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Carrie had been standing at the door of Mike's office for nearly ten minutes now and he hadn't noticed her. That wasn't like him at all. Mike usually always paid attention to her. At least, he paid more attention to her than Austin did these days with Sami in jail. Well... he normally did.

Everything had changed two weeks ago. Mike had been distant ever since she showed him how to install Netscape on his hard drive. It seemed he was on his new computer day in and day out now. A couple of times it appeared he was working when he was really online. Maybe he had a new girlfriend he was corresponding with via email. The thought clutched at her heart.

Carrie hardly saw him any more, and she missed him. She missed her best friend. The truth be told, she had barely spoken to him in the entire two weeks he had been fiddling with his new computer. She'd see him in the halls, and he either have his face in a notebook or in a silver patient chart. He was rebuffing her at every turn, even Nancy and Craig had noticed his coldness toward her.

She was going to get to the bottom of this, and she was going to do it right now!

"Mike Horton!" she yelled. "What are you doing? What have you been doing for two weeks? Why aren't you talking to me any more? Did I do something? Did I say something?"

"Carrie.... um.... hi." he said as he casually flipped off his monitor so she couldn't see what he was working on.

"Horton! This is ridiculous! You have been virtually ignoring me for two weeks. What gives?" Carrie's voice grew louder with each passing minute. She didn't realize until now that this was bothering her so much.

"I've been busy," Mike stated.

"Busy? Busy!?" Carrie threw her hands up in frustration. "What are you doing that is so fascinating? Do you have a new girlfriend? And by the way, since when have you become so computer literate?"

"Carrie, Carrie, calm down. No, I don't have a new girlfriend. In fact, I knew you were going to come in here today and react exactly this way." Mike decided it was time to come clean and tell her the truth.

"Oh, and how did you know that?" Carrie was skeptical.

"I read it on the internet," Mike said plainly.

"You read it on the...? Oh, give me a break." Carrie was about to turn on her heel and leave when Mike continued.

"Here let me show you. Let me bring up the web site." He clicked on the browser scrolling down his bookmarks and suddenly a sky blue web page began to load. The name of the site about floored her.

"The Mike and Carrie Fan Page? Someone has a web page about *us*?" said Carrie some what in shock.

"That's not all. They write stories. They're called fan fiction. There are hundreds of stories on this page alone."

"Stories? About *us*? Let me see." Carrie pulled up a chair next to Mike as he clicked on the icon called Fan Stories. "We have fans? Go figure."

"Cool isn't it? I'm still in shock, and I've been at this for two weeks. You know what? This isn't the only page we're featured on either. I have a few more bookmarked if you wanted to check them out."

Mike waited for the stories page to load and clicked on Stories in Progress since he knew that section had the longest list of fan fiction. The page came up on the browser and Carrie's eyes bugged out.

"All those stories are about us? All of them?"

"All of them. You have to read this one. It's called The Mike and Carrie Saga. Bradygirl writes it..."

"Bradygirl?" asked Carrie. That was a strange name.

"Yeah, Bradygirl. Well, Bradygirl isn't her real name. Her real name is Toni. She just goes by Bradygirl. It's a long drawn out story. I'll tell you about it later. Anyway, I've emailed her a couple of times. She's very nice. You'd like her. In her story I get shot and you realize that you... um... love... me..."

Mike could barely spit out the last two words. He didn't know if Carrie was ready to reveal her feelings toward him. DiVA said it wasn't time yet, and so far, she hadn't proved to be wrong. He wondered how she knew so much about them and their lives. And not only them, she knew about everyone's lives in Salem. It was uncanny what DiVA would come up with. Sometimes his actual dialogue with Carrie ended up in her section. A section called spoilers.

Mike handed the mouse over to Carrie and she began to read The Mike and Carrie Saga. He knew how long it was. It would take her a while to wade through it. While she was busy, he wanted to go warn Hope that Stefano was going to derail the Empress Express. He just hoped his call wasn't too late. DiVA had better be right. He didn't want to look foolish calling his cousin on a whim like this. There would be a nasty email in DiVA's future if this was some kind of wild goose chase. An email with a few very choice words.

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(Hey, this is fun.... anyone want to write some of it too.
We could do this as a Continue the Story story.
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