Shawn's Shocking Secret
By 3Marlenas

I just read a post at the bottom of the toDAYS page about Shawn needing a story where he discloses a shocking revelation. Since the writers seem to have no regard for history, I thought maybe I would give you all a plausible scenario for Shawn's Shocking Secret.

Salem: Back in the days when Shawn and Victor Kiriakis were still pals and Caroline and Shawn were newlyweds. Shawn comes home from work one day to find his bride is missing. he calls his friend Victor for help in finding her and discovers Vic is missing too. There is a terrible storm and young Shawn panics and goes to Alice and Tom Horton for help. Alice tells Shawn that she has not seen Victor, but Caroline went to Smith Island just before the storm started. Tom interjects that he saw Victor taking a boat out there just as the storm was kicking up. Shawn says he is going to find them but is stopped by Tom, who will not let him risk his life. Shawn is forced to wait until the storm stops to rent a boat to take him out to Smith Island. When he arrives, he finds his bride and Victor in the cabin, lying naked beneath a blanket in front of a fire. Like his as yet unborn-someday-daughter-in-law-Hope, he is devastated. But instead of confronting them, he turns and leaves.

Victor and Caroline return soon after telling Shawn about how Victor nearly drowned and Caroline had to save him. They decide it is best not to mention exactly HOW she saved him, since nothing actually happened between them. Shawn pretends to believe them, but is secretly going crazy with jealousy. Soon, Caroline turns up pregnant, and Shawn wonders whose child it actually is. Shawn meets a mysterious man known only as "the Phoenix" and strikes up a deal in which he will trade Caroline's unborn child in exchange for a hit on Victor.
Caroline goes into labor and The Phoenix sends his nastiest hit man- A young teenager named Stefano- to carry out the deed.

The slim, lithe, Stefano stealthily makes his way in the shadows to the home of Victor Kiriakis. He hides in the shadows and awaits his target.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, The Phoenix sends his own doctor in to attend the laboring Caroline. He determines that she must have a cesarean section and an analgesic is administered, knocking her unconscious, while Shawn nervously paces outside. He is filled with doubt and self-loathing, wondering if it is too late to stop the assassination of Victor and call off the whole thing.

Outside the Kiriakis apartment (he was poor back then) Stefano hides deeper in the shadows as Victor and a young woman stroll up. Stefano steps out of the shadows, aims his gun and fires- one shot! There is a scream and Stefano turns to run, certain of his expert marksmanship. he hears a mans voice, and he stops, turning around. He missed! His target was still alive! Damn, he thought, withdrawing his gun once again from its holster with the intentions of shooting the fleeing Victor. Stefano glances down at his feet, and stops dead in his tracks, a look of confusion, then shock changing to grief and agony as he realizes his dreadful mistake. he recognized the face of the woman he shot-it was the face of his own sister!

At the hospital, As Shawn awaits news on his wife, he decides that he must do the right thing. He must confront the Phoenix and stop him from taking Caroline's child. He hoped it was not too late to save the child, or Victor. As he mustered the courage to approach the Powerful don, a flurry of activity erupted in the nearby emergency room.

Stefano emerged carrying his blood soaked, fatally wounded sister. Stefano handed her to a doctor and turned and walked into the chapel.

The Phoenix's men, recognizing Stefano, looked to their boss, as Shawn approached. The Phoenix held up his hand to dismiss a confused Shawn and headed for the chapel.

While Shawn nervously awaits news of his wife, and the fate of the child, The Phoenix comes out of the chapel with Stefano. He tells a stunned Shawn that Victor is not dead. Shawn breathes a premature sigh of relief as the doctor comes out of the delivery room.

The doctor announces that Caroline Brady has given birth... To Twin boys...

"Ah... Perfect." announced The Phoenix.

Shawn looked at The Phoenix and Stefano with confusion.

"No, no.. you can't take them! Please.. either one of them! The deal is off! Victor is not dead! It would not be fair!" Shawn pleaded.

"The deal was.." began The Phoenix,

"A life for a life." continued the young Stefano, as the doctor handed
the stronger twin to the future Phoenix.

Of course, the child returned to their lives several years later. Caroline never knew she had given birth to twins. Shawn sucked up his guilt over the loss of the child by raising Victor's real son Bo, and Roman never knew he had a twin. But Stefano always knew. And on a deeper, subconscious level, the child himself always knew he was connected to the Brady family in some way. He was even known as a Brady for a little while. But these DAYS, he is known as John Black.


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