Trinity Part One: A Lucas, Sami, and Franco Story
by Flavess
Part 1

Scene: Sami's Room

Sami always felt good whenever she thought about Franco.
Lucas comes in.

Lucas: Oh I see you are not with your lover.
Sami (angrily): His name is Franco. Please be nice.
Lucas: I can't believe you are falling for his act. He doesn't love you.
Sami: I deserve to be happy.
Lucas: Hah, that's a laugh, but you two deserve each other.

Sami thinks to herself, I don't deserve this.
Franco walks in.

Franco: Sami go on downstairs. I 'll talk to Lucas.
Sami: Okay Franco.
Franco: Why are you so mean to her?
Lucas: You don't love Sami.
Franco: Yes I do, so don't interfere.
Lucas: Very smooth, but I'm not Sami and I see through your act.
Franco: Leave me and Sami alone.
Lucas: You forget me and Sami share a child.
Franco: That's all you share.

Franco leaves.
Lucas thinks to himself: You hurt Sami, I'll kill you Franco. I will not let you become my sons stepfather.

to be continued...

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