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DOOL, An Alternative Story
By Tumba
Part 2

Night time, outside of Kiriakis mansion. Sami opens the door and walks outside, holding a huge bag. She seems very nervous.

Sami: Oh god, I need some air. (She puts the bag on the ground, closes the door and sits down, leaning on it.) OK, Sami, youíve got it right... for once... all I have to do now is pack Willís bag, take him, and flee.
She looks at the direction of Lucasí room.
Sami: You really thought Iím gonna let you steal my son, Lucas? Heh. But Iíll be back... Weíll be back... as long as Austinís here, you can be sure we will. And maybe my dear, sweet sister will realize whatís going on by herself while I'm gone and save me some work. Be happy with Mike, Carrie. And Iíll make sure Austin will be happy... with his true wife and son.

The camera moves to a dark corner near the house, and focuses on a mask-clad figure. Sami doesnít notice it.

Sami: But I have to take Will away for a while. Let Lucas find another hobby. Heíll forget about us in no time... itís not like he has any real connection to us. (She stands up and takes the bag.) All right.. time to get Will... time to get away from here.

Sami turns to the door. Just as she touches the handle, the unrecognized figure comes behind her and grabs her, holding something against her face. Sami tries to break free, but then passes out - the thing must be a rag with chloroform. The figure picks her up, puts her on its shoulder, takes her bag and walks away.
* * *
Morning, police station. Abe comes in, and sees Bo seating by a table. Bo looks terrible - as in, his hair is slightly messed.

Abe: Bo? What are you doing here?
Bo: Hi, Abe. I was here all night. I did some paper work.
Abe: Paper work? You never do paper work.
Bo: Yeah, well, itís boring as hell.
Abe: And you just felt like being bored instead of sleeping. OK, tell you what. Go home and get some sleep. Iím giving you the day off. Go home.
Bo: Whereís that, Abe? You tell me. ĎCause I donít know anymore.
Abe: How about, where ever your wife is. Go to her.
Bo: I couldnít do that - oh. You mean Billie.
Abe: Yeah. (He looks at Bo quietly for a minute.) But maybe Iím wrong.
Bo slowly nods and starts organizing the papers on the desk into a pile. He then stands up and takes his coat.
Bo: I have to do something. Iím still not sure what, but I have to do it.

He walks out. Abe looks after him, shakes his head and sits by his desk.
* * *
Jack is in a car, alone, driving. He turns on the radio, apparently in the middle of a news flash.

Radio: ...The local police reported that the man they arrested last night, Travis Moloy, is wanted by the FBI for several serious crimes. his former hostage, Jennifer Devereaux, refused to comment except saying Moloy was hired to kidnap her by her ex-husband, Peter Blake, who is presumed dead. Miss Devereaux said Moloy admitted to her Blake is still alive, and she even talked to him over the phone. If those statements turn out to be true, the police will have to release the man who was convicted as Blakeís murderer - Miss Devereauxí first ex-husband, Jack Devereaux had escaped from prison a few days ago, and is wanted by the police and the FBI. Heís considered armed and dangerous. And now to some exciting news! Last yearís local beauty contest -

Jack turns off the radio. He looks shocked and relived.

Jack: Oh, thank god. Jenís safe... And maybe I am, too, if Travis admits Peterís alive.
The camera moves to a big sign on the road, which says "Salem - 9 miles." (See, thatís what we call soapsí magical time and space pattern.)
Jack: Iím coming, Jen... Iím coming home.
* * *
Close up on Carrie, whoís waking up. As the camera zooms out, we see sheís lying on the sofa in the Hortonís living room, fully clothed. Mike comes in.

Mike: Good morning, Miss Brady. (He remembers.) Mrs. Reed, I mean. You want breakfast?
Carrie: Uh... sure. What am I doing here? Wait... I fell asleep, didnít I?
Mike: Yes you did.
Carrie: Well I guess it doesnít matter, since Austinís still in Chicago. Thanks for letting me sleep. How are things with Jen? Do they know anything?
Mike: Theyíve got him. Jenís upstairs sleeping.
Carrie: WHAT??? This is so great! You shouldíve wakened me! Come here and let me hug you!
Carrie sits up. Mike comes to the sofa, sits next to her and hugs her, smiling. His face behind her shoulder, his smile slowly fades into a slightly sad, longing expression.
* * *
Horton house. Bo knocks on the door. Shawn-D opens the door, holding a back pack.

Shawn-D: Dad! What are you doing here?
Bo hugs Shawn-D.
Bo: I... need to talk to your mom. Whatís up?
Shawn-D: Jenís back!
Bo: Yeah, yeah Iíve heard. Is she here?
Shawn-D: Sheís asleep. And Grandma made doughnuts! Iím taking some to school - Ow! Iím gonna miss the bus! Bye, dad!
Bo: Bye...

Shawn-D runs off. Bo goes into the house.

Bo: (Quietly) Hope? Are you here?
Hope comes down the stairs. She smiles at him, but seems a bit tense.
Hope: Hi, Bo.
Bo: Hope, I - I needed to see you. I have to talk to you.
Hope: OK.... Uh, you want a doughnut?
Bo: No... not right now. Thank you.
Hope: What did you want to talk about? Is it about Jen? Some police busyness? You know sheís back, right?
Bo: Yeah, I know... No. Itís about... us.
Hope: OK...
Bo: Remember the times we used to ride on my motorcycle together?
Hope: Yeah... of course I do. I can still feel the wind hitting me. (She slowly smiles, dreamily.) I can still feel myself holding you.
Bo: (Quietly) I do, too. Would you... would you want to go for a ride?
Hope: That wouldnít solve anything, Bo.
Bo: No.
Hope: I understand why you are with Billie. I really do.
Bo: You do?
Hope: Yes. I thought about it after we talked last night... Sheís back on drugs, isnít she?
Bo: No... She was. In Rome. Max forced it on her. But she got off.
Hope: Oh.
They look at each other in silence for some time.
Bo: Hope... tell me this, honestly. Do you still love me? Would you come back to me, if things were different?
Hope: If things were different... of course I would, Bo. Of course I still love you. I always will. But things just seem to always work against us.
Bo: No. Not if we love each other. And I know we do.
Bo kisses Hope. Sheís surprised, but obviously kisses him back. After a while, they draw back and look at each other.
Bo: Iím going now... But Iíll be back... soon. Really soon, this time. I promise.
Hope nods. Bo walks out.
* * *
Kiriakis mansion. Kateís in the living room, reading a book. Lucas comes down the stairs, holding Will. Philip, what else, is nowhere in sight.

Lucas: Mom, have you seen Sami?
Kate: No. The little witch must be still asleep.
Lucas: No, she isnít. Sheís not in her room. And all the closets doors are open and half her stuff isnít there.
Kate: Maybe she went to Chicago to stalk Austin. Also I have no idea how sheíd find him, since none of us knows what hotel heís in.
Lucas: Maybe. But itís weird, though. We just had this big argument last night, and I threatened her about Will... would she really go and leave him here after that? She took enough clothes for a month.
Kate: This is Sami we are talking about, honey. Sheís obsessed. Little things like her son donít bother her.
Lucas: (Sighs) Yeah... I guess you are right.
Kate: So, what are you doing today?
Lucas: Well, I talked to Caroline Brady the other day, and she mentioned they have old toys in their attic. It belonged to Roman and Bo, and I guess they thought it was too old for their children. But you know how I love that old stuff... so Iím gonna go there with Will and see if we can find anything I can repair for him.
Kate: Sounds interesting. Doesnít Caroline mind letting you have it?
Lucas: No, not at all. In fact she said thereís lots of really old stuff, and I can take whatever I want. I guess they donít find it that interesting. Well, Iím gonna make Will breakfast. You want anything?

Kate shakes her head, smiling at him. Lucas goes to the kitchen with Will, making weird noises and talking to him. We can here Will giggling.
* * *
DiMera mansion. Eric enters the kitchen and sees John & Marlena kissing. He walks out quietly.

Eric: (To himself) Sheís right. Sheís right. They love each other too much, I guess.
He walks to the front door, opens it and looks outside.
Eric: Who am I to tell her to get over her feelings, anyway? I canít do it, after all. Also I did leave Colorado... Maybe I can.

He closes the door and goes back into the kitchen. John and Marlena are now sitting by the table, eating breakfast and staring at each other star-eyed.

Eric: Mom...
Marlena: Hello, Eric. Good morning.
Eric: Good morning, mom... John.
John: (Smiling, surprised) Good morning, Eric.
Marlena: Have you had breakfast yet?
Eric: Yeah. Mom, I thought about what you said...
Marlena: You did.
Eric: Yeah. And youíre right. And anyway, I canít control your life. What would I do, kidnap Belle? It didnít work for Sami. And god knows sheís way better than me in manipulating people.
Marlena: But you also understand what I said? You agree with me?
Eric: Yes. You were completely right.
Marlena: So what are you going to do?
Eric: Nothing. Wish you good luck, I guess. And ask you to tell dad as soon as possible... I donít want to see him get hurt any more than he has to.
Marlena breathes deeply, and then stands up and hugs Eric.
John: Iím glad you feel that way, Eric.
Eric: Yeah.
Marlena: You want to sit with us? Tell us a little about Colorado?
Eric freezes.
Marlena: Eric? Whatís the matter?
Eric: Nothing, mom. I donít... I donít really feel like talking about Colorado... Thereís... no... not much to tell. In a way. Iím going to check on dad.
Eric leaves the kitchen. Marlena looks after him, concerned.
Marlena: Did you notice how he reacted, John? I didnít imagine it, did I?
John: No. You didnít.
Marlena: He was... scared.
John: Or... ashamed...
Marlena: But that makes no sense. Why would he live 5 years in a place that makes him feel this way just thinking about it? I thought he loved it there.
John: I donít know, Doc. Did he tell you why he came back? I mean, I realize he wanted to be at our wedding, but heíd missed bigger occasions before... like when Belle was born and we all thought it was Romanís, or when she was kidnapped... having a new sister seems to be important enough to make him visit, after all he loves his family so much.
Marlena: I donít know, John. He always just called, sent a card... I guess I didnít realize how weird it was. He was away for so long...
John: Yeah.
Marlena: I donít really know him anymore, John. Not really...

John goes to her and hugs her. The phone rings and Marlena picks it up.

Marlena: Hello?
Phone: (V.O) Hi. May I speak to Eric Brady, please?
* * *
Kiriakis mansion. Bo knocks on the door, Kate opens it.

Kate: Bo! Where were you? You look awful. Billie was worried sick...
Bo: Good morning, Kate. Iím sorry, Iím in a hurry. Whereís Billie?
Kate: Upstairs. She just woke up.
Bo walks past her and goes upstairs. He enters Billieís room. Sheís sitting on the bed.
Billie: Oh, Bo! Youíre back! Where were you all night??
Bo: Down at the station. I did some paper work.
Billie: Paper work? You never do paper work.
Bo: I needed to think.
Billie: Oh.
Bo sits near her and takes her hand.
Bo: Billie, I made a mistake. Iím sorry. I was stupid and this is going to hurt you. but itís less harmful now then later... to everyone.
Billie: Youíre going back to Hope, arenít you.
Bo: Yes.
Billie: I understand... I was a fool to think youíd want me.
Bo: Billie, stop that.
Billie: No, I...
Bo: No. You know I loved you, and I still do in many ways. It has nothing to do with you. Itís just, Hope and Me -
Billie: (Quietly) I know, Bo. Iíve seen you together before, didnít I? Youíre... magic.
Bo: Iím sorry.
Billie: No. Donít be. Thank you for your help... and love... and everything. You are free now, I guess. Maybe we can still get an annulment.
Bo: Thank you. You are a wonderful special person, Billie Reed. And I know youíre too smart and strong to go back to drugs...
Billie: Yeah. I guess I am.

Bo stands up and bends to kiss her cheek.

Bo: Good bye.
Billie: Good bye, Bo. Have a happy life.
Bo walks out. Billie sits still for a minute.
Billie: (Mutters) Billie Reed...

She sits quietly, and we can see tears forming in her eyes and falling down her cheeks.

Billie: At least he didnít say ĎIt was an honor being married to youí.

She stands up and walks out of the room.
* * *
Stefano is sitting by his desk, looking at some papers. He looks at the clock, then picks up the phone and dials. We hear it ring and a voice says "Hello?"

Stefano: Alexandra? Hello. Itís Stefano. I hope I did not awake you or anything.
Lexie: No... no. Hello, Stefano.
Stefano: I am very sorry I call this early. But I must leave urgently for a few days. I wanted to say good bye.
Lexie: Where are you going?
Stefano: It is a busyness trip.
Lexie: Oh. I thought you... never mind.
Stefano: No, Alexandra. Not those busyness. I am through with those busyness now. On behalf of my attempt to become a better man, I am donating five million dollars to some hospitals in Africa.
Lexie: You are?
Stefano: Yes, Alexandra. That is why I must leave town. I must go there and settle the details.
Lexie: Well... Iím very happy youíre doing it. I knew you had some good in you, and Iím glad you are reaching it.
Stefano: Yes. I am, too, Alexandra. I want to thank you for making me become a better man, for believing in me.
Lexie: Well, I have to go now. Youíll be back in a few days?
Stefano: Yes. I will see you the, I hope.
Lexie: OK. Good bye, Stefano. Have a... have a safe trip.
Stefano: Good bye, Alexandra. (He puts the phone down.) My sweet, trusting Alexandra.

As Stefano goes back to his papers, the camera moves to the side and into the other room, were we see a passed out Sami lying on a bed.

Credits roll.


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