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DOOL, An Alternative Story
By Tumba
Part 1

Show begins with Eric, sitting in the garden. Marlena approaches him.

Marlena: Eric, can I talk to you?
Eric: (somewhat reluctantly) Sure, mom. What do you want to talk about?
Marlena: Your father. And me, and John.

Eric looks at her, tense. He hopes to hear his wish had come true - his parents will get back together - but fears she may tell him she loves John more than she loves Roman.
* * *
Lucas is sitting in the Kiriakis mansion, playing with Will. Sami opens the door and comes in.

Sami: Lucas, I want to talk to you about Will.
Lucas: Oh, Austin is away so you now want to play Mommy? What is he doing in Chicago, anyway?
Sami: I don't know. I didn't even know they left until Carrie came back.
Lucas: How did that happen? Forgot to turn your little video cameras in?
Sami: God, the way you talk about it. It's not like you never did those exactly same things. You are just like me, Lucas. Only, well, now you found out you had a son, so you want to play Daddy.
Lucas: I had never done anything that even comes close to letting someone believe their son was someone else's. I still can't believe you were actually capable of it. stupid me, huh? I thought you were my friend. But you are no one's friend, Sami.
Sami: Look, I'm tired of this subject. You want to look at it this way, it's your problem. I only wanted to talk about Will. He is my son, no matter who the father is. I have the right to take care of him.
Lucas: So I guess he should just take care of himself when you go on your little cute spying trips?
Sami: No more trips. Very soon, no more trips. He's going to be with me and with his Daddy - and that is NOT you, and I don't care what his genes say.
Lucas: OK, this is one subject I'm tired of. Listen to me, you little nut-cake. Will is my son, and you should thank me I'm even letting you near him. But if you try in any way taking him away from me, I'm going to drag you to court and get full custody on him, and than I'm going to kick you out of here. And I have a case, you can be sure of that. No judge looking at what you did those past years can say you are emotionally or mentally stable. I don't think even your family will stand by you. If you do the tiniest thing in attempt to take Will away from me, or if you let this obsession with taking over your sister's life hurt him one bit more than you already have, you are going to lose him forever.
Sami: (taken aback a little but tries not to show it) You won't do that. I will expose your mother if you do.
Lucas: But you see Sami, this is were I put my line. As much as I love my mom I won't protect her if it'll hurt my son. And also she proved Her line was much more flexible than I thought, I hope my mom herself would prefer being... exposed... than letting Will get hurt.

Sami now looks really frightened. She walks out of the room, trying to take Will with her. Lucas doesn't let her get near. The child obviously didn't even notice their argument - you know those convenient Salem kids. And have you wondered why everyone in Salem has serious traumas.
* * *
Back to the garden.

Eric: OK... you know how I feel about it, so I guess you just want to tell me what you decided.
Marlena: I want to tell you some things I thought lately. And I want to hear what you think about what I have to say. You are a very smart young man Eric, and I really want to hear your opinion.
Eric: Well, I'm not going to pretend I can be objective about this. And I'm not going to try. You and dad belong together, you had long wonderful marriage and a loving family, including 2 kids and one step daughter who is practically your daughter too.
Marlena: Well, I can tell you I know all that, and that John and I had been together for a lot more than a month as well. And that I have a beautiful daughter with him, too, and one son that is practically my own. But you know all that.
(Eric nods.)
Marlena: So I don't need to tell you it again. What I do want to tell you is this. Since John and I met, when I thought he was Roman, we had something that is not quite like what I have with your father. It's not better, it's just - a different kind of magic.
Eric: But you said it yourself. It's not BETTER.
Marlena: Please, let me finish. It is all rather complicated, even to me. I am not sure what I feel won't change - but I know I will always love and care for both John and your father. Right now my feelings for John are stronger, but I can't deny that if we'll decide to put some distance between us, if I'll spend more time in a more romantic way with your father, I might feel again the love I used to have with him. And for the short term, it might be better for you and Carrie and Sami - also maybe not for Brady and Belle. But Eric, those feelings I have for John will never really go away, just like what I feel for your father will never really go away. Me and John, we tried to keep our distance in the past. We tried it more than once, and we failed more than once. The second time, it turned out to be for the best. I don't know what we would do if it was really John's baby, if Kristen wouldn't turn out to be the kind of person she is. But the first time, it was so terrible. It wasn't an evil, obsessive woman getting hurt; it was all of our family. Including your sisters, your father, me, John. And I'm sure it hurt you very much, too. So, say we would separate. Say we would never tell your father the truth, and we would get back together. Maybe it will all be wonderful for a while. But John and I can't really keep in distance, and one of the reasons is that we have a child together. What if we couldn't stay away from each other, again? What if our love is just too strong? Everybody will get hurt again. It will be just like when we had an affair, only much worse. And I think even your father is going to be less hurt if we tell him the truth NOW and not in Who Knows How Long, after we already got back together and been a couple again.

Marlena finishes talking and waits for Eric's comments. Eric seems a bit shocked and overwhelmed by this long speech. He tries to say something, but than closes his mouth.

Marlena: You don't have to talk now. Go and sit with your father, and think about it. I really want to hear what you have to say.
Eric: OK, I will... Uh, I'll talk to you later.

As Eric leaves, Marlena leans back and takes a deep breath which turns into a sign. John comes and sits by her.

John: Hey, Doc. How did it go?
* * *
Carrie, Mike, Laura and Billie are sitting together in the Horton house. They were obviously trying to play something, but the cards are laid on the table. They all look stressed, Laura doesn't even looks to see if Mike is staring at Carrie, which he does - but he doesn't even seem to notice he's doing so.

Billie: Oh, god. Poor Jen. She - (She suddenly looks at Laura, realizing she may make her feel worse. Than she stands up.) I'm sorry... I'm just - I'm going to look for Bo.
Carrie: (Shaking herself awake:) I think he went with Abe and the other cops.
Billie: Oh. Than I guess I'll go talk to Hope or something.

Billie goes out as they all go back to being silent. After some time, Laura goes to get some tea. It's not obvious if she is trying to leave M&C alone or haven't at all thought about it, but this is the side effect.

Carrie: God, Mike, I'm so sorry about Jen. But I know they are going to find her.
Mike: I really hope so. I feel sorry for Jack. I mean, we are all going insane because of it, but you know how they always feel they must save each other. And I just keep thinking, what if it'd happen to y- to the woman I love.
Carrie: Y? does her name start with Y? Come on, you need a distraction. And I do, to. Tell me some more about her. is her name American? I can't think of any American name starting with Y.
Mike: (hesitates) No, it doesn't actually begin with Y. I don't know why I said it.
Carrie: OK... you are not going to tell me her name, huh? Do you want to tell me about her?
Mike Well, you know. The ordinary things everyone say when they're in love... Also she isn't ordinary at all. She's... she's one of the smartest people I have ever met -
Carrie: Well, no offence, but if she has no idea you are in love with her, she probably isn't THAT smart.
Mike: (not wanting to look at her, he looks at her image in the darkened window) No, she is. She just - I don't know. She doesn't think this way. Or maybe she knows and just doesn't tell me so she won't have to hurt me. It's the kind of thing she would do. She is so... sensitive. Putting other people before her.
Carrie: Well, sounds like she's just the girl for you... Not the case of opposites attract, though.
Mike: (obviously thinking "no, not like you and Austin") Well, what can I say, some of us are just perfect.
Carrie: Ooh, I got a smile! Yes, this is definitely a smile! God, it's good to laugh sometimes even at times like this. Especially at times like this.
Mike: Yeah... Poor Jen. I hope she had some reason to laugh today.

Travis' car. Jen, in the disguise clothes and the wig, sits by Travis. They are parking near what seems to be another cheep motel, as if someone didn't want to spend money on scenery.

Travis: (Looking at her) You know, you look even better in brown hair. I think maybe I should take you to the motel and have a little party... What's the point in kidnapping you if I don't get any fun?
Jen: (almost desperately) you know, Peter's going to be very angry at you if you hurt me.
Travis: Are you threatening me? I don't think you should do that. And anyway, Peter's not going to find us.
Jen: Are you sure? So sure you're willing to take the chance?
Travis: Heck, this is gonna be worth it. Come on! And remember, if you're doing anything at all to get people to notice us - I'm going to kill you and everyone else in sight.
Jen: You are insane, you are going to be executed.
Travis: The cops are not going to get me, either. And I killed people before... It's the gas chamber for me anyway. Just so you'll know I won't hesitate to use the gun.
Jen: (desperate) OK. I won't do anything.

As they get out of the car, Jen uses a moment when Travis is distracted to duck behind the other cars in the parking lot. The gun goes off, but it doesn't seem to have hurt her. Travis curses and after looking around for some time, he gets into the car to take a flashlight. Also he is still looking out and holding his gun, Jen manages to run into the motel by the time he gets out with the flashlight. She bursts in and runs to the counter.

Jen: Do you have a gun? Please! Do you have a gun? There's - there's an armed man coming after me! He's going to kill us all! You must have a gun!

The man behind the counter looks suspicious for a minute, than takes out a gun. As Travis runs in, the man points it at him and tells him to drop his weapon, than tells Jen to dial 911. While she does that, and Travis slowly puts his gun on the floor, we focus on the window where, unnoticed, someone stands and watches. Guess who... Yup, it's Peter.


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