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 new~11.4.98 Mike & Carrie~Together Forever** ..... by Daisy
 new~11.5.98 The Fan Fic Bradygirl
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  My Place is With You***
Mike & Carrie Saga: Volume Bradygirl
to Part 6 )( to Part 12 )
  Sami and Lucas Saga*** Angel456
  Forbidden Fruit*** Bradygirl
 new~11.4.98 The Spy Who Loved Me** Spirit
to part 9 )
  For the First Time: A Lucas & Sami Fan Fic**..... by Janel
  A Glance into the Future** bam bam
  The Roberts-DiMera Connection** JMJ46
  Lucas and Sami-True Love At Last** Flavess
  Trinity Part One: A Lucas, Sami, and Franco Flavess

Billie and Roman-Two Broken Flavess
  Season Changes** Beverly
  Mike and Carrie Saga ** Bradygirl
to part 10 ] [ to part 20 ] [ to part 30 ] [ to part 40 ]
  Mike and Carrie: The Dream is Now a Reality** Flavess
  HOME-A Vignette*** Spirit
  SOULMATES** Spirit
  The Least Likely Suspect*** Bradygirl
  TWISTED-A Love Story** Debwood
jump to part 10 ] [ jump to part 20 ]
  Sami and Stefano*** Flavess
  Shawn's Shocking Secret*** 3Marlenas
  DOOL-An Alternative Story*** Tumba
  Bo/Hope/Billie/Franco KGS

New Story ** Multi-Part, To Be Continued
New Chapter-click date to go to latest part *** Complete

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