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Mike and Carrie:The Dream is Now a Reality
by Flavess
Part 2

Scene: Mike and Carrie's house

Carrie: Mike Horton, you bought the house
Mike : Well I thought it was time to start afresh, by buying a new house.
Carrie: Our lives will be exciting. I bet there are thrilling times ahead.
Mike : I love you so much Carrie.
Carrie: Hmm, something tells me that we are going to have fun tonight.
Mike : Count on it.

Scene: Prison

Lucas: Oh Sami, you bought Will with you
Sami : He should see his father. I do not like this at all.
Lucas: I'll be out soon Sami.
Sami : Trust me. Will misses you so much. In my heart I know you were trying to protect us from Alan.
Lucas: He wanted to harm my son, I was not going to let that happen.
Sami : This is just not fair
Lucas: wipe those tears off your face pretty lady.
Sami : I can't help it.

Lucas and Sami kiss

Will: Mommy is daddy coming home soon?
Sami: Mommy is doing everything she can to make sure that happens
Lucas: Listen to your mother son. Me and her love you very much.

Scene: Salem Park

Austin: Who's there?

Alan Parker comes out with Franco Kelly

Alan: Remember us, dear Austin?
Franco: It was so easy to frame Lucas. I hope Sami is miserable.
Alan: How are the lovely Brady sisters doing? Oh that's right. both of those women dump you for even lousier people.
Austin: You bastards

Franco and Alan both pull guns out and shoot Austin. Austin is lying in a pool of blood

Franco: Don't worry Austin, we will give your regards to the lovely Samantha and Carrie.
Austin: I hope you rot in hell

Alan shoots Austin in the head.


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