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By Flavess
Part 9

Scene: Sami and Stefano's mansion

Sami: My god it's beautiful Stefano

Sami said this with glee as she saw that Stefano had given her a Renoir painting.

Stefano: You are welcome, my dear. I want you to study this painting well. It will give you all the contentment you will ever need
Sami: Well then, how would you feel then if I started to throw dinner parties.
Stefano: Absolutely not. Besides you can take over as the proud new stockholder of 45% of Titan.
Sami: Well I'm very happy. Now I will show Kate that I'm just simply better than her.
Stefano: I've got to see Lexie.
Sami: That's okay. Besides I understand and then me and you can be alone.
Stefano: Absolutely.

A few minutes later, Franco Kelly walks in

Sami: Get out of my home Franco
Franco: You owe me a lot of money, my dear girl.
Sami: I do not owe you a thing. You are a rat. I'm glad I exposed you
Franco: Oh, so proud that we are a Dimera now. Pity Sami. I bet Stefano would like to know why his wife was at the docks last night.
Sami: My God, Franco, now you have resorted to lying.
Franco: Brava Sami, Brava. What a cool little liar you have become. Stefano will definitely divorce your pretty ass.
Sami: That will never happen.
Franco: I have a very revealing tape of Lucas and you making love Sami.
Sami: How much do you want? I want that tape and all the copies if I give you what you want.
Franco: Fine. I want let's say 2 million dollars. I want it deposited into this account number (hands her a piece of paper)
Sami: Okay, it will be yours in a month.

Meanwhile in the Secret Room

Kristen: So Sami really isn't faithful to Stefano. Oh Sami you are in deep trouble with my father when he finds out about your deceptions and lies. I'll make you suffer .First though. I'm going to have some fun with you.

Scene: Wine Cellar

Sami goes down to the wine cellar unaware of the fact that Kristen is down there as well.

Sami: Oh where is that wine I so dearly like a lot. Stefano sure is well stocked.

All of a sudden, Kristen comes out of the secret room with a knife in her hands. Sami hears it and turns around. She is shocked to see Kristen alive.

Sami: You are alive. So Laura was right...
Kristen: Shut up, you little tramp. I'm going to kill you for betraying my father.
Sami: Put the knife down Kristen. You need a lot of...
Kristen: You are not going anywhere, you little bitch.

All of a sudden Kristen lunges at Sami. Sami grabs a wine bottle. Kristen throws the knife at Sami, but Sami throws the bottle. The bottle breaks. Kristen and Sami struggle, Kristen grabs the knife. Sami and Kristen struggle. Kristen is stabbed. Sami is in horror because she is soaked in blood.

Sami(in tears): NO, OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?


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