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TWISTED--A Love Story
By Debwood

Author's Note: Please read this before you get to the story.

This story isn't an alternative storyline per se. Rather, it's an original story based on an old DOOL storyline. The main characters are the same, only the location and circumstances are different.

If the dialog seems familiar, it's because I used much of it from the show. I hope I'm not infringing on any copyright laws.

Also, there are some scenes that some readers may find disturbing. If you're a little sensitive, please don't read it. Or, if you do, please don't flame me for not warning you!

Due to my bright imagination, I've taken a tremendous amount of creative liberties in this short story:

1. I've set the story in Fort Collins, Colorado, a city that I know intimately, because I live there.
2. Marlena and Roman are still married--and happy!--and Carrie and Sami are their only two children. I used the Roman played by Wayne Northrup (the first and the best!:-))
3. I reinvented Sami Brady. For this story, I wanted to write her as a happy, well-adjusted girl, as opposed to a scheming bitch or a tormented teenager. She was the most fun to develop, because there's a lot of me in her.
4. Austin (the Patrick Muldoon one)hosts a weekly sports show for a local TV station.
5. I really, really, wanted to include Lucas as a main character, but I couldn't fit him in anywhere.

You'll find these and many more liberties in this short story. Read and enjoy!

TWISTED--A Love Story

Author's Note: This story contains things that sensitive readers may find disturbing. If you are of a sensitive nature, please do not read this. Or, if you do, please don't accuse me of not warning you.

Wednesday, January 6--Ran into Carrie Brady today on my way to psych class. She hasn't forgotten me. The way she smiled at me, I knew that she still has a torch for me. We dated a few times, but of course, she decided to give me the, "I just want to be friends" speech. Damn, that hurt! I really think we have something. She just doesn't want to admit. She told me that she'd gotten back together with her previous boyfriend. Double whammy!
Damn, she's gorgeous! I've been with other girls, sure, but compared to her, they're all homely! She's striking. Tall, willowy, with curves in all the right places and long, curvaceous legs. Silky hair falling down her back, the same shade as honey. Big, slanted eyes, amber-green, like a cat's.

Saturday, January 9. Saw Carrie at the Student Union during lunch. she was with another girl. She's got white-blonde hair, as long as Carrie's. Bright blue eyes. That must be Carrie's sister, Samantha. She looks a lot like Carrie, except she's a bit too stacked. I like my girls on the slender side.
I think I've found my ticket back into Carrie's world.

Friday, January 15--I overheard Carrie and Sami talking today. Carrie admitted that she's a virgin. I think that is so romantic. She only wants to give herself to one man. The way she looks at me, I know that I'm the one.
I have a date with Sami tonight. She wants to see "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective." Jim Carrey sucks!

Saturday, March 5--Took Sami out for a ride on my Harley. I hope I never have to go through that kind of torture ever again! Believe you me, it's a bitch driving down Shields Avenue with some twit screaming in your ear and holding onto you tight enough to bruise your ribs! Afterwards, we went to Coffee Connection and had lattes. Sami had not just one, but two, cinnamon lattes, with two shots of espresso in each. Caffeine overload! That's probably why she talks so damn much!

But actually, that's a good thing. You can't shut Sami up with a baseball bat. She can let things slip--like her sister's daily schedule. I guess the trick now is to time it so that I don't look like a pest when I run into Carrie after classes, during lunch, at the bookstore, etc.

Tuesday, March 8--Austin Reed is a guy that I've known for years. He's pretty well-known to anyone who watches local cable. He hosts this show called "Extreme Sports Weekly." He talks about bungee jumping, motorcross racing, skateboarding, rollerblading--stuff like that. I've partied with him a few times, too. Nice guy, but he's just not Carrie's type. You know when you see a girl and guy, sometimes you can tell that they're not a good match. Carrie and Austin are not a good match.

Friday, March 11--Carrie and I had a study date! I took Sami to the CSU Library so that she could work on her term paper, and Carrie just happened to be there. I helped Sami surf the Internet in search of stalkers and obsessive personalities. She downloaded a boatload of stuff off the Net! Then, while Sami went to put her paper together, I helped Carrie study for her psych test. I asked her questions out of her textbook, and she answered them.

And the coolest thing happened, too! Carrie shook her cute little rear at me as she was getting up and grabbing her books. She even hugged me before we left for the night. She's still attracted to me, I can tell!

Saturday, March 19--I don't think Carrie realizes the damage she's doing to our relationship by dating Austin. She's mine, dammit! That's why I've arranged my schedule so that I can see Carrie as often as possible. That's why I've got dozens of pictures of her in a very special place in my apartment.

My bedroom closet. It's one of those small closets that you use to put your coats and shirts in, little else. Most of my clothes are in my dresser--I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. And it's all full of pictures of my girlfriend. I managed to take them during my almost non-existent spare time, using one of those disposable cameras.

Every night, I'll go into my closet and fantasize about her in my bed. It's such a charge looking at her pictures and feeling like fifty pairs of eyes are staring down at you, and fifty mouths are smiling at me. I imagine staring down at her, exercising my power over her. The rush is unbelievable!

Tuesday, April 12--I can't handle it anymore! I have to have Carrie! I dreamed last night about her, and I got so worked up, I spent two hours in my closet! I'm going to need to get Carrie alone. How, I have no clue. But two things are for certain. One, I want to be her first. And two, I need to make her understand that we were meant to be together.

TWISTED--A Love Story
By Debwood
Part 1

"Got a machine-head! It's better than the rest!" sang Samantha Brady, as she drove home from school Thursday afternoon. The weekend was just on the horizon, and the summer break was only a few short weeks away. "Just a few more weeks," she thought, a smile perking up her face, "And I can go lie out on the beach at Horsetooth Reservoir or Red Feather Lakes. If Jamie and I get really adventurous, we could take a few trips to Denver and catch a Rockies game or two. This summer can't seem to get here fast enough!"

Samantha--Sami to all of her friends--was sixteen years old and a junior at the local high school. She got good grades, and planned to study either criminal justice or film production after she graduated--she didn't know which one yet. She was like her father when he was her age--she was a social butterfly. There was nothing more she liked to do more than shop, hang out with her friends, or talk on the telephone. She was an average girl in all aspects except one. She was dating a college-age man, much to her parent's chagrin.

Sami pulled the tape out of the tape player, stopping Bush in mid-verse. She slowed her car down and pulled into the driveway of the gray, two-story house on her left. Gathering all of her books, she climbed out of the car and breezed into the house.

"Mom, I'm home!"

Marlena Brady looked up from the couch, where she'd been looking through bills, and smiled at her daughter. She was forty-three years old, but she could pass easily for someone ten years younger. "Hi, Sweet Girl. Come over and give me a hug."

Sami dropped her books at the door and gave her mother a quick embrace. "How was your day, Mom? Anything new?"

"Nothing extraordinary. How about yours? You look like you've had a busy day."

"Let me get something to drink first. I'm dying." Sami headed towards the kitchen. "Do we have any Coke in the refrigerator?"

"Only what's left in the bottle."

"It's all flat! I hate drinking flat soda."

"You should have thought of that when you put it back in the icebox last time."

"Mom, I didn't drink from it last." Sami hunted for something else to drink. She found a can of ginger ale and opened it. "I got my report back today."

"Oh. The one you did on stalkers and obsessive personalities?"

"Yeah." Sami marched into the living room and plopped down on the couch next to her mother. "I got an A on it," she announced, beaming.

"Wonderful!" Marlena was obviously pleased. "Sami, I'm happy for you."

"Mr Killen said that it was well-written and informative."

"Well, with all the work you put into it, it should be well-written and informative."

Sami nodded. "Well, I did have some help on it."

"Yes. I remember when you went to surf the Internet at the CSU Library."

"Sure. But you can't forget who helped me surf the 'Net in the first place."

Marlena sighed and shook her head. She knew that the conversation would head towards Alan Harris, sooner or later. "You're still seeing him, aren't you?"

Sami shook her head. "Come on, Mom. We're just really good friends, that's all."

Sami had been introduced to Alan Harris in January by her older sister. Carrie had dated Alan on the rebound, following a breakup with Austin, her former boyfriend. When Carrie and Austin reconciled and re-kindled their relationship, Carrie broke up with Alan. However, since Carrie, Austin, and Alan ran around with the same crowd, they all remained friends.

Sami was attracted to Alan's blonde good looks and the fact that he was five years older than she was. The attraction seemed mutual. Alan seemed genuinely interested in his new girlfriend and spent a great deal of time together. The two of them saw movies, went out for coffee, and spent time studying. Naturally, this caused problems between Sami and her parents.

"Sami, you do know the rule in this house. As long as you live under our roof, we do not want you to date boys more than two years older than you are. And it's nothing against Alan. He seems like a good young man. I mean, he's studying criminal justice at CSU, and I hear from your father that he wants to take the police entrance exam as soon as he gets his BA."

"That's great, Mom!" said Sami, in Alan's defense. "That means that he's got his head screwed on straight. He knows what he wants in his life."

Marlena climbed off the couch. "Come into the kitchen with me, Sami. We need to make dinner for your father--he's working late at the police station tonight. We can talk in there."

Sami followed her mother into the kitchen.

Marlena took a package of hamburger out of the refrigerator. "Could you get a box of Hamburger Helper out of the cupboard for me, please?" Marlena set a frying pan on the stove. "If you could, Sami, please get the spinach out of the icebox and start making a salad. Thanks, Sami. You're being a really big help."

"Sure." As Sami prepared a spinach salad, she said, "Like I said, Mom. Alan's a good guy. I can't argue with that. But he's never demanded anything of me that I can't give him. He's never given me more than a peck on the cheek, either."

Marlena sighed and shook her head. "Sami, I can't seem to impress upon you how concerned your father and I are about you. We haven't forbidden you to see Alan, because that would make you rebel even more and put a huge rift between you and us. We just figure that eventually, you will see our point of view."

Sami got a jar of bacon bits out of the cupboard. "So why are you so concerned about Alan and me? Don't answer that yet. I want to say something else first."

"Sure," said Marlena, as she cooked the hamburger.

"You're forty-three years old, right?"

Marlena nodded.

"And Daddy is pushing fifty, right?"

Marlena nodded to that, also.

"So then, when you two met, Daddy was several years older than you were. And your parents had no objections about that."

"No they didn't Sami. I admit to that." Marlena opened the box of Hamburger Helper. "But you have to understand that we were both out of college, with degrees and jobs. Alan isn't out of college yet. And you aren't even out of high school."

"Not to sound rude, Mom, but what's your point?"

"My point, Sami, is that neither of you have any stability or future plans yet. You're just sixteen years old, and you've got your entire life ahead of you. I know that sounds corny, but that's true. And your father and I are afraid that Alan will eventually demand something of you that you aren't emotionally prepared to give him.

"As a psychologist, I see a lot of girls who are not much older than you are. They all had hopes and dreams and plans, and they got sidetracked by young men who demanded way too much of them. As a result, these girls wound up confused, hurt, and depressed. Some of them even have babies. And all of them have emotional scars."

Sami nodded, understanding. And you don't want that to happen to me."

"Sami, nothing would break my heart more than that."

Sami tried to reassure her mother. "Mom, I'll be careful. And if Alan tries anything with me, I've got enough good sense to tell him no."

Marlena had to hug her younger daughter. "Sami, your father and I love you so much. And we just don't want to see you hurt."


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