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Sami and Stefano
Part 2

Two days ago Sami was let go of by Stefano. She felt scared of him. She had not done nearly as many horrible things as Stefano had. That was two days ago. Stefano also planted a kiss on Sami, she tried to hit him, it did not succeeded.
Carrie walks into the penthouse.

Carrie: Hello Sami, where's Marlena?
Sami : She went to see Susan and Elvis over at the convent
Carrie: Well thanks Sami. Is that your wedding dress in that box?
Sami : That's none of your business, besides why are you here?
Carrie: You have not changed a bit. Besides I think you are hiding something
Sami : What could I have to hide? All my secrets have been revealed
Carrie: Knowing you Sami, there's always a trick or some kind of scheme you are cooking up
Sami : Get out of here, I don't want you here
Carrie: One day one of your schemes will blow up in your face and will pay a horrible price
Carrie leaves and Sami breathes a sigh of relief.
Sami : Well unfortunately, this time I'm getting married again. Boy will everyone be surprised by whom I am marrying.

Scene: St. Luke's church

Stefano: Well, I have arranged everything so perfectly father.
Father Andrews: Trust me your fiancée Mr. Dimera is one lucky woman.
Stefano: Yes she is, but I find myself the lucky one. You have the witnesses
Father Andrews: Oh they will be here
Stefano: Let's hope so, Everything will be right when me and Samantha get married.

Scene: Titan Publishing

Becca Lore: Lucas, Will is adorable, but is Sami still a threat to him?
Lucas: I don't think so, she seems to be acting differently
Becca Lore: How so honey?
Lucas: Something's wrong, I do not know what it is, but I'll find out.


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