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By Flavess
Part 8

Scene: The Docks

Sami: Good you came. I was getting worried.
Lucas: Tell me why you married him. I want the truth, not lies from you.
Sami: I was blackmailed into marrying him. Remember Dr Sammuels...I made a deal with Stefano to...
Lucas: I canít believe you did that. Sami he will destroy you like everyone else in Salem.
Sami: I had nothing, he seemed the next best thing.
Lucas: Sami our son will be in danger because of your marriage.
Sami: Stefano wouldn't hurt Will or any child for that matter.
Lucas: Right now you can't see past his facade. It's only a matter of time.
Sami: Everything I've done is for love. No one has ever given it to me. You took my son.
Lucas: You were not fit to raise him and still are not.
Sami: I love my son. That's a very mean and cruel thing to say to me. When you have nobody your life is a mess
Lucas: Only you made your life a hell.
Sami: At least Stefano treats me with love. It's the first time I've honestly felt that.
Lucas: You are a fool then to believe that then.
Sami: Why are you saying these cruel and mean things to me?

Sami is in tears. Lucas then hugs her.

Lucas: Sami, I'm sorry
Sami: No, you are not...

They look at one another and begin to kiss one another. Unaware of the fact that Becca Lore has just seen them.

Lucas: Sami we shouldn't be doing this.
Sami : I know, but it feels so right.

They begin to make passionate love.

Elsewhere in the park

Becca: Oh Lucas, how could you? You and Sami deserve one another. I only wish you were hurting as much as I am, right now.


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