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Mike and Carrie Saga
by Bradygirl
Part 30

As Mike embraced Angela, Carrie turned away and looked toward the garden where she had met the young woman only minutes before. She remembered their brief but mysterious conversation.

"Excuse, me," asked Carrie as she stepped out onto the patio. "Are you lost?"

A chilly breeze blew across Carrie's face and she wrapped her arms around herself in a failed attempt to recapture her warmth. Outside the trees had already taken on their autumn chameleon-like appearance. When had it suddenly become fall? she thought as she followed after the unfamiliar presence walking through the DiMera's garden. A light touch on the woman's shoulder sent her spinning around.

"Oh, you scared me." The woman apparently hadn't heard her earlier question. Before Carrie could repeat herself, the woman rambled on. "Isn't this place great? It would be the perfect setting for a novel."

"Yeah, it's nice, I guess." Carrie observed the mansion through the stranger's eyes. It was impressive but grandeur never dazzled her.

"You guess?" Angela looked over at Carrie and finally acknowledged her presence. "Oh, I'm sorry. You're probably wondering why I'm here." Carrie nodded. "Kate Roberts asked me to come." Why would Kate want this woman, whom none of them knew, to come here? Angela smiled at Carrie politely, and the two of them walked into the house through the French doors.

When Carrie had met Angela in the garden, she remembered thinking how nice this new woman seemed. And how great it would be to have someone around her age to talk to. But the sight of Angela in Mike's arms threw her off balance. She was obviously Mike's friend. So, why did her presence bother her so much?


Mike stared down at Angela. She hadn't changed a bit. She still looked about nineteen, but he remembered her secret. She used to religiously slather lotion all over her face and body every morning.

"It may be a pain in the neck now," she'd say. "But I'll be glad when I'm fifty." His cousin Hope did the same thing, but she did it in the name of vanity. Mike looked down at her once more and realized that Angela and Hope looked quite a bit alike except for the fact that Angela had curly hair. Their bodies were practically the same size and shape, and they were even about the same height. Mike wondered why he never noticed Angela's similarity to his cousin before. Mike held Angela at arm's length.

"Hold that thought. I really need to talk to them right now." Mike pointed to Marlena, Eric and Carrie who were all waiting in anxious anticipation for his diagnosis of Roman's condition. "You know, doctor stuff."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Angela threw her hand to her mouth. Whatever she had walked in on, she hoped it wasn't bad news. "I didn't mean to interrupt anything important."

"That's alright." Kate materialized behind Angela and she jumped at the sound of her voice. "But we really don't have time for this college reunion." She bit out the last two words with extra venom in her voice. She was acting all out for Mike's benefit.

"Now, Kate," Mike pulled Angela aside and asked her to wait out in the garden for him. She nodded and closed the French doors behind her as she left. "You don't have to be rude to her. She's a friend of mine."

"And an employee of mine. At least for the time being." Even longer if she does a good job with Mike, thought Kate.


Shawn Brady was mulling around in the kitchen of the Brady Pub. Smells of clam chowder and freshly baked bread filled the room. Caroline entered the kitchen from the stairway. She put on her apron as Shawn hefted another pot of chowder onto the stove.

"Caroline, you're never going to believe who walked in that door this morning?" Shawn pulled bowls out of the cabinet while his wife ruminated on the question.

"I don't know. Who?"

"Remember that wee Walters' lass?" said Shawn. He could see Caroline searching her memory. It had been a long time since Shawn had seen Angela. So he decided to give his wife a small hint. "The book writer." That little bit of coaxing threw a light on in Caroline's eyes.

"Oh, sure. Angela. Senator Walters' daughter."

Shawn remembered Angela well, and unfortunately he remembered her father equally as well. Angela had only been a wee baby when the Senator mysteriously moved his entire family to Washington. Shawn had never been too concerned about the sudden move. That dirty cheat was no good. "If I ever see him again, it will be too soon." Caroline nodded in agreement.

"I don't know how Angela came out so well balanced having him as a father," said Caroline as she ladled chowder into five empty bowls.

"Amen to that. That lass is definitely a blessing on this little town of ours."


John and Dr. Harris stood in shock as Austin comforted Sami. They both couldn't help but stare. John was only glad Carrie wasn't in the room to see this. Then, he remembered that Carrie had told him she was in love with Mike now. What about Austin and all the years she longed to be with him? Next, thing you know, thought John. Marlena would fall in love with Roman again. But that was as a ridiculous an idea as Carrie loving Mike. Carrie loved Austin. Everyone knew that. And Marlena loved him. Neither Roman nor Mike stood a chance. The memory of Roman reminded John of the tiny vial of medication in his pocket.

"Oh, Doc." Dr. Harris turned toward John. He dug through his pocket producing the vial. "Mike said to give this to you. It could be the cure for Roman." John handed Harry the medicine.

"I'm sorry, John, but I'm afraid you're too late." John stared at Dr. Harris in shock. Too late? Was Roman dead?

Austin sweetly smiled down at Sami. So fragile. So frail. The only way he knew she was alive was the slight rise and fall of her chest that beat in time with the monitor she was hooked up to. Why had this tragedy occurred? Austin glanced across the room and saw John and Dr. Harris deep in conversation. He got up from his place at Sami's side and approached the two men.

"Doctor, how is she? How is my wife?" If John wasn't shocked at Dr. Harris' comment, then Austin's words hit him to the core and sent a mild vibration though his body. John had never heard Austin refer to Sami as his wife before. Something strange was going on here. And it seemed to be affecting everyone in Salem.


"Mike, how's Roman?" Marlena approached Mike and Kate.

"I'm happy to report that I'm cautiously optimistic. Roman seems to be responding well to the medication."

"When will we know for sure?" said Eric. He placed his hands of Carrie's shoulders as he stood behind her.

"Only time will tell. Right now, he's doing much better and he's a lot stronger." Mike knew Eric needed to witness the change for himself. "You can go and see him, if you want."

Carrie watched Marlena as she slowly turned toward the stairwell but Eric wasn't as patient. He bounded up the stairs two at a time. Kate must have taken the news well because Carrie saw her walk out into the garden and hulk over Angela like a dark menacing cloud. Mike could tell there was something on Carrie's mind.

"You want to talk with me?" Carrie nodded and searched the room with her eyes to make sure everyone had left.

"Eric told me what happened last night. You risked your life to save mine." Carrie suddenly chuckled to herself. "You're not going to make this a habit are you?"

"If you're in trouble, I'll be there. You can count on that." His words touched her heart, and she had to pause to take in the wonderful feeling it gave her. Then she resumed her original train of thought.

"I know the intruder was only my brother, but..." Carrie looked down at the floor and rubbed her toe against an invisible object on the carpet. "I just wanted to say thank you."

Mike dropped his hands to his side then brought them up to rest on Carrie's arms. "You're welcome. I'd do anything for you, Carrie."

"I'm beginning to realize that." Carrie gave Mike an innocent-look as she glanced nervously around the empty room. Then, she said in a much quieter tone, "I want to thank you in... in a much more personal way." Carrie stood on her tip toes and looked deep into Mike's blue eyes. They sparkled with a blue radiance she'd never noticed before. Then, down to his lips. She could see him slowly inhale and could tell he was aware of where her eyes had drawn her. Her eyes trailed from his lips back to his eyes. She turned her head, and Mike responded in kind by countering her move. Their lips met igniting their bodies with more passion than both knew they possessed. It felt almost animalistic in nature. But the rush of feeling didn't scare her, it only excited her more. Mike drew his arms around her and deepened the kiss. Nothing in the world existed except the two of them.

Angela turned away from watching the children playing on the patio and glanced back into the house through the French doors. Mike was locked in an embrace with the blonde. She had returned to Salem with hopes that Mike was still available. But it looked to her like he was definitely off the market.


Hope stared into the bathroom mirror as she remembered her dream. There was something so surreal about it. She contemplated it while pulling her bangs back and clamping them in place with a hair clip. Shawn D. peeked his head in the door and watched her until she caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey, kiddo," said Hope as she reached out and ruffled his new stylish haircut. Shawn D. always hated when she did that.

"Cut it out, Mom. You're messing up my hair." Then he realized she wasn't there when he went to bed last night. "Mom, when did you get home? You must have been real quiet because I didn't hear you come in." Hope kissed him on the cheek and gave him a big hug.

"Yeah, I was real quiet. You needed your sleep. You have school today."

"I know." Shawn D. grabbed a small lunch sack from the table and hurried out the door. "Only four more days til Friday," he yelled as ran to the waiting bus.

"What's on Friday?" Hope yelled back. Shawn D. stopped short of boarding the bus.

"It's the weekend, silly."

Hope watched as the bus drove off toward school. The only thing on her mind besides her strange dream was Austin, Sami and Lucas. She picked up the phone to dial the hospital, but set the receiver back on its cradle. This called for the personal Horton touch. She searched through the house for her grandmother. For this surprise, she'd need Gran's help.


Kate watched as Angela stared through the window at Mike and Carrie. This plan wasn't working as well as she thought. Angela had a conscience. Another stumbling block in the path to final victory. But Kate assured herself that this was only a set back. She wasn't down for the count, yet.

Little Philip ran over and hugged his mother's leg. She picked him up, thanked Marlena's nanny then left the grounds of the DiMera mansion. If Angela wanted this interview, she'd have to work for it. And maybe for her efforts, she would catch the eye of the good doctor. Kate could only pray that her plan worked because the alternative was not an option anymore. Stefano could take his offer and choke on it. She'd rather die herself than see anything happen to her children.


Mike pulled out of the embrace when Kate walked through the room heading for the front door. He noticed her facial expression was one of contempt, but that didn't surprise him. He had never been one of Kate's favorite people. Pulling his attention from Kate, he focused again on Carrie. She stared up at him with the look of a woman thoroughly kissed.

"You should go up and see your dad." Carrie smiled up at him with a silly grin.

"You're right." She turned to walk up the stairs but immediately whirled around and faced him. "Did I thank you for saving my dad's life?" Mike smiled back at her.

"You know, I vaguely remember being thanked. But I'm sure I'll be available to be thanked again at a later time." Carrie smiled brightly.

"I'll keep that in mind, Dr. Horton." With that, she walked upstairs to see her father.

Mike chuckled to himself. He couldn't remember when he'd been in such a good mood. He pulled out his cellular phone to call Dr. Harris and update him on Roman's condition, when he remembered Angela was in the garden waiting for him. While roaming through the paved walkways, he placed the call. The conversation was informative but brief. He clicked his phone shut as he surveyed the empty grounds. Where had she disappeared to?


"What do you mean, it's too late?" John was in a panic and tried to ignore Austin and his question to Harry.

"Hey, one at a time here." Dr. Harris took Austin aside and explained Sami's condition to him in detail. John walked out into the hallway and toward the terrace next to the doctor's lounge. He needed to get some fresh air.


Hope and Alice walked into the hospital carrying a basket full of Alice's famous donuts. It took few minutes until they found Lucas sleeping on a couch in the hallway. Alice waved a freshly baked donut in front of his nose. The smell slowly pulled him from slumber. Lucas attempted to get up but his back erupted in a line of spasms. The pain caused him to fall back onto the couch. Hope comforted him and offered him a donut while Gran went in search of a doctor.

Alice found Lexie standing at the nurses' station talking with John about Sami and Austin.

"How is Sami doing? Truth, Lex." Lexie fidgeted as she glanced over Sami's chart.

"This type of injury is not really my field of expertise, John."

"Is she going to wake up soon?" Alice added.

"Listen you guys, ask Harry. He knows about these things. And if anyone can help Sami, it's him." Lexie sent up a silent thank you when her beeper wailed calling her to emergency. She hurried off leaving John and Alice both questioning her strange behavior.


Angela hated leaving Mike in the lurch, but she had another appointment to keep. Maybe they could get together later. She walked down University Hospital's hallway in search of the chief of staff's office.


John and Alice stared at each other. They both couldn't figure out what was wrong with Lexie.

"She must be having a bad day," said John as he noticed Hope walking down the hallway. "Will you excuse me, Alice? I need to talk with your granddaughter." John ran off after her.

Alice watched as John followed Hope into Dr. Harris' office. She jumped as someone appeared behind her.

"Hey, Gran, did you find a doctor? Lucas is really in a lot of pain." Alice stared at Hope. But if Hope was here, then who was that woman John followed after? Alice threw her had to her mouth and gasped.

"It can't be. It's impossible," Alice whispered. She thought back to what had happened so many years before. "Could she really be alive?"

Hope didn't understand what her grandmother was talking about. And it really didn't matter to her. Lucas needed a doctor. She ran off toward Sami's room in hopes of finding Dr. Harris.


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