was nasty at every opportunity to her, and she tried to avoid him as much as possible now. Sometimes a meeting with him was inevitable though. Like when she had to ask him to watch Will...

Sighing , she went upstairs to knock on Lucas' bedroom door. Lucas opened the door almost immediately, not giving Sami enough time to prepare herself for the upcoming confrontation.

"What do you want Sami?" Lucas said impatiently.

"Well, I need you to watch Will tonight for me," Sami said nervously, trying to stay cool and not lose her temper.

"What for? Have an appointment to go ruin someone else's life?" Lucas sneered. "Who's your victim this time , Sami? Carrie?" He asked mockingly, leaning against the doorframe. " My mother? Or maybe you have someone new all picked out and ready for torture--"

"Shut up, Lucas. I'm warning you." Sami seethed. Lucas could make her lose her temper in a shorter amount of time than anyone else ever had.

"Or you'll do what Sami? I think you're forgetting who it is that you can control around here. You may have my mother under your thumb but you can't make me do a god damn thi--"

"What the hell is going on here?" Kate demanded, striding down the hallway.

Sami immediately stiffened. She didn't feel like facing down both Lucas and Kate, but there was no way was she going to back down from either of them.

"Why nothing, Kate. I think you're hearing things. You know, these things happen when people get to be your age--" Sami started sweetly, but was cut off by Kate.

"Why you little--" Kate said, unable to finish in her anger.

Sami noted how flushed and angry Kate looked, and satisfied, turned to leave. Then she remembered she still had to ask Lucas if he would watch Will. "Lucas, " she said over her shoulder, " can you watch Will tonight?"

"Yes , but where are you going? You should be spending more time with Will, instead of cavorting around town with that Italian bas--"

"Lucas." Kate said warningly.

Lucas looked at Kate questioningly, but had no time to wonder about why Kate didn't want him to talk about Franco,because Sami's answer floated back to him as she walked down the hall ," I have a date with Franco tonight. I'll talk to you tomorrow about Will..." Before Lucas could protest, she entered her bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

Lucas' face tightened in anger, and he moved to go to Sami's room, but Kate grabbed his arm and stopped him. "Don't Lucas.. Just let the little witch go out with Franco. This will give you more time with Will , and if she continues to run around town with Franco, it will give you more ammunition when you fight her for custody. No one is going to give custody to a woman who is a blackmailer, a liar, and" Kate said, laughing " a slut."

Lucas said distractedly , staring at Sami's closed bedroom door "I guess you're right mom, but still, there's something about Franco that I just can't put my finger on..."

Kate frowned , but Lucas missed the telling action because of his preoccupation with Sami. By the time Lucas looked at his mother, she was smiling again . "Lucas, I hired Franco. Now, would I hire someone that isn't trustworthy?"

"I guess not, but still-- I don't trust that guy" Lucas said, frustrated.

"Don't worry about it Lucas. It's none of your concern anyway," Kate said, unhappy with Lucas' concern for Sami.

"I guess you're right mom. I'll be down for dinner in a little while. I need to sign a few papers for Titan."

"Ok, bye sweetie. Don't work too hard." Kate said affectionately.

"I won't. I just want to get my work out of the way so I will get done in time to be with Will. God knows that his mother doesn't spend any time with him anymore," Lucas said angrily before slamming his door shut behind him.

Kate frowned again, glancing at Sami's door. "I hope Franco knows what he's doing" she muttered, then went back to her room to call Franco and find out what his plans for Sami were.


Setting: Friday evening, K. Mansion

Sami slowly drew the zipper up in the back of her dress, and frowned when it became stuck. "Darn," she mumbled. She yanked and it still wouldn't budge.

She strode to the door and opened it with the intention of calling for the maid to come help her. Standing right in front of her was Lucas.

"Lucas," she said, jolted. "What are you doing?"

Lucas was surprised as well. Sami was holding her dress up in front with her hands...and not very well. The dress was very low cut, and he could see alot of what Sami had to offer a man. What she would be offering Franco later that night, he thought angrily.

"I need to talk to you, Sami," Lucas said, recovered, barging into her room. Lucas didn't know why, but he was absolutely furious with Sami.

Sami frowned. Lucas didn't seem to be in a good mood.

"Wait just a minute Lucas, I need some help with this dress. I have to go find Ell--"

"I can do it." Lucas said, brushing away her hair to expose the zipper....and Sami's exposed skin. Lucas felt like he had just been poleaxed.

"Lucas, no. I'll go get the maid." Sami insisted, feeling uncomfortable. She moved one of her hands back to push Lucas' hands away, but Lucas wouldn't let her.

"Dammit, Sami, just stop it and let me do it. There isn't anything here that I haven't seen before," Lucas said. Sami annoyed him more than anyone he knew.

"Fine," Sami huffed, crossing her arms in front. The dress gaped lower with her gesture, and Lucas quickly averted his eyes, not liking the fact that Sami could affect him in any way.

Lucas wrestled with the zipper, and within a few minutes had Sami secure within the dress. Of what little there was of it.

Immediately, Lucas noticed that Sami was scantily clad in a red silk dress, with a high slit in the skirt that ran up her leg , exposing her thigh. And then there was the bodice-- low cut almost to the point that Sami could be mistaken for a streetwalker.

"No way Sami. NO WAY IN HELL you are going out in that!!" Lucas shouted, at the end of his rope. " You look like a cheap hooker!!"

Sami reeled under Lucas' sudden attack, but quickly garnered her defenses. " You can't tell me what to wear Lucas! I'll wear whatever I damn well WANT to wear! Franco likes the way I look, and I'm dressing for HIM, not you !" She snarled, then ran out into the hall, and down the stairs to await Franco.

Lucas never knew women could run in high heels so fast, but he caught up with her in the foyer. He grabbed her arm, whirling her to face him." Sami, you can just go right back up the stairs, right now, and change into something else!"

"Shut up Lucas. I'm not going to change. Franco likes the way I dress. He's the one who bought this dress for me!" She retorted.

Lucas immediately threw Sami's arm away from him, as if he couldn't stand to touch her. " You both repulse me. He's just using you for sex. Look at you. You're dressed up like a cheap imitation of a call girl, or--" The doorbell rang, startling Lucas out his raving. "Run along , Sami. There's your 'boyfriend' now. I hope you have fun, wrinkling the sheets together. "

Sami raised her hand as if to slap him, but the doorbell rang again, insistently. Sami glared at Lucas, then said "This isn't over Lucas. Not by a long shot." She went and opened the door, where Franco put his arm around her shoulders. Franco smirked at Lucas, and said , "Good night , Lucas. Don't wait up."

The door slammed, leaving Lucas alone in the foyer. He felt furious and frustrated. He wanted to shake Sami. He wanted to punch something...preferably Franco. Instead, he went to the living room, where Will was playing with his toys. Sighing, he grabbed a red truck and began to play with his son, forcing thoughts of Sami, and Franco out of his mind.


Setting: the same evening, Chez Vous

Sami set down her fork, smiling. "That was delicious, Franco. This is wonderful. I feel..I feel like I'm a princess, " she said shyly.

Franco quickly contained his happiness. Things were working perfectly. Sami was completely under his spell, and all he had to do was convince her to marry him. It will be easy, he thought. Frighteningly easy.

"That was my intention , Samantha." Franco lied smoothly. "I want you to feel beautiful, inside and out."

"You make me feel beautiful Franco," Sami said softly.

"Well, then I am glad that I have accomplished my goal," he said, capturing her hand over the table and kissing her palm.

Sami blushed. She still couldn't believe that Franco was actually interested in HER. It was so was like a fairytale.

"He's an operator Sami. He's just using you!" Lucas' voice rang in her head. Annoyed, Sami wiped away the thought of Lucas and settled back to enjoy the rest of the evening.

"What are we doing next?" she asked Franco eagerly.

"I thought we could go back to my room and relax there for the rest of the evening," Franco said, awaiting her reaction. He didn't want to frighten her away now, but he needed to move quickly in order to avoid being deported. And Kate's phone call this evening had put an even more urgent spin on things...Kate had something completely different in mind for Sami than he was planning, and he would have to work hard to keep the truth from her.

Sami was startled. If Franco was suggesting what she thought he was suggesting...could she go through with it? Did she really trust Franco enough to sleep with him?

Franco had paid attention to her, been kind to her, told her he cared about her...there was no reason for him to lie , she surmised. He must really care about me. He may even love me, she thought, looking into his eyes.

"Ok" she agreed hesitantly, still not completely sure if she was doing the right thing.

"If you're unsure , Samantha, I won't rush you into anything. I would never hurt you," Franco said.

"I know you won't hurt me Franco. I trust you completely." Sami said, standing. "Let's go. I'm ready," she said, staring into his eyes and letting him know that she was ready for whatever the night would bring.

to be continued...

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