Billie and Roman- Two Broken Hearts
by Flavess
Part 1

Scene: Titan Publishing

Billie is crying because Bo and Hope got married last night. Bo just has left her alone with their child on the way.

Roman walks in and sees Billie crying holding a picture of Bo and her together.

Roman: Billie, calm down, this crying and stress is no good for the baby.
Billie: What else am I suppose to do Roman, just pretend like it doesn't hurt.
Roman: Where is that strong, vibrant woman I knew back in Rome, when I was with the ISA. The Billie Reed I knew was no quitter.
Billie: Well that was different, I was not pregnant. I didn't have a husband who got our marriage annulled while I was carrying his child.
Roman: Listen here Billie, you may not have Bo, but remember this, that I'm here for you and have been before, not just emotionally, but as well as physical
Billie: Roman, I don't want to jump right back into bed with you.
Roman: I'm very disappointed in my brother but Billie he has made his choice. Now you have got to make sure your baby survives. I think you will make an excellent mother.
Billie: Thanks Roman, I needed that more than anything else right now.

They hug one another

to be continued...

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