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Mike and Carrie Saga
by Bradygirl
Part 10

"Lucas, thank God! What happened? What took you so long?" Sami couldn't sit still. She had never had her conscious bother so much before. She had nothing against Mike. She was only using his feeling for Carrie to her own advantage.

"Well, I got to them in time. Carrie's at the hospital with Mike right now."

"And, how is he?"

"He hasn't regained consciousness if that's what you mean." Sami didn't look happy. Lucas had never seen anything bother her so much. "Sami, don't worry. Mike is a trooper. And now that he knows Carrie has feelings for him, it won't be long before he wakes up."

Suddenly Sami had a hopeful look in her eye. "What do you mean, now that Carrie has feelings for Mike? How is that possible?"

"I don't know what happened in that room. But it has definitely changed Carrie's opinion of him." Lucas pulled the ring from his pocket. "And to top it off... I found this in the cellar."

Sami grabbed the ring dangling from the necklace. "This is amazing. You mean she hasn't missed this yet?"

"She's so wrapped up in saving Mike right now, it could take weeks before she realizes it's gone."

"Things are looking better and better." The smirk returned to Sami's face. "Now all we have to do is find a way to get Austin to see the change in Carrie. We have to get him to the hospital today." Sami knew if Austin kept seeing Carrie and Mike together, pretty soon he'd do the honorable thing and let her go. She just hoped this would put even more doubts into his mind.

Sami noticed Austin come into the room. Now was the time. "I can't believe that, Lucas. When did you say that happened to Carrie and Mike?" Austin's ears perked up at the mention of Carrie's name.

Lucas understood what Sami was up to and played along. "Oh, oh yeah. Last night."

Austin interrupted their staged conversation. "Excuse me, what about Carrie and Mike?"

"Remember when they disappeared last night?" Austin nodded. He remembered it well. "They were locked in Kristen's secret room. Somehow Mike reopened that gunshot wound he got the other night and nearly bled to death. If it hadn't been for Carrie patching him up, the man would be pushing up daisies right now."

Austin thought back to yesterday. He hadn't known Mike had been in the hospital. Not to mention that he'd been shot. Austin remembered the elbow he put into Mike's side as he left the apartment. Could Mike be lying in the hospital right now because of him? Could he have caused Mike's injury to reopen? He had to find out.

"I'm sorry. I've got to go." Austin picked up a windbreaker and ran to the door. "Oh and Lucas? Could you stay here with Sami while I'm gone?"

"Sure thing, bro." Austin rushed out the door on his way to the hospital. Sami and Lucas gave each other a high-five. Things were definitely working out.

Carrie had called Marlena from the hospital and told her about last night. Marlena was still going over the conversation in her head. She had had a feeling they were trapped and hadn't acted on it. John could tell Carrie's call had affected her.

"It's not your fault, Doc." John massaged Marlena's shoulders. Eric walked in and overheard John's words. "What's not mom's fault?"

"It's nothing, honey." Marlena told Eric about her feeling. She smiled and pretended it didn't affect her. "Why don't you go visit Carrie at the hospital, sweetie. I think you'd be just the right medicine for her."

Eric agreed. He hadn't seen Carrie in years. It would be good to talk to his big sister again. Eric left for the hospital still curious about what was really going on in Kristen's house.

Dr. Harris came in and checked on Mike's condition. He noticed Carrie asleep sitting in a chair next to Mike. She was holding his hand and resting her head on the edge of the bed. He knew she was tired and had been through quite a lot in the last few days. So he let her sleep while he checked on Mike's vital signs. Dr. Harris breathed a sigh of relief. Carrie's presence had had quite an impact on Mike's condition, just as he knew it would. He just wondered if Carrie knew how important she was to Mike. Before he could leave, Mike opened his eyes.

"Sleeping Beauty awakens." Dr. Harris laughed but inside he was rejoicing that his colleague and friend was going to make a full recovery. Mike could only smile. When he noticed Carrie asleep holding his hand, he gave a questioning look to Dr. Harris.

"She's been here ever since we brought you in. She's quite devoted to you. When are you going to tell her, Mike? When are you going to tell her that you're in love with her?"

Mike threw his head to the side and looked out the window. "Oh, Harry. She's not free. Not free to love me. But I can tell her feelings toward me are changing." Just then Mike noticed his mother standing in the doorway.

"They may be changing more than you think." With that, Dr. Harris passed Laura, nodded and left to check on his next patient. Laura attempted to shut the door, but it failed to latch and stood ajar.

"He's right, you know. We all can see the change. It's obvious to me that you've been in love with Carrie for months. Today, I even noticed something different in her, too. What happened in that room, Mike?"

Austin arrived and watched Mike and Laura through a crack in the door. He could hear everything they were saying even though they were whispering. He couldn't figure out why until he saw Carrie asleep at Mike's side.

"It was amazing, mom. She's amazing. I woke up this morning and she was in my arms. Lying there staring at me with this look I can't start to explain. For some reason, I knew what was going to happen next."

"Mike, don't keep me in suspense." Laura was enjoying the fact that Mike was finally getting the happiness he deserved.

"We kissed, for the first time, we kissed. If I had ever questioned my feelings for her before, that kiss erased them all. It was like no one on the face of the earth existed except us. Not Austin. Not anyone."

"It sounds like her feelings for Austin are changing too."

"I think when you pretend not to be in love with someone, after awhile you start to convince yourself." Carrie stirred at Mike's side. "Hey, sleepy head." Mike squeezed her hand. Her once tired eyes became alert when she saw that he was awake.

"I was so worried. When you passed out back there, I really thought I had lost you." Carrie jumped up and hugged Mike. "Don't you ever do that to me again."

"Hey, remember what I told you? I will never leave you. You can count on that." Carrie continued to hold Mike and he drank in the feeling of her touch.

"I'll hold you to that one, Dr. Horton." Laura stood back and smiled. Her smile grew even larger when she noticed Austin lurking at the door.

Austin couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was it really too late for them? Had he truly lost Carrie to Mike?

Sami and Lucas stood not far from Austin in the hospital's hallway. They could barely hear what was happening but from the look on Austin's face, it wasn't good.

"I only wish I could hear what they were saying." Sami strained but couldn't hear anything clearly.

Eric walked out of the elevator and onto the fifth floor. Even from there, he could see Sami hiding in the shadows with someone he assumed to be Lucas. He had never met him, but Eric had a feeling he wouldn't like him. He wondered what they were up to. According to Carrie, Sami had lost her memory of the last four years and was now the sweet girl he remembered her to be. Eric had his doubts as he observed her watching another man who was standing at the door to Mike's room.

"Hey, sis. What's going on?" Sami looked back in shock.

"Eric. What are you doing here?"

Eric nodded in Austin's direction. "I could ask you the same question."


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