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Mike and Carrie Saga
by Bradygirl
Part 21

"Welcome back, child. You look so much better than when this young man brought you in." Mike realized that he had never once mentioned his name to the nun and didn't recall hers. They quickly introduced themselves. The nun nodded to each of them and did the same. Not knowing their names didn't seem to bother her all. She was more anxious about was their state of being. "I'm sure you want to get washed up. Who wants to start?"

"Ladies first." Mike bowed toward Carrie and pointed to the doorway. Sister Mary Rosa showed Carrie the way through the maze of hallways. Mike pulled one of the tee-shirts over his head. He felt a little self conscious walking around a church half dressed. When Mary Rosa returned, Mike felt a little less flustered.

"Do you think I could use your phone?" Mike checked the pockets of his jacket. The small vials were still intact. He really needed to get this medication to Roman. And home was sounding really good right about now.

"Phone? Right this way." Sister Mary Rosa led Mike past the sanctuary. Rows of painted statues dotted the shelves behind the alter. He wondered which one was Saint Jude and felt the necklace around his throat. He hoped his relationship with Carrie wasn't a lost cause. And if it was, he prayed the patron saint was watching over him.


Hope had just arrived home with packages from Ballistics filling each hand when the phone rang. She dropped the bundles on her grandmother's couch and ran to pick it up on the third ring. It was Mike.

"Are your ears burning? Is that the reason for this call?" Hope remembered back to her conversation with Laura, Mickey and Maggie.


"Never mind. How's life in the mountains?" Mike related to her the events of last night including Dr. Brooks' death. "Is Carrie alright?"

"Yeah, I think so. I was pretty worried last night but today she seems fine. I'll have her checked out when we get back. We're in a chapel about ten miles..." A strange click emanated from a distant point. "Hope, are you there? Hope?" Before he could finish his conversation, the phone went dead. Mike tapped the receiver against his hand. Then hung up and tried to call again, but there was no dial tone. When he placed the receiver back on its cradle, Mike started putting the pieces together. He'd been shot. Dr. Brooks was dead with a bullet that could have very well been meant for him. Was someone trying to kill him?


Keith had stayed at St. Matthews Chapel last night. He always stayed there when he came up to the mountains. Rosa was his aunt. She knew about his ornery streak, but would be very disappointed if she ever found out about his alliance with Stefano. He was trying to figure out a way to tell Stefano that he'd lost his two passengers when Rosa walked right by him with the good doctor in tow. Keith watched as Mike made his phone call. No one was suppose to disrupt the plan. He had to get the doc and the girl to the lodge. Disconnecting the main phone line was a snap.

"Rosa." Keith whispered and motioned for her to come over to him. He pretended not to know Mike and Carrie. "Who's the guy?"

"Mike Horton. He's from Salem and a doctor." Rosa sounded impressed.

"Why don't you have someone take them to Green Mountain Lodge. I'm sure they'd be more comfortable there." Rosa thought about it and agreed with Keith. She ran into Mike as he walked out of the kitchen.

"Have you been having trouble with your phones?"

"Not that I know of, why do you ask?"

"I was talking to my cousin when the line went dead." Too many things were going dead around here and he didn't want to be one of them.

"You might want to have it checked out." Rosa ran off to find Keith. He was a whiz at fixing things.

Mike made his way back through the chapel to Carrie. She was brushing her wet hair and now had on the clothes Mary Rosa had brought earlier.

"The bathroom is all yours," she said.

Mike stood in the shower with his hands on the tiles in front of him. The hot water sprayed on his head and down his body. Something was going on here, and he needed to figure out what. As he washed himself, he felt cleaner but not more optimistic. When he walked out of the bathroom, Carrie could tell something was bothering him.


"Mike?" Hope tapped the cradle trying to restore the connection. "Mike?" Hope looked at the receiver in her hand. The phone Mike was on had gone dead in the middle of their conversation. Mike and Carrie were stranded ten miles from somewhere. She would bet anything that John and Marlena knew where this doctor's cabin was. It was as good a place as any to start.

Hope pulled up to the DiMera mansion. She remembered back to the days when it belonged to Kimberly and Shane. That was ages ago. When she knocked on the door, Kristen answered. Not the person she had hoped for.

"Hope, what a wonderful surprise." See Stefano, she thought. There are people in Salem who can forgive me. Kristen hadn't seen Hope in a while. She remembered back to a time at Maison Blanche. Back then she'd been a good person, an honest person. Back then everyone had genuinely liked her. It was hard to believe how far her preoccupation with John had gone. Marlena called it an obsession, but it was far from that. Marlena didn't know the meaning of the word. Kristen had grown up with Stefano, and he defined it. It all had started out so innocently. One small lie. One small indiscretion. But lie piled atop lie which led to deceit. And ultimately, to the loss of John to Marlena. Exactly what she didn't want to happen. If Stefano hadn't gotten involved in the beginning, she would be with John today.

"Are John and Marlena here?" Hope's question brought her back to the present. Kristen's optimism slowly spiraled downward. Hope wasn't there to see her. When was she going to learn, that she had no friends in Salem.

"John's upstairs somewhere and Marlena is out. I don't know where."

"Probably exactly the way she likes it." Kristen was insulted by Hope's remark and tried to close the door in her face. Hope gave it a good shove, brushed past Kristen and headed upstairs to find John.

"What nerve," said Kristen to herself. "This is my house, you know." She screamed up to Hope as she climbed the stairs, but Hope ignored her.

Kristen had fooled everyone, even her. They had spent time together and even had fun together. How could she have been so wrong about her? Hope called out John's name and found him sitting in Roman's room.

"Over here, Hope." John motioned for her to sit beside him. Roman looked even worse than he had that day at John and Marlena's wedding.

"He looks terrible."

"I know. We can't figure it out. The antibiotics were working. He seemed so much stronger, but late last night, he took a turn for the worse."

Hope could see that Roman's pain was hard on him. John needed a good dose of hope, and she was the one to give it to him.

"I have some news that just might put a smile back onto that handsome face of yours." John looked at her skeptically. Everything around here was falling apart. Only a miracle could put it all back together again.

"Sock it to me. God knows I've been moping around long enough."

"I heard from Mike." John's interest seemed to perk up. "Dr. Brooks gave him an experimental drug he'd been working on. Mike seems to think it could help Roman, but you have to remember that it may not be the cure we're looking for. The only problem is that Mike and Carrie are stranded somewhere in the mountains." Hope related the story to John exactly the way Mike had to her. John was out of his chair in a shot and raced to the door. He glanced back at Hope who still sat at Roman's bedside.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go."


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