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Mike and Carrie Saga
by Bradygirl
Part 11

Roman didn't seem to be getting better and Marlena was worried. Kristen and Sami had told him so many lies, it was hard to remember what was the truth and what wasn't. The only positive thing was Roman was now staying conscious for a few hours at a time. Marlena walked across the room and filled yet another needle with antibiotics. Something had to work to cure this disease. She swabbed his arm with alcohol, and Roman watched her administer the injection.

"Any word from Carrie on Mike's condition?" Roman still hadn't had a chance to talk to Carrie about what Sami had told him. He had a hard time believing that Sami and Austin were together now and with a child. But the biggest surprise was Mike Horton and Carrie were now a couple. He thought back to when Carrie was little and had a crush on Mike. She was so starstruck. And now after all these years, they'd actually gotten together. Who would have known? Roman had to agree that the Horton's and Brady's always made good combinations.

"Yes, actually. Carrie called a few minutes ago. Mike is awake and Dr. Harris expects a full recovery."

"I'm so glad. I'd hate to see anything happen to Mike now that he and Carrie are in love. They deserve to be happy." Marlena still had a hard time believing it. Sami had told Roman that Carrie and Mike were in love. What was next?

"You're right. They each deserve happiness."

"Ok, Dr. Horton. You have to promise me. No more checking yourself out of the hospital until Dr. Harris says it's alright." Carrie was serious. She didn't want anything like that to happen again.

"I promise. I'll be good and follow doctor's orders." Mike knew he needed to rest, but he also needed to talk to Carrie about this morning. "Hey, come on over here and talk to me for a minute." Carrie walked across the room and sat on the edge of Mike's bed. "We need to talk about what happened between us."

"You're right." Carrie didn't know what she was going to say. She herself didn't know what happened. All she knew was, at that moment, she had wanted Mike with all her heart. But now that she'd had time to think about it, Austin's image kept haunting her. "I shouldn't have kissed you this morning, Mike. It wasn't fair to you."

Mike had a feeling Carrie would have a change of heart when they stepped back into reality. He knew she would remember her commitment to Austin. She was a good woman. A caring woman. That was a big reason why he loved her and wanted her to be happy. Austin didn't know how lucky he was.

"I understand. We both were... carried away in the moment." That was an understatement, thought Mike. Wherever that kiss had taken him, he hadn't completely reached the ground yet. And didn't know if he ever would.

Just then Dr. Harris walked in. "Sorry to interrupt, Mike. Since you're going to be in the hospital for a few days, I put Dr. Barnes on Roman Brady's case. That all right with you?" Mike looked at Carrie and smiled.

"Sure, Harry. That would be great, thanks."

"Now you get some rest. I need to talk to Carrie out in the hallway." Dr. Harris had heard part of Carrie and Mike's conversation. He liked Mike a lot. They had been friends ever since he'd returned from Israel three years ago. And in all that time, Mike hadn't once been in a serious relationship. Mike had never come out and told him, but he knew Mike's feelings for Carrie ran deep. Ever since he'd been seeing her, Mike was happier and more relaxed. That made him a better doctor. That was reason enough to help the two of them get together. "Sorry to pull you away from Mike, but I need a favor. Marlena asked me to deliver these new antibiotics. But I've had an emergency at home and won't be able to get them to her until tomorrow. Could you take them over for me? I'd really appreciate it."

"I'd be glad to. I'm going over there today, anyway."

Dr. Harris took Carrie to his office, gave her the antibiotics and watched her walk down the hall toward the elevator. "Ok, Mike. I bought you some time. Now it's up to you, buddy."

"Eric! I didn't know you were in Salem." Sami couldn't believe what she was seeing. What was Eric doing here?

"Oh, so this is the infamous twin, Eric. Hey, nice to meet cha." Lucas extended his hand but Eric didn't take it. "Ok." Boy talk about rude, thought Lucas.

"What are you doing here, Sami?" Eric noticed Austin leave at the same time Laura came out of Mike's room. "Who was that guy you were spying on?"

"What are you talking about Eric? We weren't spying on anyone. We were just waiting. Mike's been pretty busy." They watched Dr. Harris walk into Mike's room. "Maybe we'll just come back tomorrow." Sami needed to get away from Eric before he discovered her memory was back. "We have somewhere to be. I'll talk to you later, Eric." With that, Sami dragged Lucas to the elevator.

"That was a close one. What am I going to do, Lucas? Eric knows me. He can always tell when I'm lying."

"I don't know, Sami. Whatever you do, it better be good."

Eric watched Carrie and Dr. Harris leave Mike's room. What was going on in Salem? Everything was so screwed up. No one was happy. No one was with the one they loved. Eric decided to see Mike and wait for Carrie to return. He stuck his head into Mike's room.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"Why, Eric Brady. Look at you. All grown up. I didn't know you'd be in town."

"Yeah, well, my family needed me. So here I am. My dad told me about you and Carrie." Eric saw a confused look cross Mike's face.

"What about me and Carrie?"

"That you are a couple now."

How in the world had Roman gotten that idea, thought Mike. "Oh, no." Mike threw his head backward but missed the pillow and hit the headboard instead. "Ouch, that figures. Let me guess. Sami told him that, right?"

"I guess so. I thought Carrie and Austin were dating."

"They are, but I wouldn't call what they've been doing dating. Austin is so wrapped up in taking care of Sami and Will that I'm afraid Carrie gets overlooked. It's really been hard on her. I'm glad you're here. She really needs family right now."

"You care a lot about my sister, don't you?"

"More than you know, Eric. More than you know... but only as a friend." Mike added the last sentence so Eric wouldn't get the wrong idea. Or maybe it was to remind himself that his relationship with Carrie was strictly that of friendship and nothing more.

"Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?"


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