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Mike and Carrie Saga
by Bradygirl
Part 1

Carrie looked at the Elmo doll on her night stand. Austin had given it to her when they first started dating. Right next to it was the silver candlestick holder Mike had surprised her with last week. It was such an expensive gift. She couldnít believe he actually bought it just because she had admired it. You gotta love when a guy buys you a present and it isnít even your birthday. Carrie knew she was lucky to have both men in her life.

She felt bad for Mike, though. He was spending so much time comforting her that he was ignoring his own love life. Any woman would be glad to have him on her arm. Carrie really knew what it was like to be truly cared for when he was around. Yes, some girl was going to be really lucky to find him.

One look at the dress hanging in her closet, and she knew it was almost time to go to the engagement party. She really wasnít looking forward to it at all. Oh, she was all for John and Marlenaís wedding. It was Sami and Austin that she didnít want to see. Every time she saw him comfort her it made her skin crawl. Sami was her sister, but even she didnít have as much compassion for her as Austin did. Carrie still believed that Sami was pretending to have no memory of the last four years, but Carrie knew better. She had seen many of Samiís schemes and this was beginning to look like one of them. Mike and Marlena had both agreed that Austin should pretend to be a devoted husband to Sami. But the white lies they told Sami at the beginning had blossomed into big lies. That was Carrieís life now, one big lie.

She forced herself off the bed, into her dress and out the door. As she drove to the party, she prepared herself for the moments to come. The only thing that really bothered her was that Mike wasnít able to come. She liked when he was around. It gave her someone to talk to. Someone to share things with. Carrie just wished Austin was there for her as much as Mike was. Mike was the only thing that was keeping her head above water these days.

She prepared herself for the worst as she watched the elevator doors open to the Penthouse Grill. As she walked in she could see Lexie, Abe and Laura had already arrived. Laura came up to her and gave her a big hug. "Carrie, are you alright?" "Yeah, Iím just not in the mood to see Sami and Austin together. Maybe I can make this quick and painless." Before she could reply, Marlena called Laura over to her.

Carrie took the opportunity and walked out onto the balcony at the back of the grill. It was pretty chilly outside tonight, not unusual weather for Salem, but still surprising since it had been so humid lately. From the balcony, Carrie could see down into Salem Park. It was just about twilight, and the light was still brighter than the darkness. She could see Mike walk out of the hospital and into his new red sports car. It all looked like it was in slow motion. Carrie could see a man come up behind Mike. The man grabbed Mike from behind. Mike struggled, but the man was much bigger than he was. Carrie couldnít believe what she was seeing. All the sudden a shot rang out and Mike fell to the ground. Carrie ran out of the Penthoue Grill and down to the parking lot of the hospital. It took her a little while but she found Mike lying in a pool of blood beside his car.

"Mike, Mike can you hear me?"

"Carrie?" It looked like he was having a tough time breathing. "What happened?"

"Youíre going to be all right." You have to be thought Carrie, I need you too much.

Blood was all over her new dress but it didnít matter. All that mattered was she had to get Mike into the hospital. He was too heavy for her to lift but luckily a candy striper came out of the door. Carrie called out to her and sent her back inside for help.

Carrie brushed Mikeís blonde hair out of his eyes. "Oh, Mike, why did this have to happen?" She didnít realize that she had said it out loud until Mike answered in a thick mumble.

"Iím sorry about Austin."

"I know you are. Thereís nothing you can do. There is nothing anyone can do. Austin has made up his own mind and I guess his future doesnít include me."

"Still sorry," Mike managed to say.

"Where are those paramedics?" Carrie tried to look over the car to see if anyone was coming but Mike pulled her back. Before he passed out Mike managed to utter two words as he clung to her dress. "Love you."


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