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Mike and Carrie:The Dream is Now a Reality
by Flavess
Part 1

Scene: A church
Carrie wearing a silk wedding dress
Carrie: I love you Mike Horton with my whole heart and pledge it to you only. You are my heart and soul
Mike: Carrie, I Mike Horton love you like no one else. You have made me whole again and happy. I promise to honor you and no one else will ever come between us.
The priest: Well then, those were beautiful vows. Now Carrie do you take Mike to be your awfully wedded husband from this day on?
Carrie: I do
The priest: Mike do you take Carrie Brady to be your awfully wedded wife from this day on?
Mike: I do
The priest: From this day forth you are married. Let no one asunder this union. I pronounce you husband and wife.
Scene: Salem Park
Kate: Austin, please do not cry. I know it hurts that Carrie divorce you.
Austin: I thought she loved me. Guess what I was wrong. She actually had feelings for Mike.
Kate: you have got to move on. Trust me, you will find love again.
Austin: It's funny that was what Lucas and Sami said.
Kate: I can't believe Lucas married that little witch.
Austin: The real kicker is today that Mike and Carrie are getting married today.
Kate: Well you know Becca is hurt that Sami and Lucas got married. I think Becca may be the only one who understands the pain you are going through. Don't worry everything will be okay.


To be continued

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