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Part 5

Bradygirl stared at her monitor. Now, e-mail wasn't an unusual sight for her. She received and sent e-mail every day, to her sister, her brother, her uncle..... but this definitely had to be a first. An e-mail from not one but three fictional soap opera characters, Mike, Craig and Carrie.

She paced around the chair. They weren't real, she chanted over and over to herself. They weren't real. Even as she said it aloud and pinched herself three times, the e-mail documents failed to disappear.

She thought that the Mike Horton who had e-mailed her the other day was just a coincidence. A man with a similar name. Now, she discovered that her world had become topsy turvy. Fiction and reality had become one.

She needed an aspirin. She could feel a headache coming on, and it was going to be a doozy.

As Bradygirl slowly read through each document, she found that each had similar concerns.

Carrie was in a panic about Lucas and Sami not to mention a bizarre question about who Erika was. Mike wanted advice about whether to take blood samples from Will and Austin, and Craig wanted to know if all this Mike and Carrie business was for real or not. Well, that wasn't exactly everything, but that was the gist of it.

She could easily answer Carrie's question about Lucas and Sami but should she? Why was she asking herself this question? THEY WEREN'T REAL!

Bradygirl wanted to scream, but she figured the rest of her department might come over, find e-mails from fictional characters and have her committed. They probably wouldn't be far from wrong. She was seriously contemplating her own sanity. Writing fan fic had definitely gotten to her more than she realized.

This was a little overwhelming. She needed to talk to someone about this. Before she could sit down and compose an note to DiVA, a small white box appeared on her screen telling her she had an e-mail.

It was from DiVA. She must have been reading her mind.

DiVA was asking for help because Mike was going off on his own and changing Sally Sussman's plot line.

"Oh, no!" Bradygirl cried. "Not her too. I thought this delusion was affecting me only." She plopped down into her chair placing her head in her hands. If DiVA wanted help, she'd get it, even if it was from an insane person.

"If I were a fictional character, what would I do?" Bradygirl asked herself. This should be a piece of cake. She came up with theories like this every day.

Bradygirl's boss appeared over her left shoulder. He eyed her curiously.

"Just ignore me. I think I'm having a mental breakdown," she said laughing it off.

Bradygirl heaved a heavy sigh. Get out while you can, she wanted to scream. I'm going mental and I'm taking people with me. She looked at the monitor in front of her and wondered something.... how could a little box filled with wires and circuit boards cause so much chaos?


Craig finished typing in his last e-mail and sent it off into e-mail heaven. Things were looking up. Bradygirl was going to help him. She'd already unknowingly provided him with information. As far as she knew, Austin and Carrie's marriage wasn't real, but she couldn't know for sure. She told him a year ago there had been a rumor that the marriage wasn't legal. She provided all she could remember about Sami being married to Austin and then the annulment becoming final by a precedent being set in another case.

This was enough to go on for now. He had a few friends in the judicial ranks. He'd call in a favor and find out about this particular precedent. Sometimes precedents were over turned. Without a precedent, the annulment would never have been issued, making Sami and Austin still legally wed. This would effectively ruin every one of his plans, and he'd come to far to have his plans screwed up now. Carrie and Mike were going to get together while she was still married even if it killed him.


Bradygirl and DiVA had decided among themselves that none of this was real. And even if it was, it was only a soap opera. People wouldn't really die or go to jail or get married. It was all pretend. So they agreed to have a little fun. The first step was getting Craig to work for them.

The thing they wanted most was to find a way to free Carrie from her marriage to Austin before she and Mike gave into their feelings for one another. An affair would cause a scandal and that was not something they wanted to deal with.

They knew if Craig discovered the precedent that caused Austin to originally get his annulment to Sami, he would try to cover up if it had been over turned. They would then know if Craig was successful in finding out this information because DiVA received the show via satellite a day before the rest of the world.

Bradygirl and DiVA's only problem was.... in soap land, who's to know if a precedent that was set a year ago was still valid. They could look it up themselves in a law book somewhere but the writers might not have taken this precedent from real life. It might have been made up. They needed a soap lawyer to find that out for them. They would have asked Mickey themselves but they didn't know if he had an e-mail address. Using Craig would have to do.

Using Craig had other pit falls. They knew this ultimately might back fire on them when the other angels found out and maybe misinterpreted what they were doing. It was a risk they were willing to take.

They set their plan in motion praying that Sally Sussman wouldn't put stumbling blocks in their path along the way.

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(Hey, this is fun.... anyone want to write some of it too.
We could do this as a Continue the Story story.
Let me know what you think.)

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