The Ultimate Days Episode
(in ten easy steps)
(March 1997)

Ten steps to a great Days episode:

1. Mickey wins Jack's appeal. Alice, Laura, Mickey, Maggie, Jack, and Jennifer are so stunned that Mickey won a case that they have heart attacks and die.

2. Bo's hair becomes so full of dirt that the weight of it forces his head into his Brady chowder and he drowns. Shawn and Caroline drown trying to save him.

3. Billie dies of a tea overdose.

4. Hope's chest explodes, killing her and Franco.

5. Austin gets lost in his living room and is never seen again. Lucas, Carrie, and Sami die of guilt because they left him alone.

6. Abe and Lexie, with Celeste in tow, go off and live a happy life somewhere where they have a plot.

7. John discovers how stupid he is. In his grief, he suffocates himself, Marlena, and Kristen with the infamous purple pillow.

8. Victor runs Kate over with his wheelchair, killing her. He is indicted but runs away, never to be heard from again.

9. Stefano dies of boredom; there is no one left to torment.

10. DAYS is renamed "THE VIV AND IVAN SHOW." I'd watch it every day.
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