A Days Honeymoon Script
(October 1996)

Bo and Hope, one of the "supercouples" of Salem of old, have gotten back together, so they're going on a honeymoon to . . . PARIS! No, actually, they're going to Disney World. They haven't told anyone where they are because they don't want their decidedly weird lives to intrude on their romantic vacation.

Bo: Hope, I'm so glad you're here with me.
Hope: So am I, but I wish Shawn-Douglas could have come.
Bo: Come on! Disney World is no place for a kid!
Hope: Yeah, that's true; let's go on Space Mountain.
Bo: Is that Carrie and Austin standing in line?
Carrie: Hi! We're just here on our second honeymoon . . . or is it our third . . . it doesn't really matter since we've never been married anyway. Hey, isn't that John and Marlena? Over here!
John: What are you doing here? Doc and I wanted to have a sixty-fifth honeymoon, so we came here to Aremid . . . I mean Paris . . . I mean Disney World. We never expected to see anyone we knew here, and that's a fact.
Marlena: (gasp) Isn't that (gasp) Jack and Jennifer (gasp)?
Jack: We were chasing a story and for some reason we ended up here.
(They walk over to "It's a Small World" together. But it is playing something even more insipid than "It's a Small World." It's playing Celine Dion: " . . . but it's all coming back to me now.")
Jack: Jenn, listen. That song is a sign we should get back together.
Jenn: Oh, Jack shut up! Stop hitting on me. I can handle my life by myself. Bug off, okay? It's none of your damn business.
director: Cut! Stephanie, you can't say that. Remember, Jenn doesn't have a personality or any strength of character.
Stephanie Cameron: Sorry. I forgot.
director: Take it from Jenn's line.
Jenn: Jack, you're right. You're always right. I don't know why I trouble my feminine little head about such things. Let's get married, and you can make all the decisions for me and Abby.
director: Great job! Time for lunch!

The End
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