by Debwood
Part 20

Authors WARNING: This part of the story contains violence that some readers may find disturbing. If you're not able to handle it, please don't read it!

Sami hung up the phone, shakily. Her mind was a jumble of emotions and stress at this moment. Part of her was relieved that her father was alerting the proper authorities, and that the police would be on their way to take care of the kidnapping situation. I don't have to worry about things now, she told herself. The cops are on their way, and they'll get Carrie back safe and sound.

But the other part of her had a weird feeling that things were about to take a turn for the worse.

Just then, Austin approached her, ashen-faced. "Bad news, Sami," he said. "I looked all over the restaurant, and I can't find them anywhere."

Sami gasped. "Did anyone else see them?"

"I asked the maitre'd if anyone fitting Carrie's description had been in there earlier. She said yeah. But they left about ten minutes ago." A pause. "Sami, we just missed them."

"Damn!" cursed Sami. "At least we've got the number of the room they're staying in--" Before Sami was able to finish her thought, a sudden chill surged through her body, making her gasp. A sudden image of her older sister invaded her brain. Carrie was on her back, struggling, as a large pair of hands pulled at her dress. The thought filled her with such terror, she had to lean up against the wall to catch her breath.

Austin put a concerned hand on Sami's shoulder. "Sami? What happened? Are you okay?"

"Austin, I've got to go upstairs--"

Austin grabbed Sami's arm, just as she pulled away from the wall. "Sami, you can't!"

"Can and am!" Sami broke out of her friend's grasp. She turned to face him, her expression desperate. "I just had this weird feeling that things have just taken a turn for the worse. Much worse!"

Before Austin had a chance to speak, Sami darted towards the staircase. "I've gotta save my sister! Wait here!"

Sami bolted up the staircase, taking the steps two and three at a time. Fear for her sister left her breathless by the time she reached the third floor. She paused to get her breath back, then glanced around absently. Of course Alan would ask for a room so high up and so private, she thought, noticing that the entire floor was vacant. He doesn't want anyone to hear Carrie if she starts screaming for help!

She heard noises from the door at the end of the hall.

Eureka! she thought. Carrie, here I come!

Alan eased his beloved onto the couch in the private room. Finally, after so much time and frustration, he was about to make all of his dreams come true. The dinner had been awesome, and the view of the lake spectacular. But none of that compared to the breathtaking sight of his true love as he kissed her.

But, something seemed amiss. Carrie was...well, distant. Her kisses were hollow, and her caresses were pretty superficial. And when Alan brushed Carrie's hair out of her eyes, she actually flinched. What was she thinking? Was she thinking about the weekend that she and Alan were going to spend together? Was she nervous because this was her first time with a real guy? Was she having trouble dealing with the undeniable fact that her sister had tried to seduce him (Alan had pictures to prove it!), and in a way, she had Alan first?

Or was it something deeper than that?

Alan gazed into Carrie's eyes. "You're not thinking of anyone else, are you?"

Carrie smiled. "Oh, no" she insisted. "I'm not thinking of anyone else. I'm just...overwhelmed by everything that's happened today." Actually, she was trying to think of a way to get out of the room. Exhaustion--not to mention the wine that she'd consumed earlier--made it more difficult to conceal her intentions.

"I know I came on pretty strong, breaking into your apartment and all," Alan said. "But I did all of that because I love you so much."

"I know."

Alan went to kiss Carrie again. She turned away. This time, instead of looking demure, Carrie made the mistake of looking repulsed.

It dawned on Alan, slowly. Carrie wasn't playing hard to get. She wasn't nervous because she had never been with a real guy. She wasn't even confused by her sister's actions.

She was trying to get away from him.

For a long, crackling moment, Alan stared at Carrie. All of the things she'd said to him--how much she wanted him, how she wasn't like all the other girls he'd dated--had been nothing but a giant pack of lies!

Carrie had lied to him.

She was just like all the other girls.

Alan shook his head. Softly, he said, "You know, Carrie. I made plans for us. I made plans for us, because you told me how much you wanted to be with me. I let you pick up your white dress because you told me you had this fantasy about having a beautiful dinner in front of the lake. I had to twist a few arms to get this room reserved for us."

Alan's eyes turned to ice. In an instant, Carrie realized that Alan had just seen through her ruse. And all she could do was stare in horror at him.

He continued, his voice filled with dormant fury. "And now, when I tried to kiss you, turned away from me. No, you weren't being coy. You were repulsed. And now it's dawned on me that all of this stuff you fed me was just a lie."

Sudden, Alan erupted. "You lying bitch!" he screamed, slapping Carrie across the face, putting his entire arm into it.

The blow was so forceful, it knocked Carrie off the couch. Carrie yelped, cradling her injured cheek in her hand. She stared up at her kidnapper, as he approached her like some vengeful demon.

"You lied to me!" Alan's handsome face was twisted into an ugly mask of rage. He reached down and yanked Carrie up by the hair, then flung her back onto the couch. "You're just like all the other's I've gone out with! You strung me along, and then you lie to me!'

Like a cat, Alan pounced on Carrie, pinning her down before she had a chance to struggle. Suddenly, from the pocket of his tuxedo, he took out his knife. Carrie's blood turned ice-cold as she realized Alan's intentions.

"I never hoped that I'd have to use this, Carrie," he snarled. "But it's better to have and not need than to need and not have, right?" Swiftly, Alan yanked his tuxedo jacket off and threw it on the floor. "I should have just thrown you down on your bed and had you then and there!"

"Let me go!" Carrie screamed.

Alan yanked Carrie's head back and held the knife at her throat. "You can scream all you want, Carrie. But this floor's deserted. Nobody's gonna hear you if you scream. Now lie back and enjoy the show, or I'll use this knife. And believe me, I'll smile when I do."

"Stop it! NO! Somebody help me!!"

At that moment, Sami threw the door open. Miraculously, the door's lock didn't catch, and as a result, she streaked into the room and leaped onto Alan's back.

"Let go of my sister! Leave her alone!!"


to be continued

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