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Sami and Stefano
by Flavess
Part 1

Background Information:

Sami Brady went to therapy only to find out her therapist was an underling of Stefano Dimera.Sami had been seduced. She shot her therapist, Doctor Lionel Sammuels for being used. Stefano had come to admire Samantha Brady. She had gotten off for murdering her therapist.Sami finally gave up on her obsession with Austin, which made her see that she was and had always been in love with Lucas.Unfortunately, he did not want her and was seeing a woman named Becca Lorre.

Stefano had made sure Samantha got away with murder. He wants Marlena to be his, but can not have her.Stefano decides to blackmail Sami into marrying him or else...

Scene: The Docks

Sami: What the hell are you doing here?
Stefano: Oh, Samantha is that anyway to talk to a friend
Sami: You are no friend of mine
Stefano: I helped you avoid jail, now it is time to collect
Sami: I'm not helping you kidnap my mother
Stefano: Relax, dear Samantha that is the last thing I want.
Sami: What do you want?
Stefano: You to marry me. Besides I will treat you like a queen.
Sami just stares at him in shock, over what she has just heard.

Scene: The Dimera Mansion

Lexie: I can not believe that Kristen left me this house.
Abe : Well she was a very disturbed individual. I think this house was all she had in the end.
Lexie: I just hope Sami learn something from this, I do not want to die that way.
Abe : You will not, as long as I am around.


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