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Mike leaned back in his comfy black leather chair and stretched. Gosh, was it really that late? He'd been online for nearly three hours. It was really all Spirit's fault. Her story entitled The Spy Who Loved Me had him reading into the wee hours of the morning. Now he was answering email.

The other day he had discovered that there was a message board connected to the fan page where fans, who they called themselves angels, converged to chat about Mike and Carrie. The thought of people writing and talking about them boggled his mind.

His life really wasn't that interesting. So he couldn't figure out why they talked about him so much. He worked way too much, partied way too little and saw his grandmother whenever the whim hit him. Now that his mother, Jenn and Jack were gone, the house was a hollow, empty place. He really hated to go back there. There was no one to talk to there. No little energetic niece for him to tell bedtime stories too. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became.

That's why this email from Erika was exactly what he needed. She could always lift his spirits. The other angels called her the Gush and Babble Baby, and now he knew why. She could go on and on about him for hours... and did. It made him feel good. She had so much confidence in him and Carrie being together that he almost thought it might be possible someday.

Sometimes Erika talked about a man named Roark. He didn't know who this Roark person was, but Roark better watch out because this was the MIKE and Carrie Fan Page not the ROARK and Carrie Fan Page.

He was only half way through Erika's email when his pager went off. He immediately called his service since he was still at the office. A doctor's work was never done. Flipping off his monitor, he walked down the hall to Mr. Walker's room. Mr. Walker was probably one of University Hospital's most regular patients. In reality, Mr. Walker was a hypochondriac. Mike just tried to sooth his nerves and spend a little time with him. When all was said and done, Mr. Walker was just a lonely old man in need of companionship.


Carrie watched from her office as Mike walked down the hall. She hung up the phone replacing it softly on its cradle. She couldn't believe she'd just done that. She'd called Mike's service just to get him out of his office. It was a sneaky trick, but she needed some of his bookmarks from his browser. She didn't want him to know that she was addicted to the fan page already. She couldn't find the Mike and Carrie Fan Page on her own computer, and she needed a fan fic fix fast.

She crept into his office and flicked on his monitor. He still had an email document open on screen. Her eyes couldn't help but read a word or two... and then more... and still more. The document itself was five pages long. Who wrote five page long emails? Her anger grew as she realized something. This was a love letter from someone named Erika. Who in the H-E-double hockey sticks was Erika??!!

Taking a few deep breaths she told herself that she really had no claim to Mike. She was married to Austin. Austin was her future, but that didn't make the email sting any less. Finding the bookmarks she wanted, she turned off the monitor and slipped back into her own office.

Now she was in no mood to read fan fic. She just wanted to go strangle somebody... somebody named Erika! As she loaded the bookmarks into her own browser, one particular bookmark caught her attention. The Mike and Carrie Message Board. There was a message board?? For them? She had to check this out. As she moved her mouse to bring up the message board, the very top message caught her eye. They were calling Ali McIntyre, Tigger. She about fell on the floor laughing. That was so true. She did bounce, didn't she. Tigger? How funny. She wondered if she could look Ali in the eye again without laughing.

Hey, there was a post from that Bradygirl chick Mike had been talking about. It was a post in response to another post about Lucas shooting Franco. What? Lucas didn't shoot Franco. Sami did. She all but admitted it. Carrie clicked on the message.

Message posted by Bradygirl 08:56 am Sept. 24, 1998

I still think the shot Lucas fired didn't actually kill Franco. I swear I heard two shots. I think that either Candy shot him... or it was the hitman that shot Sami who killed him.

I have to say that Kate was pretty slick in framing Sami like that, and now Sami doesn't remember? That is too perfect. I think that Lucas will probably have to give in and confess. This will help his and Sami's relationship in the future if he sacrifices himself and his freedom for her. After all, he was protecting Kate. It could be seen as self defense. Franco would have killed her if it hadn't been for Lucas. JMHO.

Carrie stared at the message. Kate framed Sami? Lucas fired the gun? What was going on here? She saw a link under Bradygirl's name. It was a link to her email address. Maybe Bradygirl could shed some light on this for her. Carrie hoped so. If Sami was really innocent, then... then Sami would be set free and maybe she and Austin could actually sit down, talk and work things out.

She carefully composed an email pretending to be someone just using the name Carrie Reed. She hoped Bradygirl fell for it and talked to her. Mike was talking to *Erika* about God knows what. So why couldn't she could talk to Bradygirl about Sami. Even as she wrote the email she couldn't get Erika off her mind. Maybe she'd ask Bradygirl about Erika too just in case Erika was some crazy woman only after Mike's money. Who was she kidding. If any woman was after Mike, it wouldn't be for his money... they'd be after him for his body.


Mike had gotten to Mr. Walker's room and he'd been already asleep. That was unusual. Mr. Walker had just paged him. How quickly could a man fall asleep? It must have been pretty fast. It only took him a few minutes to walk down here. It was just as well. He had more email to answer, more fan fic to read. Not to mention the fan fic he'd started writing himself. He'd taken Spirit and Bradygirl's advice and started writing an action adventure. He was glad they were both so available to answer any questions he had. They both seemed to know more about him than he knew about himself, and it was a strangely eerie feeling.

He checked his watch again. That was it. He had to go home. He'd continue this tomorrow. Email and fan fic would have to wait. He was so sleepy he could almost fall asleep on the couch right now.

Mike turned off his computer and left for the day. He noticed that Carrie's car was still in the parking lot. He hoped she hadn't become addicted to the fan fic on Nancy's site. It was a relatively easy thing to do. He knew because it had almost happened to him.

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(Hey, this is fun.... anyone want to write some of it too.
We could do this as a Continue the Story story.
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