Part 1

It's the day before Christmas in Salem...Bo is still stuck with Billie and Hope is sitting at a fireplace w/ Shawn D, gazing into the fire, thinking about Bo and their past Christmas'.

Billie is still pestering him to make love to her, although he hasn't made love to her since Rome. In order to get out of it again, he tells her he's got a lead on the Sami's stalker case (even though he doesn't) He leaves and goes to the pier, walking by boats, where he starts reminiscing about Hope and Shawn D, wondering what they're doing. After staring at a boat that looks a lot like Fancy Face, he decides he wants to be with his REAL family. As he begins walking towards Hope's, he hears Billie talking to...Franco, in an alley. He hears her say, "Well, Bo just ran out one me because they thought there was a lead in the Sami case..." and we hear Franco say, "They’ll never catch should know better" then we hear Billie yell, "But Bo's not @ the police station - where's Hope??? Why aren't you w/ her! Damn it, Franco, you could blow this for the both of us!! If I don't get Bo, you lose Hope" and Franco replies, "I had to go see your mom to pay me so I can buy Hope a Christmas present. By the way, I work for Kate, not you, Billie, don't you ever talk to me like that." As Billie runs off....

At this time, an angel appears over Bo and HE FINALLY FIGURES IT OUT!!!

He rushes to Hope's before Franco can get there...

Part 2

Meanwhile, we see Billie sneaking in through a window to Hope's. As she climbs in to spy on Hope and possibly Bo, she hears Hope coming into the room and quickly hides in the fireplace (the fire's out now.) Then we hear the doorbell ring, and Hope sees that it's Bo. She looks at him and refuses to let him in (she's feeling vulnerable but she's been getting really pissed about his behavior).

He begs, "Fancy Face, please let me in, I have to talk to you, I love you, I was a FOOL... Pinky swear we'll never split up again.."

But since the same Angel came to Hope and gave Hope back her brain, she refuses to let him in.

"Hope Brady, I'm not letting you do this to me and I'm not giving up"
says Bo. She turns her back to him(she's beginning to melt) and when she turns back around, she realizes he's gone.

The clock now hits 12:00 and it's Christmas..(oops, on the other one I said it was 2/23, I meant Christmas Eve - but in Salem, it's possible to change the dates).

Hope wonders where Bo went and all the sudden she hears a loud crash from the living room. She runs in and sees Bo, covered with ashes with his big grin. She can't resist...she goes running towards him and before she can say anything, he passionately kisses her.

When Hope comes up for air, she notices something's not quite right...
"Bo," she says, "you seem taller. Oh my god, who is that? It's Billie"
Bo looks down and realizes he is standing on top of a smushed Billie who has a knife in her hand.

Hope: "Oh my god, what is she doing the h*ll did she get in...WHAT is she doing...Oh Bo - I think she's lost it...May be you should get off of her!?!" Billie is moaning.

Bo: "I just really want to kiss you again...." He leans towards her
Hope: "But Billie...."

They're about to kiss.

Bo: "Don't worry about her...she lies like a rug and acts like one too. She's used to being in this position, you know, she's usually begging me to step on her..."

And they kiss again...

Merry Christmas!!!


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